Black Lives Matter – facing fiscal realities

Black Lives Matter is facing increasing scrutiny over its finances. $90 million has been taken in to date with some disbursed to partner organizations but there appears to be no executive in charge of finances since the co-founder Patrisse Cullors resigned along with the other two co-founders last year. The DoJ is demanding information and a lawyer has been brought in by BLM to untangle what has been going on. Cullors is claiming racism and sexism is behind an expose in the New York magazine about the purchase of a $6 million house, way over market value during her tenure.

  BLM, 13 July 2013, does look to be in serious trouble ahead with the Scorpio Node catching a Nodal Half Return this year which would bring financial wrangles to the fore. But most damaging is the Solar Arc Mars opposing Pluto in 2023/24 which will grind the organization to a halt.

  The chart itself is a curious mix of healing with a Water Grand Trine of Neptune trine Saturn trine a confident Jupiter Mars and revolutionary with a focal point Uranus in Aries with a tendency to internal crises.

  Patrisse Cullors, 20 June 1983 11.25 am Van Nuys, California, is an activist, artist and writer, who resigned from BLM in May last year to pursue other interests. She has an articulate and argumentative Sun Mars in Gemini in her 10th opposition Neptune and trine an unyielding Saturn Pluto in her financial 2nd hose. Her Mercury also in Gemini is on her Midheaven opposition Jupiter Uranus. Certainly a communicator, super-ambitious with her Sun tied into Pluto and Neptune, can be slippery. Her Scorpio Moon is not well integrated in her chart apart from a wide conjunction to Saturn, so she’ll be emotionally disorganized.

  She’s not doing well ahead with a panicky tr Neptune square her Mars from the middle of this month on and off, picking up the square to the Sun/Mars midpoint in 2023 and then her Sun in 2024 – so a long slide of undermining circumstances and disappointment. Plus heavy financial pressure with tr Pluto square her 2nd house Pluto (2021/22) and Saturn (2022/23).

A tragedy that so many gave with good intentions and there wasn’t the organization in place to manage the donations sensibly and transparently.

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4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – facing fiscal realities

  1. I guess it’s cold comfort that the investigations of BLM are limited to the organization and leadership.

    Another populist organization with donation difficulties, was the truckers for freedom, in Canada. After shutting down both multi-million dollar accounts, Gofundme and Givesendgo, the federal government retroactively made the contributions illegal. They enacted emergency legislation which granted immunity & empowered banks to confiscate charitable donations and then legally persecute contributors.

    Most of the emergency act expired, except the parts about banking and crypto-currencies.

    Organizers had property confiscated. The leader Tamara Lynch was held without bail and brought to court in shackles.

    I’d be keen to know what astrological parallels there might be to the two different populist movements.

  2. A problem with donating to any political group in the US is that they’re usually not true to intent. It happens over and over again, just clever marketing and packaging to get followers and donations. Yes, I am cynical. It comes from all sides of the political spectrum.

  3. Hopefully, they can re-structure and re-form into a more mature organisation that better serves the cause (didn’t realise they were so “young”). Move from street level activism to something a bit more encompassing with some proper grown-ups at the helm. If not them, there will be another one. The racial issues are not going away, especially in America.

  4. Her arguments in favour of the purchase make no sense. This undermines those out there working hard for change and to be acknowledged, with inadequate funds. I’m embarrassed since reading about it, and she doesn’t get it if all she can sprout off is the usual narrative

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