Liz Taylor & Richard Burton – once more into the fray

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton can probably be blamed for kicking off the modern celebrity culture when their torrid romance on the set of Cleopatra in 1962 sparked off a media frenzy. Their turbulent, on-off scorching hot and frequently aggravated liaison is well-trodden turf so I’m not sure why we need yet another rerun. But a new book claims to have had unprecedented access to diaries and letters.

  They lived a decadent, drink-sodden life together with copious amounts of seriously expensive jewellery being handed over as apologies when a alcohol led to arguments. It was a symbiotic love-hate match. She said “We were like magnets alternately pulling toward each other and, inexorably, pushing away.”

  He drank himself to oblivion and she started her days with a  bloody Mary, rolling on to wine and whisky or vodka. Her health was constantly throwing up problems which she wasn’t above using as a lever to catch his attention, and latterly to induce him into a second marriage after a 14 month separation and divorce.

  I’m not altogether convinced about her 2.30am birth time 27 February 1932 London. It explains certain things with a powerfully influential 8th house Pluto in a disruptive square to Venus Uranus in Aries in her 4th pointing to a constantly changing domestic life. But it says little about the health problems which plagued her life.  She was a Sun Mars Mercury in Pisces opposition Neptune so well suited to the film business. And her Jupiter in flashy Leo clearly appreciated the high-life.

  Burton, 10 November 1925 3pm  Neath, Wales, had a deeply buried, depressive and obsessive Sun Saturn in Scorpio in his 8th square a filmic and addiction-prone Neptune in his 6th and in a creative and unrealistic Water Grand Trine to Uranus trine Pluto in Cancer in his 4th. His Grand Trine became a Kite with Pluto in a confident opposition to Jupiter – he had luck and talent to spare but was blighted by that downbeat Saturnine streak.

   On the synastry, her Scorpio Moon was conjunct his Sun Saturn in his 8th – intense but conflicted, both passionate and defensive on his part. Her Neptune was conjunct his Virgo Moon for an evasive connection. Her Venus Uranus in Aries squared his central Jupiter opposition Pluto for fireworks as her adventurous streak was attracted to his grand gestures.

  But it is not as strong a connection as I would have expected. Their relationship chart has a possessive and controlling composite Sun Mercury opposition Pluto which would bind them together for a while and feel meant and Pluto tends to lead to messy breakups. There was a destructive composite Mars Saturn conjunction; a delusional Venus opposition Neptune. And a Yod of Neptune sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus – head in the clouds and unstable.

  The one thing which catches my eye is that both their Black Moon Lilith are conjunct their North Node – I have no idea what that means though to suggests a karmic journey towards the darker emotions. A relationship at some level they needed but was ultimately damaging to both. Both went on to marry twice more after their final split.       

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  1. I wouldn’t underestimate the binding, karmic power of a Moon/Saturn conjunction. I have seen it quite a lot and experienced it myself. I have also seen that crossover of man’s Saturn conjunct woman’s Moon and her Neptune conjunct his Moon (probably heteronormative to say these days, but this is just what I’ve seen in examples known to me personally). The fact that it’s a Sun/Saturn conjunction to the Moon would probably amplify things. They’ve also got some midpoint synastry, mostly his Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars

    I have only personally seen one example of BML conjunct NN in composite, but I think it might be mean BML rather than true BML. Also with Mars and a tight Venus conjunction there as well. They came from very different backgrounds and religions and there were lots of problems. They married other people, but went back to each other. Very dramatic, like real life soap and unfortunately this was years ago and I don’t know if they are still together. Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend also had this BML(mean)/NN in composite, the only other one I can think of.

  2. A very long time ago, and I have no idea if it was true: Elizabeth Taylor would borrow a tradition from royalty. This was the official birthday. So maybe she was a leap year baby. But if I was born in February and wanted an official birthday, I would choose a month with nicer weather.

  3. Stellar beauty + brutal alcoholism is a lot to handle. I think (!?) strides have been made regarding addiction, but it is amazing how hard it is to treat…

    I came across footage of LT, just yesterday, doing AIDS benefit work. Her star power really mattered.

  4. Her Chiron is at 19 Taurus, opposite her Moon. I like to look at it now for health. Personally it was the only major aspect in my chart opposite my Sun (to the minute) transiting my 6th house when I had a very bad health experience. Taurus is the 6th sign from Liz’s AC if read whole sign.

  5. Regarding Elizabeth’s health, I think that purely the fact that she had Sun-Mars-Mercury (= vitality) in Pisces opposed and undermined by a Neptune in Virgo (Virgo = health matters), could explain prominent health issues (whether real or vividly imagined and thus also ‘real’ in way)

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