Trump Impeachment – the hear no evil lobby

The Trump impeachment proceedings are almost certain to end with a not guilty verdict despite horrifying video footage of the Capital invasion. But there is nothing indicating cheer on his chart ahead, quite the reverse.

   Last December’s Sagittarius Solar Eclipse knocked him for six as it hit his Full Moon amidships; and will repeat the process come June of this year with the Gemini Solar Eclipse conjunct his Sun, North Node, Uranus and opposition his Moon. He also has two nerve-shaking Solar Arcs, exact in six months’ time but in effect in the months before and after then. One is the financially undermining and panicked Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune; and Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus. Money and career direction will both go off track. These may well trigger late April into early May when he has a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint and that last influence repeats this coming New Year and through January 2022.

   Plus he has tr Neptune square his Moon and Sun from March this year onwards running on and off till January 2023: and various swampy, disappointing additional Neptune transits to midpoints from late this month throughout the year and a trapped, enraged pair of Pluto assaults on midpoints this August through November. 2023 will be his nadir with totally blocked, scary and angry Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto and discouragingly stuck Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn.

  Of his enablers: Ted Cruz, 22 December 1970, will have his moments of cheer this year interspersed with nerve-stretching drama. Even more so in 2022 when his Saturn in Taurus opposition Venus will be knocked sideways by tr Uranus square tr Saturn which may hit him financially; but he’ll be in a mood of bullish confidence all the same in 2022/2023 in patches with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

  Mike Lee, 4 June 1971, a Sun Gemini in an ideologue’s Air Grand Trine is questioning his path with the Eclipses, Lunar and Solar, stirring up his Sun and Jupiter Neptune this coming year; and has a shock/dose of high insecurity in July onwards, with likely over reactions on his part as tr Uranus squares his Mars. Like Cruz he’s in for a hard push in 2022/23 but it’ll be an uphill struggle with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto and opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoints.

  Lindsey Graham, 9 July 1955, looks confused if not devastated now and in turmoil in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square his Neptune this year and then moving on to oppose his Uranus Mars. He’ll get some uplift later this month and through March but from late March he’ll slide back down the ladder into a disaster he won’t have the motivation to tackle.  In general this year is logjammed for him with Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars; with tense jolts from July onwards.

Josh Hawley, 31 December 1979, is having ups and downs this year with some light relief and a few successes spread out through just as many disasters and failures. Late February to late March this year and mid October to mid January 2022 look especially dire.

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  1. Ted Cruz chose to fly to Cancun on family holiday while millions of Texans are still missing power after a snowstorm. Apparently, he is on his way back to The US, trying to frame it as just accompanying family to Mexico, but somehow, I don’t see his presidential chances ever discover. He is NOT a Trump. In fact, I can imagine Trump would have handled this particular disaster better, telling people to be careful defrosting their pipes, or something similar.

  2. Trump may have won this battle, but he won’t win the war.
    The IRS will be waiting in the shadows for him and will make a move in due course.
    They have never suffered a defeat, and this will put pay to any possible restoration
    of his political future apart from the financial implications.
    His ego will be hugely dented by their intervention.

    As soon as that happens, expect Mrs. Trump to cut her losses as well.
    All in all, his decline will be sooner than he thinks.

  3. Trumps problems are only just beginning. Doesn’t Saturn sq Uranus on the 17th the same time one of his casinos is being demolished? New York is going after him, there is still more to be revealed with the Epstein saga and if you look at the chart for the Republican Party. A lot of funny money stuff with all the Trump clan and what about Baron Trump?

  4. Hello Tara,
    Nothing wrong with being a prairie dog. From what I have read about them, they are wonderful little creatures. They help to enrich the land they burrow in.

  5. I don’t like some of how this is being described. The vote was 57 to 43 to Convict. That man was not acquitted. However, they did not get the 2/3 majority needed to make it official. This is not an exoneration. There is talk of the 14th amendment which needs a simple majority. McConnell may be playing the long game. I am not sure what he is up to.

  6. I really hope that Trump will get his due , but sometimes I wonder and despair at the injustice of evil unpunished in the world. Even though the Senate vote was not surprising, it seems that, other than being voted out (and only miraculously with a wide coalition, a few honest Republican officials and poll workers) and tearing apart the GOP , he personally keeps getting away with it, because amazingly, there are always people ready to protect him; despite the one-sided relationship, they somehow believe he is there for them.

    And he is only one of the band – so much of his entourage is corrupt as well.

  7. Rooster here, living in a country of ignorance and predjudice.

    I’m reminded of his boast to kill someone on the street and get away with it.

  8. In regards to the animals. If one ends up with 2 results, it’s advised to read the descriptions carefully to see which truly matches your habits and traits. Not likely you’re both. It also helps to read the animals they suggest you could be friends with.
    When I discovered this site some years ago you couldn’t get 2 results. But I suspect the creators realized that even though they emphasise to be truthful in your response to get the most accurate result, some folks do lie to themselves or are not fully aware of their traits; hence, they adjusted it in recent years to accommodate this.

