Boris J government – plus ca change

The day of the long knives reshuffle has turned out to be distinctly vanilla flavoured with a muted reception even from the right-wing media. The two key appointments of Michael Gove to Housing and Liz Truss to the Foreign Office are deemed to be Boris strategies for seeing off rivals. Truss had the highest approval rating of Cabinet members in a recent poll and was a critic of his recent tax rise. Her allies say he’ll hope sending her overseas will damp her chances of campaigning for party leadership. Though Theresa May thought the same when she landed Boris as travelling emissary and that didn’t stop him. Gove has been handed another poisoned chalice.

  Liz Truss, 26 July 1975, a Sun Leo with a well-organised Saturn in Cancer, certainly looks the unhappiest of the crew over 2022/23. She’ll have the odd blip of success but is mainly heading into calamity country.

  Michael Gove, 26 August 1967, a Sun, Mercury Venus in Virgo with Uranus Pluto also in Virgo and Mars Neptune in Scorpio, also looks to be struggling through swampy territory for two years with even greater setbacks and catastrophes in 2023/24.  His relationship with Boris is more uncertain even than usual in 2021/22 and nerve-stretched and jangled the two years after that.

 Nadhim Zahawi, 2 June 1967, Baghdad, one of the wealthiest MPs with oil and other interests, has become Education Secretary. He’s another Gemini with his Sun square Uranus Pluto and trine Mars; and a hard-edged Mars opposition Saturn. He’ll be rattled towards the end of this year with tr Uranus triggering several midpoints.

   His relationship with Boris looks expansive in essence though subject to ups and downs with some disappointments looming 2021 to 2023.

 Nadine Dorries, 21 May 1967, a close friend of Boris, is causing comment since she comes in as Culture Secretary, therefore overseeing the industry regulation.  Not that raising eyebrows is a new experience since her wiki entry shows a long political career littered with controversies and arguments. She’s – yet another – Sun Gemini conjunct Venus opposition Saturn; with a stubborn and outspoken Mercury in Taurus opposition Neptune square Uranus.

  She’s having a good December this year but that apart is not finding satisfaction or success in her progress through next year.

  Her relationship with Boris is friendly with a composite Sun, Venus, Mars and a fated-to-be-together Yod of Mars sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn in their relationship chart – but even they are on a gentle decline.

  The jury seems to be out on whether this reshuffle indicates an early election but it certainly comes at a time when his Government chart from December 2019 is moving deeper into unpopularity time with the Solar Arc Saturn moving to conjunct Venus exactly in six months.  All the indications are that 2022 is when the full extent of the economic hit from Covid/Brexit will be exposed.  

  His own chart is emotionally on edge at the moment, partly presumably with his mother’s death which may well have been flagged up some months back when his Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Moon. His Progressed Moon at present is just over the opposition to his Mars and moving to square his Saturn, then Uranus before the end of this year and square his Pluto into early 2022 so he’ll be bounced from pillar to post in terms of his feelings and reactions.

 Interesting that Liz Truss is the only one without an overloaded Mutable chart – Boris seems to attract his own windmills-in-a-storm type of personality.  

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  1. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011 the next general election is due on 2 May 2024. This is possibly difficult date with Mars conjunct Neptune, and Venus square Pluto.
    This is probably a date to avoid though the Government may be forced to go to that date if problems arise in 2022/23 or there is a new PM.
    However, these political horoscopes can be difficult as I remember Jenrick being predicted by the stars as having a good period now and for a time going forward. It may be so even as he is sacked. It may be that these times will be good for the conservatives if not for the country.

    • Not sure where you saw Jenrick’s good stars – 2020 was OK for him but exactly now tr Saturn is square his Jupiter and conjunct his Venus, squashing his normal amiability and making him feel unloved. Ditto Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who shares the same birth date. She/he won’t feel as squelched into October.

      • Thanks Marjorie. Neptune must be messing with my Mercury.
        One thing that intrigues me is that we will have Mars in Gemini for 6 months from August 2022. As far as I can see the last time that happened was in 1990-91, which were significant times. A rather windy time for everyone but especially our windmill types.

    • An interesting article in The Times by Matthew Paris today. He eludes to the French/English gas pipeline fire, as an interesting occurrence, the day after Boris’s submerged dodgy submarine deal with America/Australia/U.K. was announced. Boris has stacked his Cabinet full of back scratchers and very money oriented people. Marjorie quite often writes about Boris’s ruthless side. He has a ruthless Pluto link, underhand and ruthless deals will become his trade mark.

  2. Interesting charts. It must be fun around the Cabinet table with all these Gemini’s – either talking across each other or mumbling hot air. Interesting that Liz Truss has her Saturn/Sun midpoint just a degree away from her Mercury, perhaps it is cautiousness that actually stops her from saying what she wants to say. Although coupled with her Moon square Neptune she may have a real problem with actually seeing the order of things. Something she was accused of when she was a Minister before – not grasping the situation. Boris has stacked his Cabinet with Brexiteers and an untried Politicians. Along with Sunak who has turned out to be a damp squid; the future for this Country looks pretty depressing. The Times reported this morning that Boris is looking at the voting boundaries again and that he has no intention of calling an early election. The source stated Boris would go long into his last year, indicating a late Autumn Election. I have always thought Johnson to be a tyrant. He also appears to dig in when attacked. His approaching Moon square Saturn, Uranus and Pluto aspect could also give him the impetus to hit back. He did this when he prorogued Parliament. The Times appears to be dancing on eggshells where Boris is concerned The Daily Mail went for him before the last Conservative Conference both with Tom Bowens/Bowers? book and attacks on Stanley Johnson. Boris shrugged. Perhaps the press know more about Johnson than we think they do. He worked in their industry and they have the dirt on him.

  3. “bounced from pillar to post in terms of his feelings and reactions.” – and isn’t Boris and Carrie’s new baby due around Christmas time?

    Thanks for these charts, very interesting to see them here together. Michael Gove’s Mars/Neptune in Scorpio explains quite a lot about him. Tenacious plots and deceptions!

    I, too, couldn’t cope with all the whimsical changes of direction and slippery representations of “the truth” from Boris and his mutable mates. Having encountered this from individuals in my own life, I know how confusing and exhausting it can be.

  4. “Boris seems to attract his own windmills-in-a-storm type of personality.”

    To me, this is the natural order. Anyone with some common sense, structure and integrity in their lives will steer clear of someone like Boris. As a fixed sign person, I couldn’t put up with the constant changes of direction based on only his whim and ego. And I’m as adaptable as they come. (Counterpoint – I’m sure he couldn’t put up with the stubbornness / intransigence that would eventually begin to appear from fixed personalities)

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