King Charles – marching to the drumbeat of destiny

Born to be king was always said not to be in Charles’ stars. It is certainly true that George V1 and V and Victoria had Jupiter in their 10th or close to their Midheaven. Queen Elizabeth did not but she did have a strong 1st house Jupiter. One the other hand Edward V11 had his Jupiter in the 12th – so it is hardly a hard and fast rule for a transcendent Jupiter to be a prerequisite for a Royal birth.

  Charles’ chart with a 10th house Moon suits him for a public career even a political one and his enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in the 5th inclines him to enjoy the spotlight. He’s also private with a 4th house Sun and a defensive 1st house Pluto, and keen on house design with his creative Venus in the 4th.

  What sits over his Coronation on May 6th, picking up from late March, is tr Pluto square his Moon which will be emotionally intense and challenging both for family relationships as well, in his case, as for career progress. It can bring up power struggles and crises as well as cathartic moments where the past is let go. At his age it could also bring physical stress.

  He will obviously be in a phase of considerable upheaval as he moves into his new role and tr Uranus making the final square to his Pluto from mid March to early April will bring either some disruption or an inner urge to throw out the old ways.

  His Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Uranus for a few months ahead which will bring a mix of euphoria and worry. Where his chart indicates a slow down is in two years’ time when his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Sun, which timeline is also indicated on Camilla’s chart.

  One point which repeats in several of the charts (and it is beginning to haunt me) is 18 degrees fixed which tr Uranus gets to from late April across the Coronation. Tr Uranus will square Charles’ Progressed Mars then, as well as Camilla’s Uranus/MC midpoint and one of William’s midpoints. Which may in their cases just be heightened anxiety around a momentous event. But it also repeats around other global charts.

   Prince William has tr Pluto square his Jupiter across the Midheaven, moving to square his MC in 2024/25 – so a time of high confidence but also major challenges.

 It is thought that Prince George will be visible for the event, being now heir to the heir. He has quite a reclusive chart with an 8th house Mars Jupiter in Cancer trine a 12th house Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune – and his Mars Jupiter is also opposition Pluto and square an inventive and rebellious 5th house Uranus. Despite his defensive personality he’ll go his own way certainly on the romantic scene.

  His final degree and final minute 9th house Cancer Sun hints at an inclination to travel and be well-educated but it also opposes a Capricorn Moon.  Usually Full Moon types have very different kinds of parents, almost incompatible, and often divorced. Though there is no sign of that in his case – but what it leaves behind is an ambivalence about making decisions since the Sun (head/duty) pulls one way and the Moon (heart/want) the other. So he will be conflicted about his Royal responsibilities as well as everything else, particularly relationships.  Prince William has a New Moon in Cancer and Kate, another Full Moon, has a Capricorn Sun opposition a Cancer Moon – and her parents are still hitched. Princess Charlotte has her Moon inconjunct her Sun and Louis has a Moon square Sun.

  Prince George is undergoing massive changes at the moment with tr Pluto conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun – as he moves house, school and steps into a higher profile life, not all to his choosing by the look of it.

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  1. Interesting that all the kids have sun/moon aspects at odds with each other, but K & W seem to be solid. I have sun trine moon and my parents were always at odds before a very long, acrimonious split. So whenever I read about sun trine moon, I can never relate!

  2. Thank you for touching on Prince George, Marjorie.

    His Anaretic degree Cancer Sun is exactly conjunct my Jupiter in the same degree. Presumably were we to meet, he’d be lucky for me. I am hoping for a peerage 😉

    As for Full Moon parents, while I am not exactly a full moon child myself, the Sun and Moon are widely opposite each other. And my brother’s is exactly opposite, being born on the night of a full moon. That is considered very lucky in Vedic astrology, with many Indian gurus having their birthday attributed to the full moons of specific lunar months. It is supposed to bestow wisdom and intellect and my brother has the latter in spades.

    The personality of the parents clashing is true, with my mother and father having such different personalities that I am surprised that the former hasn’t killed the latter by now. But they are both still alive and very much in love. And under half a decade to go to their Golden Jubilee.

    Perhaps opposites do attract, as the late Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh showed 🙂

  3. Thanks Marjorie. Very interesting about Prince George, a complicated little soul I feel.
    As for fixed degree 18, yes it keeps cropping up all over the place doesn’t it? Looking at Edward 8th’s abandoned Coronation – 12th May 1937 – the Sun is 20 Taurus, Mercury Rx 19 Taurus, Uranus 10 Taurus. There had been a New Moon at 19 Taurus on the 10th. His Abdication, 11 December, 1936, had a Scorpio Moon travelling from 16 degrees at 0 hr that day. It’s thought provoking to see that 1936 Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, with Neptune in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer mirroring their current sign residences.

    Edward 7th had to delay his Coronation because of appendicitis. It was set for 26 June, 1902. The Nodes were 21 Scorpio. It eventually took place on the 9th August, when the Nodes were 18 Scorpio, square Sun 15 Leo. So, hmmn. I haven’t looked at any other Coronations, choosing these because one was delayed and the other abandoned altogether.

    • Please elaborate on your dream if you are ok with sharing it!

      Prince Harry’s chart is stronger for being future King as per some astrology fans…apologies if any sensibilities are hurt.


      • Perhaps yes. But the thing is, for Harry to be King would mean the deaths of William, George, Charlotte and Louis. This is one reason why they are advised to travel separately, bit grim but there we are.

      • In my dream I was watching the television and there was Journalist speaking from outside of a building. He said Sadly we now know he is no longer with us….

        Just a snip it, hopefully not prophetic. I don’t get them often.

        • That’s interesting, Mary, thank you for sharing it. I also had a weird dream in which I was looking into the inside of Westminster Abbey from above, and a huge, dark storm blew up. I tried some personal analysis of the images at the time, since the dream woke me up. Did not get very far, although I’m quite familiar with the Abbey, having worked in the area.

          • I think it’s important not to get caught up in the hype created by a certain ‘world famous’ psychic astrologer who, for years, has attracted notoriety and created gutter press headlines by claiming that Charles ‘would never be King’. As is often the case with her, as soon as the prediction turns out to be wrong she reframes it. Charles is already King, he became King the moment his mother passed away. So now she says he will never be ‘crowned King’ and if he is (note the caveat) his reign will be short, only a few months at most, because mercury is retrograde on 6 May. All so absolute, and lacking in respect, IMO.
            The fact is that the present UK government was also elected during mercury retrograde on 12 December 2019 (and thus was predicted to be of short duration) and we are very much still stuck with it for the foreseeable future, belies this claim.
            This same world-renowned psychic had predicted a ‘massive’ election victory for the Tories in 2017 but, as we know, Theresa May’s snap election ended up with a hung parliament. When I called this out, the blog posting was taken down and I was banned from the site. This person creates a lot of froth with her so-called predictions and I think they play into people’s subconscious fears about the future. The royals are easy targets and she thinks to benefit by making sweeping and unsupported statements without consideration of the consequences which IMO are clearly driven by a personal agenda. As I have previously said here, and elsewhere, I am not a huge supporter of the whole royalty thing but I do see how much it contributes to the UK’s sense of historical continuity and identity. I think it’s all the more important now that we don’t allow ourselves to be distracted by doomsayers who are essentially only interested in promoting themselves. As Marjorie says, dreams are not necessarily prescient, in my experience they more often inform us of our unacknowledged fears.

    • See previous post June 17 2022. Dreams are not necessarily (most often) prescient – and Royals can appear in dreams in a symbolic way representing some energy in your life.

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