Mark Rutte – Jupiter’s undeserved good luck

Teflon Mark Rutte in for a fourth term as prime minister of the Netherlands despite a string of scandals, is relying on his winning Jupiter to see him through this year. It may not hold him up through 2023 but will be back with more unmerited bounty by 2024.  Whoever said life wasn’t fair?

   Born 14 February 1967 6.53pm, The Hague, he has a hard-working 6th house Aquarius Sun in a slippery square to Neptune. His Neptune is in a Water Grand Trine to Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces, with his Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo – so a talented Grand Trine formed into an influential and innovative Kite. He also has an ego-centric Yod of Jupiter sextile Uranus inconjunct Sun.

  Tr Pluto will oppose his Jupiter for a final time this August to early December which is mirrored on his 4th Term chart, 10 January 2022 with tr Pluto conjunct the Mars/Jupiter midpoint. So a confident push ahead.

  It won’t be all upbeat since he also has this year tr Saturn conjunct his Sun and square his Neptune this year. And 2023 looks tough going with tr Uranus jolting his Sun and Neptune; and Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Neptune in 2023 and then square his Sun in 2024. Plus a frustratingly trapped tr Pluto in Aquarius  square to his Mars from March 2023 on and off until late 2024, with a panicky uncertain tr Neptune conjunct his Saturn from May 2023 onwards as well. That timeline is also mirrored on the 4th Term chart with panics, uncertainty, indecisiveness and unpopularity in 2023 into 2024.

  His Jupiter will, as per usual, pick him out of a hole and by 2024 he has Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus for a lucky break and more so by 2025 with his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Jupiter. It may be he exits parliament and moves to greater triumphs elsewhere given he has tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven from 2025 onwards indicating a change of career.

  Luck is distributed whimsically by the gods and is rarely earned.  

4 thoughts on “Mark Rutte – Jupiter’s undeserved good luck

  1. Yes, Susan, you’re on the nail there. I think politicians currently have a longer shelf life due to the fact that people are desperately looking within and their own situations, instead of thinking They can do anything about it! The Pluto transit is meant to cleanse the scene somehow, but it just seems like looking at the bottom of a filthy pool, where nothing moves…no life at all. We will bottom out next year (as much as possible) but people are too tired to fight….their own circumstances are much more fraught and tricky, yet the day is coming when they will demand an honest leader with…vision, especially without secrets and lies…..we’re animals, its felt (and the truth known as well) but we’ll get there ….slowly.

  2. …well, at this very moment the parliament is discussing The Matter…..the papers think once again he’ll get away with a smacked hand. I just looked at his chart again and his tr Saturn conjuncts the Sun which squares in Neptune in the 3rd….I noticed n Nep is actually closely conjunct Algol! would that make a difference? the Saturn transit is exact so….who knows?

  3. Well, Marjorie, you’re well informed on Him! Today’s headlines included that his present government currently has 15 billion euros of public money missing without trace!!!!

    A few weeks ago the country’s worldwide transparency ratings (journalistically) were downgraded from position 4 or 5 to…27! Also in today’s headlines, Rutte has deleted most of his phone calls (against all rules) for years ……. as well as the ongoing tax scandal, lasting years, where children have been removed from their families by law, as the parents were wrongly accused of fraud……there is great unrest in NL because of this. As you said, he has transit Saturn conj Sun (in 6th – work or health?) now which squares natal Neptune…he’s hugely mutable and watery – not looking good at all. Jupiter arrives on the pr. Sun in March next year – much will happen between now and then.

  4. He is indeed unpopular in the country and constantly under attack in parliament. But so far no one from his or any of the other coalition parties has apparently had the guts to step up and take over the role. It’s a bit like Boris really, everyone wants him to go but no one wants to step into his shoes because the problems have become so intractable. Several times a job in the EU has been mooted but nothing has come of it. Would have liked to have seen Sigrid Kaag as PM but scandal in her own party has prevented that. Like so many countries the Netherlands is highly polarised and in need of political rejuvenation. The populist parties seem to be in decline, while the left is constantly squabbling among themselves. So more of the same seems to be the only answer that voters can come up with. Even though they know it’s not what they really want. I guess it’s the end of Pluto in Capricorn exposing the rotten core of our political systems.

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