Libra Ingress – improvements come gradually

The next Ingress falls next Wednesday the 22nd as the Sun moves into Libra. Only Cardinal Ingresses – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – are regarded as proper ingresses; and there are mixed views about how useful they are or indeed which should take priority.

  The previous Cancer Ingress this year in late June did have an aggravating and fairly calamitous Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus opposition Moon so did not augur well for the three months to follow.

  This upcoming ingress has a dynamic and argumentative Sun Mars in a disciplined trine to Saturn; with an emotionally unsettled Uranus opposition Venus square Saturn; and an intense and controlling Moon opposition Mercury square Pluto. So not all sweetness and harmony but marginally easier than what went before.

  The upcoming Capricorn Ingress is fairly scattered and apart from a Mars trine Saturn and an emotionally intense Moon opposition Venus Pluto is nowhere near as difficult as the late 2020 Capricorn Ingress with its Mars square Pluto Saturn Jupiter.  

7 thoughts on “Libra Ingress – improvements come gradually

  1. Fascinating as always, Marjorie! A mere two days before Libra Ingress is the the Canadian election on September 20th — which roughly 75% of citizens didn’t want just two years after the last election and in the middle of a worsening, 4th wave of Covid. Justin Trudeau’s only justification was increasing the number of Liberal Party of Canada seats from minority to majority status — which is a pure, cynical grab for power. The latest polls predict that Trudeau will only win a decreased minority government in exchange for the most expensive election in Canadian history. Yet the volatile, unhappy mood of Canadians hints that there could be surprises ahead — and you have already suggested that in astrological terms, change lies ahead for Canada this fall. Before or after the election, I would intrigued to hear if Libra Ingress impacts this election if this interests you. Many, many thanks in advance if you do!

  2. Thank Marjorie much appreciated & encouraging indeed.
    It was so depressing to hear testimony from the gymnasts about the failings of the FBI not investigating Nasser’s sex allegations, plus the fact that they never investigated allegations against Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh either. Just hoping for a better future ahead.

  3. fascinating to see what happens to groups born,or created when these seasonal ingress charts dance with these groups phase,and spatial points seasonal chart over this fall,and winter,hopefully alot of it is more upbeat since we as groups,and stuff created around us need more upbeat vibes affecting our seasonal,and spatial charts,since it seems like alot of bad news is replacing good and,nuetral news for all of us,and stuff created around us,so if we keep a more upbeat view of stuff,it might calm alot of us down as groups,as well as the earth around us,since it seems like when we’re upset the earth follows suit,and maybe if we become less chicken little,how we deal with stuff might become more common sense than crazy sense,this just my view of this stuff.

    • Why no full stops or other punctuation at all? Is life only made up of commas?

      So hard to read so don’t understand what you’re saying.

    • Anthony, Last and final warning. There may be nuggets of wisdom buried in your word salads but without punctuation they are not worth trawling through. Next one and the blocks will go down.

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