Lou Taylor – religious and money-minded

Lou Taylor, Britney Spears’ former manager, has filed legal documents to halt Spears’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart asking for full accounting over the last 13 years of Taylor’s involvement in the conservatorship, after he claimed he believes the star’s money had been mishandled. Allegations and hot denials are flying in all directions and Taylor has already issued a defamation suit against a Britney fan. So as well to tread lightly until a court clarification. Taylor denies being involved with the alleged bugging of the star’s bedroom or controlling her medical treatment.

 Taylor’s company Tri-Star parted ways with Spears in August 2020 amid allegations that she and others were getting death threats. A recent CNN documentary reported that Spears blames Taylor for many conservatorship-related issues. Taylor has a Rolodex of celebrity clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, Priyanka Chopra, Mary J. Blige and several Kardashians. She appears to be a devout Christian with a pastor husband.

 The potential termination of the singer’s conservatorship is expected to be addressed in court on November 12 midway between Mars square Saturn and Mars opposition Uranus so it will be high tension and aggravated.

  Lou Taylor, born 30 October 1965 in New York, is a Sun Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer and trine Saturn in Pisces – capable, private, creative, not always realistic. She has a passionate Venus Mars in Sagittarius in a relentlessly determined and volatile square to Pluto Uranus in Virgo, so when push comes to shove she won’t budge easy. She has a steely core.

At the moment she has her Solar Arc Saturn opposing her Sun for a discouraging setback; early this December looks deflating and unlucky; 2022 will be enthusiasm-denting; but her major problems pick up in a calamitous 2023/24.

  Her Sun and Neptune Mercury in Scorpio all fall in Britney’s financial 2nd house so money would be the main draw with some confusion arising (Neptune). Taylor’s Uranus Pluto is also conjunct Britney’s Mars in Virgo and square Britney’s Sun and Neptune which is a damaging connection with Taylor wielding the power but in a chaotic way. Taylor’s Jupiter is also on Britney’s Midheaven which could suggest a profitable career partnership or Taylor’s status being raised by her position on the Spears bandwagon.

  Their relationship chart has been wobbling badly since 2020 with tr Pluto upending the composite Uranus, with aggravations this year – but the more telling problems will come in 2023/24.

  Britney’s own chart has that tr Neptune opposition her Mars right through till early 2023 so she may lose a few battles along the way before clearing her feet of this mess.

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3 thoughts on “Lou Taylor – religious and money-minded

  1. BTW, the fan she issued a defamation suit against, Bryan Kucher, wangled a $20k payment from Lou (most likely paid from Britney’s estate) and has been exposed in the fanbase, along with quite a few others whom he is in close contact with, as an infiltrator and seemingly doing Lou’s bidding.

    He and other infiltrators, Lawyers for Britney, are quite pro-Lou and pushed the Sam Ingham (Britney’s corrupted old lawyer) narrative which basically supported Britney remaining in the conservatorship but without Jamie on-board. They are basically dangerous to Britney’s wellbeing and tried to influence the fan base to support this in the early days.

    In the recent documentary, Controlling Britney Spears, ex-black box security whistle-blower, Alex Vlasov, said Black Box had already infiltrated the movement with hired minions because they desperately needed to control the narrative for the conservatorship to stay in place.

  2. Marjorie, with Mars in the 12th house, having Uranus and Pluto there, especially Pluto, would that indicate control behind closed doors? I imagine those aspects in that house are cruel, controlling, violent, erratic, and quite frightening?

    I have Mars conjunct Pluto natally and the feelings I’ve had my whole life swing from fear to heavy anger. It was worse when I was younger. It’s hard enough to deal with it natally but having someone with their pluto over your mars and in a private house? I know it’s indicative of cruelty, violence, etc if the individuals are not evolved properly.

  3. Thanks for doing this, Marjorie. Much appreciated. I think it will all come out in the wash in regards to Lou Taylor, but looks like another couple of years for the worst stuff/possible prison happening to her? In the numerous legal requests Britney’s lawyer laid down, the main people Britney is gunning for first is Jamie, Lou, Tri Star, and Robin Greenhill. Then everybody else who was involved in her conservatorship, including staff and those who were paid via Jamie from her estate.

    This has some of us in the fanbase wondering if this is why her marriage is on hold to Sam Asghari. Though its on hold for the flimsiest of reasons; in case she’s not free on Nov 12. That would be highly unlikely but if she isn’t, she only needs to seek legal permission and Jamie is now gone. Sam is rumoured to be the infamous chef on Jamie’s payroll who is paid $100k pa as well as other funds to keep an eye on Britney. And lots of his behaviour point to being Team Conservatorship. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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