Brandenburg Airport – fated to fail

  The jinxed Berlin Brandenburg Airport has continued its run of bad luck with the pandemic cutting passenger numbers to a tenth of the expected. Originally planned for opening in 2011, it was set to become one of Germany’s busiest, but became a national embarrassment with delays caused by poor construction planning, execution, management, and corruption. It finally opened for commercial traffic on 31 October 2020 and has now announced the closure of one of the terminals and runways.

  Construction started on 5 September 2006 when the Virgo Sun was in an exact opposition to Uranus; and it welcomed its first plane on 31 October 2020 when the Scorpio Sun was in an exact opposition to Uranus. So disruption is written into its destiny.

   The start chart also has a wannabe-grand Saturn in Leo in an undermining opposition to Neptune and square an overly- hopeful Jupiter.  The Mars in Virgo is conjunct a South Node and both are in a ruthless and frustratingly stuck square to Pluto. Mars will be rattled in 2023 by the Solar Arc Sun opposition Uranus; with more ructions in 2022 from tr Uranus square the Saturn and Neptune.

   The opening chart apart from the Sun Uranus, has the Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction with Mars in Aries in square – not a great time to kick start a new project into gear. There’s also a focal point Neptune squaring onto the North/South Node access for dither, delay and dashed hopes.   

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  1. Thank you for this article. Marjorie.

    Germans/Germany are usually associated with being very disciplined about punctuality and proper delivery of services. So the almost decade long delays in the construction of this airport and its lacklustre performance is a surprise.

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