Markle family saga – a sad reality show

Meghan has won her preliminary privacy battle with the Daily Mail over publication of part of a letter to her father (so far, pending an appeal which may or may not happen.) This judicial decision saves a trial in which Meghan, her friends, her biographer, former Royal aides and her father would have been expected to appear – not a prospect the Palace would have viewed with enthusiasm. It was an unexpected ruling with some legal experts unhappy. Mark Stephens, a libel lawyer, described it as “a good day for PR men”. “You are putting manacles on the media.” he said. He pointed to a future scenario in which advantage falls to rich and powerful people who can afford sophisticated PR companies.

  The timeline as I understand it was: – Meghan’s friends, allegedly without her knowledge, gave an interview to a US news magazine in support of her and referring to a letter she wrote to her father. Her father, Thomas Markle did not accept the letter was as positive as described and wanted to balance his side by handing over the letter to the Daily Mail to publish.  The Mail’s case was in part based on the argument that Meghan knowingly supplied information to the media via friends; and had written the letter with the assistance of Palace aides, indicating she knew it would be published.

  Thomas Markle looks unsettled and pressured at the moment with tr Uranus square his Pluto and tr Saturn in opposition to his Pluto this month, in addition to the start of a two year haul of tr Pluto opposition his Cancer Sun.

  His relationship chart with Meghan also looks agitated, aggravated and tense this month with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Mars and then the composite Mercury in March and April, so there could be a kick back. And their connection continues to be mired in suspicion and disappointment as the year wears on.

   Meghan’s own chart looks mainly challenging this year with the odd stroke of luck and money rolling in. Tr Pluto will oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint from later this month, one and off till late 2022; with confusion and tensions mid year onwards. Tr Uranus square tr Saturn will be battering her Leo Sun all this year from late March onwards into 2022 for setbacks and disruptions. And into 2022 Saturn moves through her 8th tightening the money supply.

  Her relationship with the Queen is in a state of upheaval from late this month onwards and hitting more disappointment during the year with first tr Pluto conjunct the composite Uranus and then tr Neptune square the composite Sun. It’s not much better between herself and Prince Charles .

   Harry is having a sinking year with tr Neptune moving to oppose his Virgo Sun from late April onwards, on and off till January 2023. The tr Uranus square tr Saturn will hit his Saturn from mid this year and more pointedly his Midheaven in 2022, knocking him this way and that in terms of career and life’s direction. From mid 2022 tr Uranus moves across his IC and into his 4th house of family which usually coincides with a house move or relocation and it can also bring upsets in the family. And poor soul, he has a raft of difficult and blocked Solar Arcs between 2023 and 2025.

  His relationship with Meghan has that truly difficult composite Saturn Pluto square Moon which is under pressure now but will amplify with tr Pluto opposition the composite Moon in 2022/23. His relationship with his brother William will worsen this year from April onwards so there’ll be no rapprochement any time soon.

  All very sad. More so if her father dies before she sees him again. The whole scenario was hideously badly handled pre the wedding, even given the obviously tricky family relationships.

  It’s not that the tabloids can’t be rancid – the Daily Mail online gets more like a Victorian freak and horror show by the day. But picking a fight with them is usually unwise especially if you want to use them for your own ends for ‘good’ publicity. You sign a pact with the devil and the devil will have his due.   

   Meghan does appear to have added clean-up-the-media to her mission statement of do-goodery causes. It remains to be seen how much that blows back on her.

PS Additional thought. Part of the offending letter was published in the judge’s ruling and it did read as ‘manufactured’, not the kind of private letter you’d dash off to a parent. And her thoughts on her recent miscarriage read oddly as well. Despite the sad nature of the event she was describing, her language was almost novelesque.

16 thoughts on “Markle family saga – a sad reality show

  1. The Oprah interview – I can see what Meghan, who had a career in the limelight, hopes to get out of it – success, prestige, vindication? But Harry? This interview goes against his (and William’s) deep mistrust of the media since the death of their mother. This could so easily go pear shaped and be unintentionally quite self-damaging. His Neptune transits from April onwards start to make some sense – they did not when the baby announcement was made the day before. Lots of twists and turns ahead, no doubt.

    • Bit late for this post but it was announced today that Harry and Meghan are not going to be able to keep their Royal Patronages or honorary military appointments.

      I’d say the loss of the military stuff is Neptune opposing Harry’s Sun. It’s a loss of the only identity he’s ever had.

  2. @candy

    It is —– racist, which is the foundation I believe for all the negative attacks on her. I wish both her and Prince Harry congratulations for the announcement of a baby on the way .. They look very happy,

    • Candy, You’re right about unsubstantiated rumours which I have removed – but wrong about the racism. It’s a lazy get-out to smear the motives behind legitimate criticism rather than examining what is really going on.

