Brooklyn & Nicola wedding – splashing the cash ++ father David ++ MILs ++ wedding chart

The ultra-rich play on heedless of a cruel world well below their gaze. A billionaire’s daughter marrying a multi-millionaire footballer’s son this Saturday in Palm Beach is a HELLO dream of obscene consumption. Actress Nicola Peltz with a financier father is getting hitched at the parental 44,000 square foot $100 million oceanfront home to Brooklyn Beckham in what is described as a ‘Miami society meets British celebrity’ £3 million wedding. His parents Victoria and David Beckham have a $24 million penthouse nearby.

   The wedding chart has an illusory, over-hopeful (high finance) Jupiter Neptune conjunction; and an aggravated Saturn Mars conjunction so tempers will flare for the event itself. But more significantly it describes one theme for the marriage ahead.

 Wedding charts typically echo the pattern of the relationship chart and sure enough it is dominated by a Mars opposition Saturn. There will certainly be an affectionate bond from a composite Sun Venus and good luck from a Jupiter Uranus conjunction but the harsh one sided Mars Saturn will dominate. It usually suggests one partner has to sacrifice a great deal for the relationship to work. In ‘normal’ circumstances it can indicate a relationship for example with a downtrodden wife who has to do as she is told. That’s hardly likely here but there will be chains that bind and ropes that chafe over time.

  Both of them in different ways have grown up in families where they would not always feel in control. Brooklyn, 4 March 1999 7.48pm London,  has a Pisces Sun square Pluto, trine Mars suggesting he experienced a powerful father and he would not always feel he was free to make his own choices.

  Equally Nicola, 9 January 1995 (no birth time) New York, has her Mars opposition Saturn square Pluto, Venus, Jupiter so would experience her father as a driving force of considerable magnitude with no chance of altering his decisions. Nelson Peltz a Sun Jupiter in Cancer has a bulldozing Mars Pluto sextile Saturn Uranus.

  Two adults from relatively similar backgrounds can have an accord since they recognise each other’s problems but over time one usually emerges to take on the parent’s insistence on getting their own way. It’s the old submit-dominate battle.

  He’s a Pisces as befits a photographer with a no-compromise, can-be-explosive Mars in money-minded Scorpio in the 2nd square an emotionally changeable 5th house Uranus. He does have an ultra-charming Venus Jupiter in Aries on his Descendant in a persuasive trine to Pluto and a ‘leadership’ Leo North Node so he will make his way in the world successfully.

  She is a Sun Capricorn conjunct a highly strung Neptune Uranus so will be fairly high maintenance and unpredictable. Her stressed Mars will tend to make her hyper-active and impatient. Her Saturn is conjunct his Sun and his Saturn is conjunct her Moon (Taurus or late Aries).  Both have Venus in a Fire sign which will give them similar tastes. Her North Node in Scorpio is conjunct his Mars so money and sex will be driving forces.

  An amble down on irrelevant path in these troubled times. See previous post July 12 2020.

Add On: Brooklyn’s relationship with his father David Beckham is a sight to behold. David’s Taurus Sun falls in Brooklyn’s 8th opposition his 2nd house Mars; and David’s Mars is conjunct Brooklyn’s Sun so there will be a competitive and argumentative edge, especially when it comes to generating money. David’s Saturn square Pluto falls on Brooklyn’s Midheaven and Ascendant, so papa’s need-to-achieve-and-control will be a crucial factor in their relationship.

Their relationship chart has two fated Yods onto Pluto (= power struggling and ambitious for influence) and Saturn (= status).

  I’d hazard a guess that junior might in his deeper unconscious be determined to outdo his father.  He’s less competitive with his mother though their relationship chart does have the signature composite Mars square Saturn as well as a Yod of Mars sextile Pluto inconjunct Sun Mercury – so quite a minefield of subterranean undercurrents.

