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    • Hi, Ana de Armas is being lauded for her portrayal of Marilyn in a new film. De Armas (30/04/88, Havana,no time) is certainly very beautiful but I haven’t seen that much of her acting, wondered if there was any resonance between her chart and MMs. Thank you

    • Time of Death 18:30 UTC +1 (since daylight saving). Apparently, only Anne and Charles made it to her bedside. William drove his uncles and aunt Sophie to Balmoral. I think there’s something very telling about this.

      • I think 18.30 was the announcement. According to Lady Colin Campbell the death occurred at 14.37 when Charles and Anne were there but the others had not yet arrived.

        • At 14:37 tr Moon conjunct tr Saturn are both inconjunct/quincunx UK natal Saturn. This suggests to me the nation has lost it’s Mother figure. The aspect is just over half a degree in exactness, but Saturn’s influence often delays.

  1. Would like to read Marjorie’s comment on Giorgia Meloni, very high possibility to be the first female far right Italian prime minister. Also the situation of energy crisis in Europe. Thank you!

  2. A lot of commentary currently on Olivia Wilde’s new film and issues with the cast, including her relationship with Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Chris Pine seems to be gliding effortlessly through despite the growing saga.

    Would appreciate your comments Marjorie.



  3. Also, it has been a few years since you’ve done an update on Kate Middleton. Can you read up on her? She has been out of the tabloid spotlight for a while this year. I am curious what is going on.

  4. Trump gets a win from one of his appointees. “US District Judge Aileen Cannon issued a stunning, if not entirely surprising, order Monday granting former President Donald Trump’s request for a special master to review documents…”


    What in Ned was she thinking?

    Did this decision all but guarantee a Trump win in 2024? Thanks.

    Also reviewed the Trump post from 12 Aug 2022. One can only hope for a Big Don crash-n-burn.

    • What was she thinking? Probably Trump has something stored away on her. Same reason he took all the Top Secret documents – as a way to retain some power for his situation. That or to make some money selling them off.

        • Selling them was my first thought, Larry. He would have absolutely no qualm about compromising the intelligence if it benefitted him. I guess he hasn’t sold them because according to reports of the lax security at Mar-A-Lago any foreign agent could have got them for free already.

          I later read, something by one of lawyers or an associate that said he would have done it for exactly this situation. To provide some leverage against the Government pursuing future prosecution.

          • Well, the DOJ has appealed the “special master” ruling. Marjorie has advised he has a couple of frightening astro events coming up. But will they be the car-crash impacts that he deserves?

            If he does split the scene permanently, we’ll all have to hunker down with caution.

            Still, Biden can quietly insist that the national security assessment/impact be continued, regardless of what the judge has ruled.

  5. Peter Theil is letting his disregard for women (perhaps hatred?) surface again.

    “Peter Thiel is backing a “femtech”/wellness firm that is against birth control pills and women “working out like men,” and is harvesting period-related data:”


    In Feb. you wrote…
    “2023/2024 sees tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn/Neptune midpoint so he’ll be devastated, depressed, perhaps with health issues.”

    Could this be a cog in his plans? And, kindly remind me when Pluto will leave Capricorn.

    Thank you.

  6. CNN’s new boss(who hides his date of birth) is ramping up the cleaning spree.
    How are the fortunes of the main media outlets faring in coming years Marjorie?

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