Travis Scott & Drake – concert crush tragedy

US rappers Travis Scott and Drake are being sued for having “incited mayhem” after eight people were killed and dozens injured in a crush during a Texas concert. About 50,000 people were in the audience in Houston when the crowd started pushing towards the stage as Scott, whose company had organised it,  was performing, triggering chaotic scenes. They continued to perform the suit said even as the “crowd became out of control”.

 Drake was born 24 October 1986 2.31 am Toronto, Canada and brought up by his mother with his father imprisoned for drug offences. He certainly looks poleaxed by the tragedy with tr Saturn exactly square his Pluto when it started and conjunct her Mars from this weekend for two weeks – and even more panic-inducing his Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct his Mars as well, almost exactly now.

  He is, at the best of times, a ramped-up individual, with an intense Sun Pluto in Scorpio square Mars. He’s also got a creative Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Pisces trine a Cancer Moon trine Pluto maybe Venus in Scorpio.

 Travis Scott, born 30 April 1991 in Houston, was brought up by his grandmother in a high-crime area, which he said gave him the edge to succeed and get out of that lifestyle. He’s a Sun Taurus with Pluto widely in opposition and a volatile, overly excitable Mars in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn square Mercury in Aries. Not a calm temperament. And a chart fairly similar to Chris Brown, with whom Drake had a famous falling out – who has a Taurus Sun opposition Pluto and Mars in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune – all combustible high-wire individuals.

  Travis Scott’s year of birth was in doubt, though seems to have settled at 91 rather than 92. He looks less shaken than Drake instantly but his December looks like a sinker with uncertainty stretching through 2022.  

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  1. Recently while channel hopping, there was one of these concerts that had 100,000 patrons that left me feeling that if I was there I would be having a panic attack; and I assure you that I am not prone to those.

    So to have the main event actively encouraging violence and mass panic is absolutely disgraceful! If he is found guilty, I hope that they throw the book at him!

  2. I have worked at shows and stage managers/city regulation officers are very reluctant to pull the plug themselves on a Big Name for going past curfew let alone something like this, it’s down to the Artists themselves and their managers/concert organisers to be an active part of the process, to have social responsibility at big events because they are the power players. Other Artists do this all the time when things are getting out of hand.

    Its a crying shame you do not have verified data for Travis Scott because he is absolutely the driver in this tragedy, he has a previous court record for inciting violence at his concerts, encourages people with no tickets to break down barriers thus causing crushes and literally pushes his fans to rage and act out violently. Drake, whatever his demons was just caught in the headlights here, the work of Pluto was already done when he came on to the stage near the end of the show. It is worth noting the concert organisers agreed with the police to shut it down but Travis refused and completed his set.

    He is promoted heavily through Mcdonalds and very popular game Fortnite to young kids and pre teens despite him being a dangerous piece of work, you gotta love Capitalism eh?

    • It is as sound as most that come off the internet. Not all birth data is on ADB. Both he and KylieJ appeared to back up 1991 at a recent birthday.
      It’s why I did Drake first though he’s the lesser responsible of the pair.

      • Astroworld was announced at the time of his 30th birthday in April, by Travis Scott himself. It is quite chilling – with hindsight – to read some of what he wrote at the time:

        “For this bday all i want is rage man. We been locked in a house for sometime now and i been banging my head around trynna to get back to it,” Scott continued. “I been wanting to share and experience with all the other like minded chaotic rager like me for some time now.”

  3. Oof. Drake’s chart is getting a bashing. Wow.

    The families of the bereaved should go after everyone involved if that’s what they feel that they need to do.

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