  3. Well Meghan won that round, but does it increase her favour in the eyes of the public? If she was photographed with her Dad visiting him for the afternoon her popularity would soar.

  4. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

    Meghan Markle went to live with her father aged 11 and stayed with him till she went to university. He presumably paid her university tuition fees as well.

    But where was her mother all that time?

    All together, it’s a far cry from Kate with her loyal middle class family that sticks with her through thick and thin. Thank god Prince George and the line of succession doesn’t have these dramas with the grandparents.

    • @Candy – Meghan’s parents divorced when she was 2. At around 11 years old she went to a private school and lived with her father during the week, while she attended that school. She saw her mother at weekends – a pretty normal arrangement for divorced parents, particularly when both are working. Thomas Markle had won on the lottery, and spent some of the money on his daughter’s education. Neither parent abandoned her. No doubt it wasn’t a “perfect” arrangement, but many children with both parents in the home grow up in a dysfunctional family too.

  5. Thanks for your detailed, though truly sad, analysis. Also, I’ve read that Palmists note that she has a ‘Simian Line,’ which can reflect an individual’s inability to express, or understand, emotion; and that such persons can be willful to the point of totally ignoring the needs of others.

  6. Yes it is very sad, with odd echoes of Edward and Mrs Simpson I think. Do some couples need “enemies” to make them feel bonded? I see Thomas Markle has Venus conjunct Pluto, and possibly Moon conjunct Saturn like Meghan, so some intensity and perhaps longstanding family patterns there.
    The Daily Mail itself (4 May 1896) has a Sun opposition Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio, which makes sense of it’s love of disapproving of almost everything, and relentless pursuit of it’s targets. That Sun/Saturn is aspecting Markle’s Mercury and Meghan’s Sun. It’s Pluto is exactly conjunct Thomas Markle’s Uranus. What a mess. Pity she didn’t just call him, or go and see him herself. Putting things in writing is not such a great idea when you’re well known. If she did leak anything to the media, she is following in Diana’s footsteps….

    • The synastry between MM and her dad looks difficult. He’s largely Cancer and she’s largely Libra, both signs which find it difficult to talk about themselves. He’ll want to hear her talking in emotional terms, but she’ll be talking rationally while she’ll want to hear him talking rationally but feel overwhelmed and confused by all the emotional. I doubt either can understand the other’s language – they’re too wrapped up in trying to get their own needs met before they can begin to listen.

      And yet there is an intense Leo bond in there which could open things up – if they don’t compete for the upper hand. If they could find something lighthearted to do together, have some fun, I think it would be the place they could start to rebuild their relationship. A bit like being on a first date – you don’t talk about your baggage until you’ve got a few dates under the belt.

      • Very good point GD. I read that they were close when Meghan was a child, and it sounds like quite a good father-daughter relationship back then – making it all the more regrettable that it has come to this bitter conflict. He took her to work as well, which may have helped inspire her choice of career. He seems to have been talented, but perhaps he drank too much or something. Things unravelled for him in various ways, I don’t know exact details. In my experience Cancer Sun men can have a hard time with their emotional lives, although they are often great at holding on tight to their aims and aspirations. But thinking of my grandfather’s Cancer/Leo mix, when given a chance to play and entertain they are delightful.
        As for people on first dates….hahaha! I assure you that some people do talk about their baggage, at great length, on first dates. Quite off-putting!

    • There seems to have been a big problem between Megan and her father, pre-dating Harry. They hadn’t even met before the wedding, though apparently Harry did phone him once, and then again later when Megan was upset. It’s a shame because Megan and her Dad looked happy together when she was younger and he spent his lottery winnings on her private education, so he’s not all bad.

  7. ‘And her thoughts on her recent miscarriage read oddly as well. Despite the sad nature of the event she was describing, her language was almost novelesque’
    Possibly because she has unrelenting narcissistic tendancies and I generally try not to armchair psychologise. Once you have the veil lifted in your own life on people like this the tells are screaming so loudly when you watch some famous people that its very confusing why the rest of the world cannot see their machinations. I doubt she has an authentic bone in her body, she is always ‘on’.

  8. I simply see a deeply unhappy woman who is trying to logic her way out of emotional problems.. That Libra moon-saturn-jupiter is the root of the problem to me. All that baggage tied up in there waiting to be unpicked. In the meantime the subconscious is driving and projecting.

    Unfortunately Harry with a Taurus moon opposite Saturn has the same level of emotional stuntedness.

    Both of them looking for practically real world ways to fix emotional issues.

    Very sad, because they have every thing the ordinary person could desire. Beautiful spouse, lots of money, live anywhere, any job opportunity they desire.

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