    • I was owl and gorilla. I’m certainly not sociable or give off a menacing undercurrent like a gorilla, lol. But I do think its possible to share 1 or 2 traits with other animals yet firmly stay in the disposition of one animal. If I recall correctly, in Native American symbolism, I was the bear which tends towards thoughtfulness, preferring one’s own company to others, independent, and strong-willed – the same could be said of the owl or other bird of prey. I don’t have much of a temper, but when I do blow, I’ve had full-grown men run for cover, lol. I prefer to be left alone on my own terms and quite a loner but will help others when needed.

  9. Marjorie,

    I recently watched a Youtube video by a German on why comparisons between Trump and Hitler are overblown (TL/DR: Trump is too thick to be Hitler). He did however warn to be on the lookout for a smarter, younger person leading the Trumpites and possibly posing a threat in 5-10 years.

    Can you see any dangers of that? Do you think that Hawley or the Greene lady in the House of Reps could take over the Trumpites and cause more havoc in 5-10 years?

  10. Trump also has tr. Neptune squaring both his Sun and Moon starting this year, which of course also means impacting his Sun/Moon midpoint, which cannot be good for him… I’m a badger by the way – hmm.

  11. There’s a website called “”. Very interesting as it breaks down human characteristics to animal categories. They highlight a few celebrities who they believe they’ve pegged to their respective animal but I believe they got a few wrong. Technically the site is designed for individual tests, but you can try to extrapolate who aligns with which animal. There’s also a compatibility match section.
    In my 3 years analysis I think I’ve pegged a few and it explains a lot.
    Examples as follows:

    Barack is a Horse
    Michelle Obama….Bison
    Trump….Vulture(listed as a Warthog)
    Jared Kushner….Tiger
    Bill Clinton…Wolf(they seem to agree here)
    Maxine Waters….Warthog
    Chris Christie…..Bear

    • An amusing two minutes filling in the questions – I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. And I ended up – an owl. Which kind of makes sense.

        • I’ve not looked at the site, but if unicorn is on there, I’m it. Doesn’t exist. That’s how it feels, anyway. Pisces moon 8h maybe?

      • I’m an owl too. I wonder if the animal traits fall in line with each persons astrology traits? I’d probably be quite confident in saying owl traits are quite in line with virgo characteristics?

      • I’m an owl too, which makes sense in my case. Not only am I a night bird, I like keeping to myself (and because of that, lockdowns are OK with me).

        If I were not an owl, I’d probably be an elephant, but my memory is not wat it used to be.

    • @Troy, yikes, I’m a fox like Pence. That said, I think his response to Capitol Insurrection might mean he is something else. Foxes are ferocious in defending their cubs. I’m certain that if it had been my family Trump put in danger at Capitol, I would have had him 25th within 24 hours (and yes, I know I’m a kind of person who functions when put to physical danger). I think that out of current GOP politicians, Mitt Romney is the most “foxy”. The footage where he is instructed by Eugene Goodman to take another road shows he has really good reflexes for someone in their 70’s (no doubt also thanks to clean living as a Mormon). And he is cunning, too.

      • Foxes are v intelligent creatures – I wouldn’t see Pence as one of those. A slimeball maybe and an opportunist but not too sharp witted.

      • There are variations between genders of the same animal. So a male and female Fox will have slight differences, which is part of what makes it a bit tricky in identifying personalities without seeing their test results. The only other animal Pence could be is a Bison; so it’s possible. Buttigieg is also a Bison and he and Pence can be described as robotic or dull in their expressions or aura. I believe Michelle is a Bison aswell but she could be a Horse like her spouse(astrologers could ferret this out). The problem I have with Pence being a Bison is though they may give off a dull vibe, they’re usually highly respected, trusted and mostly liked, as per the 2 examples. Foxes? Not necessarily, especially males. Pence gives off a slippery, cunning and untrustworthy vibe aswell. Not in a corrupt way but more like mysterious. Trump never trusted him despite him being the consummate kiss ass. He comes across as highly calculating and patient. I’ve seen it suggested here by Astros that he has some hidden carnal desires! Which he apparently successfully masks. So this why I put him in the fox box, but Bison is possible.
        I believe Romney is a Sable, but Fox wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Thanks Troy! It said I am a deer. One of my favourite creatures, as it turns out. I saw a herd of wild ones last summer and was transfixed by them. I’ve even done several of the jobs listed! Fun anyway.

  12. Trump’s transits a year ago on his first impeachment were very difficult – saturn half-return among them. Viewed in isolation, the astrology seemed to assure he would be found guilt, yet he got off. Arguably his life would have been less stressful had the impeachment succeeded – his ego and actions have ramped up with more and more desperate measures ever since. But that’s small solace for the rest of us.

    As for the Republicans letting him off. This is why life appears to be full of fixed events and destiny. They could make the diffficult choice to take their medicine and find him guilty, thereby paying a price for a few years, but they won’t. So America slips towards something more polarised and more destructive than it would have been had they simply done the right thing. When it all blows up very badly people will say it was inevitable but really it isn’t; it’s just the Republicans aren’t willing to make the tough decision now.

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