Kourtney & Travis – a Mars Saturn car-crash match ++ mother Kris

Just when you think the Kardashians can’t sink any closer to the trash bin, they do. On the eve of the launch of a new show, Kourtney totters off after the Grammys, not entirely sober off, to an Elvis impersonator wedding chapel in Las Vegas to marry much-tattooed superstar drummer Travis Barker. Except they didn’t have a licence so it isn’t real. Despite the gulf between a Palm Beach flash feste and a Sin City dive there are intriguing astro-similarities between the weddings/marriages and relationships of the them and the Brooklyn/Nicola pairing.

 The wedding chart has the not-quite-real Jupiter Neptune conjunction and the aggravated, hard-edged Mars Saturn conjunction. The relationship chart between Kourtney and her fiancée as is/was Travis Barker has a central composite Mars square Saturn tied into the composite Moon and widely to the Sun; as well as an over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune.

  They are both difficult personalities. She, 18 April 1979 3am Los Angeles has a financially-oriented 2nd house Aries Sun trine Neptune, opposition an 8th house Pluto and square Jupiter – pushily confident, intense but stuck in a life she doesn’t understand and often can’t control. Her Capricorn Moon squares onto Pluto and Mars in Aries which will add to her emotional stress and with Saturn on her Descendant she won’t find close relationships come without hard work and karma.  Her last beau, Scott Disick, with whom she had three children and a nearly-Las Vegas Elvis wedding, parted company after ten years. She has never technically married anyone.

  Her musician squeeze, Travis Barker, 14 November 1975 8.59pm Fontana, CA, has previously had two extremely brief marriages. He’s a Scorpio with an Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter opposition Pluto square Mars trine Saturn – which is one hot emotional mess as well.  His mother died of an auto-immune disease before he entered high school and he was a stoner through his teenage years.

  An Aries and a Scorpio are not intuitively a good mix and her Uranus is conjunct his Sun which is certainly not a recipe for a contented 24/7 love-in.  Both have heavily stressed Moons tied into Mars, Saturn and Pluto which doesn’t augur well either. Both have huge mother issues, whereas Brooklyn/Nicola have father issues. Hmm.

  If this was supposed to be a distraction from the black horror elsewhere in the news it has only succeeded in depressing me further. I suppose it could be seen as a live-action agony aunt situation. Real life as it is lived by washed up celebs and weirdos.  

Add On: The dynamic between Kourtney and mother Kris Jenner, 5 November 1955 6.42am San Diego, is tricky to put it mildly. Kris has a Sun, Saturn and Venus in Scorpio which clash with Kourtney’s rebellious Uranus; and Kris’s Mars is conjunct Kourtney’s 8th house Pluto which will arouse deep-seated anger; with Kris’s slippery Mercury Neptune also in Kourtney’s 8th opposite her Aries Sun.

  Their relationship chart has – surprise surprise – an angry, hard-edged, one-sided and unfair, emotionally cold composite Mars square Moon Saturn. With a complicated Venus trine Uranus Pluto sextile Neptune – emotional ambivalence writ large, illusions, hopes and possessiveness.

  Her previous partner Scott Disick, 26 May 1983, has a Sun Mars in Gemini opposition Jupiter Uranus which square onto Kourtney’s Saturn and his Saturn Pluto in Libra square oppose her Aries Sun. I’m surprised it lasted ten years, even if it was on off, on off.  

Some parental patterns are almost impossible to unpick.

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  1. “Difficult aspects can cause fewer problems if the external circumstances soak up the energy.”

    Beautifully stated. I think they are doomed and she is living under Neptune’s veil. It’s as if she’s looking for an external release of her angry energies so she chose someone way different than her whose life themes are dark and sad and he externally manifests darkness that she’s picking up on.

    She said on TV somewhere that her daughter Penelope has a lot of anger issues and has scratched and attacked her nanny. Kourtney couldn’t understand why but it’s clear the child is probably so confused and doesn’t have the proper emotional outlets she needs to develop. What a sad mess of a situation.

    Marjorie, what a gift you have of reading charts and energies. You are so good and always spot on.

