Liz Truss – hanging on grimly to a juddering tiller

Liz Truss took up the reins at Balmoral at around 12.27 pm today to return immediately to London as the new prime minister on the votes of less than 100,000 older, mainly male, middle-class Tory voters.

  Looking on the bright side of the Term chart there is an Earth Grand Trine of a Virgo Sun trine Capricorn Moon trine Uranus North Node. Earth Grand Trines tend to be security-conscious, business-minded, keen to maintain the status quo and focused on materialistic ambitions. Can lack imagination, be stuck in a rut and overly conservative. Reasonably talented.

 The worry is the Uranus North Node close to the Descendant square Saturn. Uranus is divisive, uncompromising, uncooperative, defiant, unpredictable, prone to sudden changes in alliances, dislikes restrictions. Not good for stable relationships, for sure. That is doubled in effect by having the North Node on the Descendant which suggests that being considerate to the needs of others is not a priority. South Node on the Ascendant could suggest following old patterns (dogma) unquestioningly.

  The Uranus North Node square Saturn will make for a ratchety, jangled, high-tension term with ill-feeling erupting along the way. Saturn in Aquarius can be cold, unfeeling, overly rigid. The 3rd house is heavy and challenging with Moon Pluto and Saturn there which in mundane astrology rules communication, internal travel within a country (rail system/strikes?), sometimes education.

  Mars in the 8th house of debt and joint finances will arouse arguments since it is square the Sun and trine Mercury, partly a result of over-promising with Mercury opposition a grandstanding and over-hopeful Jupiter in the 5th.

 Neptune in the 4th – a confused, disillusioned electorate.

  I’ve seen administration charts a good deal worse though it will be a bumpy ride – coming to a crunch point in eighteen months when the Solar Arc Uranus closes to exact the square to Saturn. Tr Uranus square the Saturn from late May 2023 will also cause a few significant upheavals and bouts of rebellion.

   Liz Truss’s own chart has the upbeat, successful tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint which carried her to victory staying in place until early December but once that has gone she’ll have less luck coming her way. Indeed even before then tr Uranus conjunct her Mars from 11 October for a month will bring a shock or two and could provoke her into hasty misjudgements. That returns next April. After the first week in December she will run into a series of calamities and disasters until January 10th and that influence returns late September/October 2023. Plus a panicky-failure tr Neptune square Sun/Mars from March 2023 till early 2024; plus a discouraging slog from tr Pluto opposition her Sun/Saturn midpoint and square her Uranus throughout 2023 as well.

  Hanging on grimly looks like 2023’s motto.

  Her personal chart looks nothing like Maggie Thatcher’s which had a super-confident, resourceful Jupiter opposition Pluto square Mars and Sun in Libra. She may have been a pain but she had initiative and conviction.  Maggie’s First Government chart was exceptionally tough, ambitious and ruthless. Getting results was her motto.   

See previous Liz Truss post August 29 2022. Also 21 July 2022 and 20 December 2021.

The Times said: “The Queen’s schedule on Tuesday involved Johnson arriving at 11.16am and leaving 39 minutes later. Truss arrived at 12.22pm and stayed for 33 minutes.

23 thoughts on “Liz Truss – hanging on grimly to a juddering tiller

  1. Marjorie, do you know much about the “Thor’s Hammer” aspect pattern? I see them rarely and have never seen two in a chart before. Some of the “human hand grenade” characteristics may lie here, but I think it also tends to be quite lucky.

    (Alice Portman demonstrates with Duchess of York example )

  2. The royal clock face in the photo when Liz shakes hands with Liz is visible and it shows 12.27pm. Does that make a difference with the Moon? The photo was posted at 12.40 which would allow 13 minutes to upload.

    • Hi You’ve got good eye sight. The only photos I can find have a flare across the clock. I was going on the BBC timeline and I thought BJ didn’t leave HMQ till nearly 12.30.
      I have often wished for a clock on the wall when swearing ins happened but this antique one isn’t too helpful.

      An accurate time would help but it wouldn’t make a huge difference.

      • I also thought it was earlier from what was being mentioned live on the radio at the time. If it’s 12.27pm it puts Venus exactly conjunct the MC. Does that have any significance?

