Liz Truss – waiting for lift off

Liz Truss has won the Tory leadership battle with Rishi Sunak though with a less than resounding 57%+ to his 42%+. She goes to Balmoral tomorrow for her premiership to start officially with a meet time thought to be around mid day.  I’ll do a longer piece when the time is definite.

  If it is midday tomorrow, then both charts have a divisive Uranus in the 7th which could point to explosive differences with neighbours, ie. the EU and even the USA, which seems likely, as well as internally.  Uranus square Saturn is jangled, high-tension can-be autocratic. Mid day tomorrow puts Mars in the financial 8th for one arena of aggravation.

  She doesn’t look too chummy with the new Met Police chief Mark Rowley, due to take up the reins later this year. More tomorrow.

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    • Hahaha! But frying pan and fire spring to mind…one Aries replaced by another Aries (looks like Suella Braverman). One Saturn/Mars opposing Neptune, replaced by Mars square Uranus, Saturn square Neptune…..all straws I clutch seem to fail me.

      • You are quite right, Jane. Once again I am foolishly misjudging the depth of the now heavily over-scraped barrel.

        So I will just refer myself back to my comment below – they can always be be counted on to find someone even worse. Why try to predict anything when they are so dependable?

    • Also Nadine Boris/Dorres has resigned. However, I shudder to think who will replace her and replacing Patel with Cruella Braverman is a case of frying pan to fire!

  1. Not sure anyone could deal with all the issues at the moment . If many many people freeze to death or go bankrupt because of energy prices
    there probably will be riots , how will anyone solve this issue long term , just can’t see it

  2. Here we, here in the UK, go then. I agree with everyone about the potential for riots, civil unrest, and chaos. Things feel both febrile and fragile.
    The eclipse on 20th April 2023 is 29 Aries, conjunct Jupiter at 23 Aries, and square Pluto. It’s the week of Liz Truss’ Jupiter Return, basically. She also has Uranus at 28 Libra. The Moon’s Nodes move to 29 Aries (square Pluto) in mid July. Such high energy, the disruption could go either way – is it possible the Uranus/Jupiter brings luck?
    By later on in May 2023, Mars at 0 Leo opposes Pluto at 0 Aquarius, squared by Jupiter at 0 Taurus. With the UK Jupiter (leader? law?) at 1 51′ Leo, and Liz Truss Sun at 2 Leo, it looks very tense and perhaps involves military or security services themes – but that could mean many things, not necessarily the forces of law and order on the streets of Britain. It could involve the Royal Family in some way I suppose. Liz Truss appears to have changed her mind about abolishing them!

    By the way, in an astro coincidence, Suella Braverman – most likely the new UK Home Secretary – was born 3 April 1980. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear plant in Ukraine began construction (Unit1) on 1st April, 1980.

  3. She, like the Libra Ingress chart that Marjorie published a few days ago, has most of the planets that can be retrograde (i.e. all the planets as the Sun and the Moon) actually being retrograde. Only Mars and Venus are not. Hugo Fowler commented in the article on the Libra Ingress that it will feel like it is back to the late 1990s. So, presumably the John Major years.

    • Hugh’s comment was about the planets in 1999-2000. Tony Blair was Prime Minister, William Hague was leader of the Conservatives, nothing to do with John Major other than she will be as uninspiring as Spitting Image portrayed him … “nice peas, Norma”

  4. There is something about this woman that I cannot take to. I am especially irritated by her attempts to be Margaret Thatcher Mk2. Why can’t she be herself? Oh – as a Far Left to Lib Dem to Tory perhaps she hasn’t a clue who she is!

    Marjorie – is there anything in the astrology that ties the two together at all or speaks to the lack of cohesion of her political beliefs?

    (I also agree with the comments above that she will create havoc and we will see civil unrest if she continues in her bellicose rhetoric especially in these febrile astrological times)

    • I laugh now – I couldn’t imagine a worse a worse PM than David Cameron! But the tories have managed it another 3 times now.


    • @Debbie, I have noticed that conservatives have trouble being original or being themselves.
      I guess it makes sense since conservatives want to repeat the past or go back in time to a previous era.

  5. With 14 events Starkman rectified Liz Truss’s chart to 14.44.12 BST Asc 10Sco51′.
    MC in Leo sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter, square Node.
    Venus in 10th sextile Asc, in opposition to Moon. Heliocentric Venus also sextile Asc, trine Venus.
    According to Starkman’s chart, she will elected as the next P.M.
    The main primary direction in Topocentric system:
    Venus 60 MC 2′
    Moon 120 MC 4′
    Jupiter 60 III 5′
    Secondary directions:
    III 120 Sun 0′
    Venus 0 MC 3′
    III 120 Venus 6′

    • She doesn’t look or act anything like a Leo MC to me. And she lacks the eyes/stare for a Scorpio ascendant.

      She always comes across uncertain, almost frail, to me – maybe it’s simply her Pisces moon.

  6. Thank you for these charts. I watched the announcement and my gut re-action is that Liz Truss has fanned the fires of unrest. I immediately felt she will engender riots, like this country has not seen since the 1970’s. Her seventh house Uranus and North Node, makes me think my gut reaction is right. Moon and Pluto in the third house in her official PM chart does not bode well either. She is going to have some tough feedback from the people. Pluto is going to give her a rough time. I wonder if anyone agrees with me about Saturn in Aquarius being seen as the authoritarian of the group. It is interesting that many old Astrologers said that both Uranus and Saturn ruled Aquarius. Marjorie do you have any charts, showing which leaders had Saturn and which had Uranus in Aquarius, to show which became despots and other innovators or reformers.

    • I think you might very well be right! I can’t see her building bridges within the Tory party let alone the country at large. I feel that she will be out at the next election and then the Tories will be in opposition which should give them the opportunity to reset. Why are our political leaders such mediocrities who are only there to serve their own ambitions rather than to serve us?

    • @Helen. I agree. I’ve had a sense there may be rioting later this year/early next year for some time now. I await the term chart with baited breath and trepidation.

      • You can feel and sense the tension in the air at the moment. Jupiter is in Aries currently and Aries is a sign that tends to crop up in the charts of movements, (as cardinal signs in general do) uprisings, protests as well as the natal charts of the leaders of such movements. Mars will be in Gemini until January next year, but once it enters Cancer, making its square to Jupiter and approaches its opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, the cardinal energy will be high and tense.

        When Saturn was in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries in the August of 1963 for example, the ‘March on Washington’ took place to demand economic and civil rights. Mars was then in Libra, the sign of justice. The Poll tax riots (31/3/1990) occurred when the Sun and Mercury were in Aries, Jupiter and Chiron in Cancer and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

    • Last Uranus in Aqua before the recent one was 1913-1919ish.

      US. Presidents – Nixon, Ford, JFK
      UK – Harold Wilson, Ted Heath, Jim Callaghan
      Soviet Union – Andropov
      France – Francois Mitterand
      East Germany – Willi Stoph, Eric Honecker
      West Germany – Walter Scheel, Karl Carstens
      Italy – Oscar Scalfaro

      Not sure what you can read from that. They were generally in power through the 1970s and 1980s.

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