    • Not to discount anything you’ve said but Penelope could partly be confused because her only living grandfather has become another grandmother. It can’t have been easy to explain all of that to the kids — their attachment to Bruce/Caitlin was severely disrupted and changed beyond their comprehension. It was hard enough on the adults. The kids paternal grandparents (Scott’s mum and dad) died within months of each other a few years ago.

  2. “Both have huge mother issues, whereas Brooklyn/Nicola have father issues. Hmm.”

    Kris Jenner is famously controlling. I’m not certain which two of the five daughters, maybe through friends, recently told in an interview they didn’t want to do the last couple of seasons of “Kardashian”, but were emotionally/financially blackmailed to doing them. I think the Travis story might be Kortney’s way to say goodbye to that period of her life, that must have been rough between tr. Pluto conjunct Moon and tr. Pluto square Sun – at least that’s my experience with similar transits, in reversed order.

    Unfortunately, there are children involved here. Hope they have better luck. I

  3. “Difficult aspects can cause fewer problems if the external circumstances soak up the energy“

    Well Kourt was on Kimmel tonight ( with Khloe, Kendall, Kris, and KimPe),
    so apparently it’s a Working honeymoon . Mars and Saturn indeed.

  4. Yes it is depressing, isn’t it? Reading both the “wedding ” posts I thought about Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, and their “teenage wedding”. She was just 14. Curiously, on 16th May 1770 (the official date) Pluto was in Capricorn, and Uranus was in Taurus. Neptune was trine Uranus from Virgo. So some similar planetary themes from the 18th century. The very young royal couple were extravagant and loved parties and dressing up. I don’t think they listened to much advice, but then they were just kids at that point.

  5. One of the biggest things that has me scratching my head in confusion in astrology is the the amount of times that I see hard Mars/Saturn aspects in the composite and it’s always a surprise where it turns up. The harshness suggested by Mars/Saturn doesn’t quite match what I see. One couple in particular, I would never have guessed. Theirs is a Mars/Saturn conjunction, square Uranus to boot. It has to be said though, that there is an enduring spark between them that doesn’t seem to have dulled much in the 25+ years they’ve been together. I have also seen it in other composites where there is a very strong bond, sometimes against odds or difficulties (especially if Neptune is in the mix as well).

    Still wouldn’t put money on the Kardashian though!

    • You never ever know really what goes on inside someone else’s relationship.
      A strong Saturn certainly gives endurance and Mars Saturn gives discipline. Difficult aspects can cause fewer problems if the external circumstances soak up the energy. I remember one couple who had Mars Pluto in their relationship chart and they worked for an NGO in crises and danger situations in the Congo or the like. If they’d moved to sunny Surbiton they’d probably have killed each other.
      Mars Saturn can sometimes get in the way of the sexual function. And there’s no doubt that relationships can run more smoothly as they did in ye olden days when one partner gives up their identity to fit it. Mars = I want, I am, I choose – and having only one of those in a relationship can cut out some problems. Though it leaves the teeth-gritted, over compromiser sitting on a heap of resentment which may not show to outsiders.
      The answer will be in there somewhere.

      • My thought on this is that pretty much everyone has parental issues to work out (Saturn) and a psychologist will tell us that many marriages are attempts to work those issues out with/through a partner. The Mars thing is probably there to provide the attraction factor but can also represent the anger towards the parent which now has a chance to come out into the open. Hopefully, if people go into it with eyes wide open they can actually “resolve” some of the hidden/subconscious issues and the marriage is enduring. More astrology readings before setting the date, I say.

      • Hello Marjorie
        My mother and father had Mars/Saturn conjunct in their synastry chart
        They had a very long marriage
        My mother’s Saturn sat on my father’s mars in Cancer (right on my ascendant!)

        They were always fighting and she was always a break on his energy and actions (Saturn on Mars)

        And the funny thing is, not long before my mother died she said to me “You know, your father led a very frustrated life. He always wanted sex and I never wanted it”. Can you imagine! Saturn/Mars EXACTLY

        On the other hand they did have a long marriage that “worked” in terms of responsibilities, finances etc.
        They have other aspects of course but the Mars/Saturn captured their marriage exactly

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