  3. I noticed that Liz Mars is conj the PM chart Uranus.
    Her seventh house of open enemies has the N Node.
    The PM chart has mars in the eighth in Gemin which connects with OUR money being used for warfunding.
    BUT this may mainly be used for propaganda and rhetoric or in Britian as Gemini rules house 3.
    Liz chart has mars in 8th too, in Taurus.
    PM chart, South node conj uranus is in 7th house of open enemies, in Taurus
    Liz chart has chiron conj jupiter in the 7th house of open enemies, in Aries, which would indicate partnerships
    and perhaps healing which could indicate alliances and friendship with enemies?? Would we make peace with Putin?
    The Chiron Jupiter in the PM chart is in the 5th house.
    The third house has moon Saturn and Pluto in the PM chart, in Capricorn Aquarius.
    WHAT does this mean, I am sure it is very important.
    Liz’ chart has sun mercury saturn in 10th house.
    Both charts have sun in 10th house.
    I wonder if this may connect with the PM chart 3rd house?
    PM chart Mercury in Libra in 11th house with Venus in 9th house.
    Will Liz play a part in making a negotiated peace treaty with Russia?
    Cut through all of the deception we are fed in our heavily censored
    western World, we would discover that Putin, with Russia would make a wonderful ally.
    Long term gas and oil deals would benefit us immensely but russia are WAY more decent than
    The EU and US our closest partners.

    Liz’ neptune is in her second house Sagitarius but in the PM chart, in 4th house in Pisces.
    I am aware of the sheer amount of deception taking place. does 4th house indicate the people?

    • Hmm. Let’s look at Russia’s record shall we?
      Call me old-fashioned but invading a sovereign country, bombing the hell out of it, weakening democracy across the world by infiltrating political systems and influencing elections (UK, US) and holding the world to ransom on resources are not actions of a decent state. By any measure.
      Perhaps you should have a think about ‘deception, propaganda and rhetoric.’

    • Have a closer look at Liz Truss’ natal chart, Ushi. We don’t have a birth time for her, so the chart is set for 12.00. Therefore the houses aren’t relevant for analysing her chart. Obviously, everyone wants peace and an end to this vicious war. So far, Mr Putin does not seem so keen.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. I am wondering whether that South Node on the Ascendant means following old patterns (dogma) unquestioningly, rather than being brave and breaking with tradition. In Truss’ case and that of her newly appointed government, all uber-right-wing tribal ideologues with very dangerous implications, that dogma is scary, and not at all concerned with the wellbeing of the people of Britain. Truss seems to be little more than a puppet of the ERG and Tufton Street.

    I am wondering about the energy crisis and the environmental crisis and how they manifest in the PM chart for the next couple of years? A great deal more damage can be done in that time, unfortunately.

    Truss already seems to be borrowing to pay the energy companies’ bloated profits, rather than windfall taxes to help manage the energy crisis – storing up massive problems for the future and the next government. (would this be indicated by the condition of Mars in 8th?)

    And the massive environmental damage already inflicted by the Tories over the last twelve years seems likely to only get worse – removal of environmental protections and the appalling river and sea pollution that is being committed as a result of ditching EU regulations. (Taurus / Moon / 2nd and 4th houses perhaps?) altough Uranus – North Node in 7th house Taurus doesn’t feel too good on that front.

    It would be great to get your thoughts on these issues at some point Marjorie. Thanks again for your insights.

  5. Just listened to her first speech … so Saturnian in the mindset … “getting Britain working”, “grow the economy”… all delivered with zero feeling. Just words with a plastered on smile. She seemed very pleased with herself.

    It feels like she came up with these ideas (ideology?) a decade ago and now she’s finally got the job, she’s going to implement them irrespective of the situation. It felt like someone had crowbarred some of the current problems in as bullet points to a speech she’ wrote for the day her dreams came true.

    PMQs will be interesting tomorrow. There is a chance Keir Starmer comes across as interesting by comparison.

    • Haha, GD! In a similar vein Marina Hyde’s article header today – ‘At least Liz Truss’s dull delivery skills will make oncoming crises seem less dramatic.’

      • I read it earlier … great piece by Marina. The highlight was “Truss uses the word “delivery” a lot for someone whose own delivery would lose the Bafta to an HGV announcing “This vehicle is reversing”.

        I feel slightly bad for criticising her delivery, after all she *might* be really, really competent and just something of an introvert and not great at public speaking. But, I’m doubtful.

        • Can’t wait for Keir vs Liz! it will challenge my ability to focus.
          But seriously, I wonder if Mercury/Saturn square Uranus in her chart suggests uneven delivery (not that word, no!) skills? Her voice has changed a lot if you see early footage they’ve been showing on tv. I wondered if she’d maybe had a stammer (think of Robert Peston’s sometimes awkward speech patterns), or other kind of speech defect at some point? Possibly, like Mrs Thatcher, she had voice coaching. Her breathing when speaking is also quite unusual, like something she’s had to learn to do. Total contrast to talkative Boris Johnson with his Gemini Mercury, and Sun/Venus in Gemini slick salesman’s “charm”.

