Conjoined twins – rare but recurring tragedy

The medical mystery of conjoined twins has had a continuing fascination throughout the ages. The first successful surgical separation of such occurred in the 17th Century but others went on display in travelling entertainment shows. Even this century one set of twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, had their own reality TV show only a decade or so ago.

  Below are four charts of conjoined twins which I confess does feel a touch ghoulish but if there are any comments on the astrology do feel free.

Abby and Brittany Hensel, 7 March 1990 11.29am Buffalo, Minnesota – a 10th house Pisces Sun trine a 5th house Pluto sextiling the Neptune Uranus conjunction in Capricorn of the time which in turn opposes their Chiron. They have an expansive Jupiter on their Ascendant and that plus a 5th house Pluto will give them extra confidence.  Though an 8th house Saturn, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Aquarius with Mars Venus opposition Moon hints at troubled depths. They are now teachers.

  Their chart is similar to the Tedesco twins, 4 March 1988 10am Naples, Italy – also a Pisces Sun trine Pluto and Mars Saturn plus Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 8th. With Sun North Node opposition Moon square Chiron.

  Two others with birth times.

Margaret and Mary Gibbs, 20 May 1912 6.30am Holyoke, MA, had four planets spread out through Taurus in the 11th with a Cancer Moon, Neptune, Mars in Cancer and Pluto on the Ascendant, Chiron on the Midheaven.

  Daisy and Violet Hutton, 5 February 1908 9pm Brighton, England, a 5th house Aquarius Sun conjunct Chiron trine Pluto; with Neptune  conjunct North Node in their 10th opposition Uranus square a 7th house Mars in Aries.

  The 3rd house of siblings should be emphasized and in two it is ruled by the Sun and one other by the Moon – which kind of fits. Chiron in all four is heavily aspected in their charts.

2 thoughts on “Conjoined twins – rare but recurring tragedy

  1. My best friends in high school were identical twins. Another older female friend was very close to her fraternal twin brother…. Gemini twins! They both just died this year at age 88, 3 months apart. I’ve had a couple of requests to do an astrology reading for a single identical twin, but they did not come to pass. And now I have another request to do a reading for a woman who is an identical twin… and has a terribly divisive relationship wth her twin (in another country, thank God, it seems!).

    I haven’t found much good astrology information on how to read twin astrology charts, but am working on that now. Any suggestions to help?

    I also worked for a number of years in a Children’s Hospital. Saw many twins and triplets there!

    And so, I have definitely had an ongoing medical and human interest in twins, and, like the request that opened up this posting about conjoined twins, I have watched some of the Abby and Brittany video postings, and other videos of other conjoined twins. Extraordinary.

    A beautiful story of conjoined twins Krista and Tatiana Hogan from Vernon, BC, Canada is presented in this Youtube video link below. There are and have been no other twins such as these. There brains are connected by a thalamic bridge and this means they can see through the others eyes, feel touch on the other’s body and actually process this in their own brains. This is truly remarkable! The family of these 2 girls… the parents and grandparents… are amazing. The video is a story of love and wonder.

    • I don’t recollect ever doing twins charts except years ago when I was just starting as an astrologer. I related the sun sign characteristics to the mother of non-identical, very different temperament twins – and she said one had all the positive traits and the other had all the negatives. They had split their Sun sign!
      Mind you the supposedly ‘positive’ one was favoured and the other scapegoated so there was an odd family dynamic going on as well.

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