Add On: Nicola’s mother Claudia Peltz, Nelson’s third wife, is described as a “titanium socialite” and a perfectionist. Born 12 March 1955 (net sources) she is a Sun Pisces trine a lucky Uranus Jupiter in Cancer; with a rock-solid Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto; and a Scorpio Moon which is probably opposition Mars in Taurus. Relations with Victoria, the other mother, will be a mix of sugary sweet and aggravated as Vic’s Venus Jupiter in Pisces will make superficially nice overtures but her snippy Mars Saturn in Gemini squaring Claudia’s Sun will make for a few uncomfortable moments. Their relationship chart reflects an icing sugar coating over a thoroughly uncomfortable and irritable chemistry.

  If Claudia’s birth date is accurate her relationship with daughter Nicola is hair-raisingly stressed with a composite Mars opposition Saturn Venus square Pluto. Nicola’s maybe Taurus Moon may be trine Mars and may be conjunct Claudia’s Mars as well.  

  New mother-in-law Victoria’s relationship with Nicola isn’t much better which given that Nicola’s Uranus Neptune in Capricorn square Vic’s Aries Sun isn’t surprising. The relationship chart is grim with a composite Saturn opposition Pluto square Mars – chained-together, resentful and impatient.

  The bridal billionaire father Nelson, 24 June 1942, “a self-made man with a fearsome reputation as a tough-minded corporate raider” is known as street smart and not a Harvard type.  He has a lucky Sun Jupiter in Cancer and a bulldozer Mars Pluto in Leo.

  His relationship charts with everyone in sight including his wife, daughter and prospective in-laws have stressed composite Pluto Sun aspects. He’s a man who likes to be in charge.

  Your normal family wedding tensions multiplied by several thousand.

 Add On: Just to round off the OTT Wedding of the moment the “I dos” were voiced between 6pm and 6.30pm in Palm Beach.  In addition to the delusional/over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunction and the hard-edged Mars Saturn conjunction as above, there’s a Cancer Moon opposition Pluto square Mercury and Sun.  Sun and Moon tied into Pluto – hmm, certainly fits two dynastic and controlling families bearing down on the relationship.

Oddly enough now that I look, the Harry Meghan wedding also had an emphasised/afflicted Cancer Moon opposition Pluto.  Families!

10 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Nicola wedding – splashing the cash ++ father David ++ MILs ++ wedding chart

  1. What’s the scoop when a couple has two wedding ceremonies ? Meghan revealed in the Oprah interview that she and P.H. held a private service prior to the televised wedding.

  2. Look at the cardinal t-square on that wedding chart!!

    Isn’t there something about looking at the aspects the moon will make before it exits the sign (mercury then pluto) and that they will play out in the following years …

  3. “David’s Saturn square Pluto falls on Brooklyn’s Midheaven and Ascendant, so papa’s need-to-achieve-and-control will be a crucial factor in their relationship.”

    Plus the Yods in the relationship chart….Christ that looks sticky.

    If Brook wants to outdo David he should use his money to invest in a legitimate education. Maybe in his 40s.

    • Re: the add on.

      Can I just say that for a mother-daughter relationship Nicola and her mother’s (if birth time is correct) composite Mars opposition Saturn Venus square Pluto is absolutely eye watering.

      I’m convinced that if they were regular common folk – they wouldn’t be speaking, at best.

  4. Looking at what climbers the Beckhams have been – I would imagine it’s very difficult to grow up without feeling a pressure to succeed. You get the sense that anything achieved will never be enough for David or Victoria. The kids are just another trophy in their cabinets. Not the money earner that the Kardashian kids have been to Kris but I can’t imagine them being allowed to just go work at the local call centre without it being some huge sense of disappointment to D&V (an apt abbreviation).

    Will be interesting to see how David copes when transiting Pluto hits his Cap moon next year.

  5. I always thought that this union won’t last long. This article hasn’t changed that feeling, and has probably strengthened it.

    The Beckhams have publicity and the Peltz have money. Temporary match made in heaven. The kids shouldn’t be put in this position.

    • She might be 27, but he is 23. And for guys that age you have to subtract 7 years. So he’s basically 16 lol.

      The parents are definitely the ones in control here. That’s what I was saying.
      And I don’t think it’s entirely fair. But Maybe that’s how the Saturn/Mars energy is expressing itself. David and Vic’s ability to brownnose is second to none.

  6. “He’s a photographer as befits a Pisces” – he was….isn’t he a “gourmet cook” now making sandwiches on US TV shows?

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