          • Apparently when she lived in Scotland and went on marches with her mother she chanted “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, oot, oot, oot” in a Scottish accent. So, she certainly is capable of changing her speech and I would suspect that’s something she does to fit in.

            The breathing thing is interesting and would point to anxiety issues, or having talked too quickly (Uranus). The film of her speaking as a LibDem is such a contrast to who she is now. Seems like she’s had her passion coached out of her.

            Politics aside, I find her interesting to try and discern what is going on astrologically and with her life development. The Saturn in Cancer placement would have initially had her adopting her parents leftwing views but then when Uranus-Neptune transited opposite from Capricorn in mid-1990s, it caused her to become more Saturnian but not necessarily the best traits of it. Everything focused towards self-protective, hardwork and social climbing.

            I wonder if this morning, she has woken up and thought “I’ve done it. I’m Prime Minister. Now what? Why do I not feel as happy as I thought I would in achieving this goal?” That’s the look I read on her face yesterday – a lack of genuine joy. Of course, she will have a busy day ahead and been able to sweep that thought aside and refocus on work and setting a new goal.

  6. Thanks Marjorie
    This looks better than the two previous PMs but with Uranus prominent she does look more susceptible to shocks rather than slow Neptunian dissolution.
    One should note that mars is in Gemini for another 6 months or so.(The last we had such a long stay was in 1975) We also have 3 weeks of retrograde mercury coming up= mistakes made if things done too quickly. The outer planets are also retrograde. I think this reduce intensity for a while and will allow an opportunity to look at where we are.

  7. Thanks Marjorie – your speed is astonishing!

    I’m wondering about the November eclipse 16 Taurus, and the one at 15 Scorpio next May. They activate the PM chart’s ascendant and South Node. Spookily, they also fall on Margaret Thatcher’s natal Saturn in Scorpio and 15 Scorpio ascendant. As you say, there is no comparison with Mrs Thatcher, who – whatever one’s personal political leanings – radiated a sense of being exactly herself, and holding firm to her own principles. Plus, she did have friendships and alliances with left-wing individuals – her comments about Gorbachev, for example, were interesting when recently shown on tv.

    We know the November eclipse is quite intense and disruptive. Looking at the May eclipse, it is 7 North, and will oppose Uranus. 7 North, says Bernadette Brady, is ‘very sensual’ and can ‘catch people off guard and confront them with their own very deep passion which may have been hidden for many years.’ Well, hmmn.

    The other thing I wondered about was Mars Rx square Neptune for most of November. It’s exact at 22 degrees Gemini/Pisces, which could affect transport I imagine. It’s pretty foggy anyway.
    Liz Truss’ Black Moon Lilith is 22 Pisces. Perhaps this is too subtle? Margaret Thatcher’s natal Uranus is 22 Pisces. This is the position of fixed star Markab, in Pegasus – the flying horse of mythology, born from the neck of Medusa. Some kind of symbolic chord is being struck it seems.

    • Re: your comments on Mrs Thatcher. Agree Political leanings aside, she had integrity for what she believed.

      Always enjoy your posts Jane. Constantly amazed by where you get all the astrological detail. Not so much evident here but in other posts where you bring up a trade union chart from 1871 or some such.

      • Thanks GD! As I’ve remarked before, I enjoy your posts and your kind and thoughtful approach.
        As you can no doubt tell, I’m a historian. It is fascinating to see patterns of history, and how they link up with astrological patterns. For me, the astrology often clarifies things somehow, or offers a new perspective to explore. And often, I’ve noticed, a historical figure’s natal planets will be having returns or significant transits when that person is the subject of a movie, biography, or exhibition. Links to actors portraying them are also interesting – I think we looked at this recently with Johnny Depp.

        Re Mrs Thatcher and Liz Truss – it’s curious how she seems to want to be Mrs T. The Margaret Thatcher Saturn and ascendant opposes the Liz Truss natal Mars. In real life, their connection wouldn’t have been easy at all. But then there’s Mrs T’s Nodes conjunct Liz Truss Sun. Maybe something draconic going on….

        • My read is that Liz is conflicted between her mutable t-square involving the gentle Pisces moon and the cardinal t-square which brings her Leo sun in with the Cancer saturn. The aspiration to be iron-willed like Maggie is the saturnian side trying to find a way suppress all the difficult feelings and confusion that the Pisces moon brings.

  8. “on the votes of less than 100,000 older, mainly male, middle-class Tory voters”

    Gordon Brown became PM without any of the labour membership voting for him.

    Tory party members also seem more diverse than you assume and do include women.

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