Khloe Kardashian – projecting unreality

Khloe Kardashian suffered a cataclysmic misfortune when unedited and un-air-brushed bikini photographs of her appeared on the net. She then wailed about how difficult it is to live up to fans’ demand for perfection without clearly stopping to consider how much she and her ilk have contributed to distorting young women’s idea of what femininity looks like. The celebrity influencer culture is fighting with claw and manicured fingernails to remain relevant with two of the other Kardashians having now unbelievably achieved billionaire status on the back of beauty and fashion businesses. 

  What often strikes me about such women’s charts is how truly difficult they are – most often with afflicted Mars or heavy Pluto. And yet they project this flawless outer image like a polished vase with – one suspects either nothing inside or harbouring a churning cess-pit of dark feelings.

  She has a charming Sun Venus Mercury in Cancer in her performing 5th house opposition Neptune Jupiter  – ethereal, head-in-the-clouds. Yet her Sun Mars Mercury also trines Saturn Mars in Scorpio which is a seriously compacted reservoir of resentment and fear.

  Her older sister Kourtney has Pluto in the 8th opposition Mars, with Mars quincunx Saturn. Next sister Kim has a Sun Pluto conjunction with Mars sextile Saturn and semi-sextile Pluto and a raft of hard-edged midpoints. Half-sister Kendall has Mars square Saturn; and Kylie Mars opposition Saturn. Mars Saturn certainly instils discipline but it does not engender a natural and spontaneous approach to life.

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11 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian – projecting unreality

  1. I don’t like that they are also putting their kids out in the spotlight in order to remain famous. Just like their mother. The kids are cute now but when they reach teenage years they won’t be so cute and later on when they are older they are going to be just so vacuous and plastic.

    • Yes, it seems clear they’re already carving them into their own images. Watch out in a few years for a spin off with the kids – God forbid!!

  2. Perhaps it’s a type of vertical integration. The K family promotes unrealistic body issues. Now because of this “‘leak” they are able to consider themselves as victims of this phenomena too. Further endearing themselves to their aspirational dupes. All the while counting their billions.

    Very difficult to sympathize with what appear to be a cynical bunch.

  3. Interesting pattern regarding the dark aspects… would agree with Jay’s comment regarding their mother. May also explain their obsession with superficial values like money and status, to compensate for whatever is really missing in their inner lives.(much like Trump).
    Khloe should break the family pattern and get a real job for a change – but I have no idea whether any of these women have actual ‘skills’ other than promoting themselves (I do give Kim some credit for trying to work on prison reform, tho it seems to rely more on her name recognition than anything else). Then they could be less worried about looking less than perfect.

  4. The unedited pic isn’t even that bad. She looks younger and natural – God forbid.

    All the darker, rougher edges found in their charts can be attributed to the influence of Kris Jenner and her “mothering”. Unbearable, exploitative woman.

    • @Jay, it’s always the mother, isn’t it, never the father/fathers. Even when the “dark” aspects are related to Mars and Saturn, and therefore “masculine” figures in their lives. Even when women with eating disorders and body issues frequently tell their problems were initiated by behavior of male family members or other authority figures, rather than female ones (and yes, this happens too).

      I’d agree Kris Jenner would not fit ones traditional views on “mothering”. She is a Cancer Moon, though, and out of sign Mars Rising, which could indicate there’s more than meets the eye. On Kortney’s chart, her Moon (mother) is trining her Asc. This would likely indicate that the body issues are not fueled primary by her mother. She was was only 7 when her mother married a closeted trans woman who has been frank about issues she had with her misgendered body, especially height and athletism. I can’t but wonder if that had more effect on her and her younger half siblings than her older sisters, who were older and grew up to be curvy, but petite.

      • To be honest pushy though Kris Jenner is, I’d see the father as being the bigger problem. Robert Kardashian 22 Feb 1944 4.08am Los Angeles also has a Mars Saturn conjunction trine his Aquarius Moon which opposes an 8th house Pluto. His Mars Saturn falls in Khloe’s 4th house of childhood. Khloe’s relationship with Caitlynn Jenner isn’t good either – so men/fathers definitely a problem for her.

        • Mars/Saturn/Pluto combinations have to my mind, a vibration of sadomasochism about them. It’s reflected in the many ways in which the Ks distort, punish and squeeze their bodies into constraining costumes, and subject themselves to constraint and doggedly pursuing an increasingly extreme body shape — see also Kim’s extreme waist-training ordeal. There is nothing spontaneous about this combo, in a guy I know with this combo, there’s a black leather, studs and combat boots with lots of straps and buckles kind of aesthetic!

      • No. It’s not ALWAYS anything.

        I said the darker aspects C-A-N be attributed to Kris Jenner.

        The major damage the men/fathers have inflicted on those daughters, Kris has further exploited for her own immediate gain.

        Kris literally shopped her own daughter’s sex tape around to secure a reality show for the family, which made them famous. Please.

    • Good grief, most women would be more than happy with the unfiltered photo in which Khloe appears more fresh-faced, natural and youthful. Kim would kill to have more height since she has said she dislikes being photographed standing next to tall models. I will be glad when the K-star has faded. As someone who suffered with body image problems which began at the age of 9, I have had to learn through therapy to manage these intensely painful thoughts and feelings, I shudder to think how triggering all this must be on young girls.

      Chiron opposition Uranus conjuncting both the nodal axis and the MC/IC is interesting in this regard. I’m not sure what this generational opposition means since everyone born from the late 50s to the 80s has it. The opposition coincided with the explosion in modern forms of media since the 1950s-80s saw a significant rise in public access to visual media in the home, beginning with TV, evolving into video. This meant that for the first time in history we had access to moving images of the mundane details of our lives and see bodies in all their woundedness and imperfection. I think this brought a kind of self-consciousness to that age, as we observed and compared our bodies against the Hollywood standards of beauty which even Hollywood actors themselves struggled to maintain.

      Chiron conjunct the IC in Khloe K’s chart emphasises to me the father figure she grew up with, Bruce Jenner who, as Solaia has said, struggled with his own feelings around his body and gender identity. This would have impacted on her in a deeply rooted way because it conjuncts the 4th house cusp. In the myth of Chiron, the wise centaur’s own mother, Philyra rejected him because she was horrified by his ugly appearance. It was Apollo, god of poetry and music who rescued the young Chiron, adopted him and taught him the arts, sciences and mysteries.

  5. The interesting thing to me is that picture looks it was taken when she was much younger. I briefly tuned in to one of the early episodes when channel hopping the other day and for the 5 mins I was listening she made some derogatory comments about herself, calling herself fat and ugly. Subsequently now older and richer whilst constantly comparing and degrading herself she nurtured her paranoia and self-hate.

    She could have chosen to address her issues through therapy around self love and acceptance, and still do all the natural things to look good but instead she wants to justify the route she chose in everlastingly long social media response.

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