Boris – the class clown as wrecker-in-chief

Boris Johnson is still benefiting in the popularity polls from the vaccine bounce and the unaccountable failure of Keir Starmer, the Opposition leader, to sparkle into gear. This despite his Government chart wilting with the undermining tr Neptune square the Sun since late last month, which suggests there is more uncertainty and dither behind the scenes than the graphs suggest.

  There’s not much to add to previous posts except that he is heading to become the PM to risk the break-up of the UK with Scotland in full Braveheart-mode, but also to – unthinkably – be the cause of wrecking the Good Friday Agreement as violence mounts in Northern Ireland. On the latter – his true-believers blame the trouble on the EU’s intransigence when in reality it is the logical consequence of a gung-ho, screw-the-details Brexit, which dismissed Ireland as a tedious irritation, not worthy of consideration.

  What’s intriguing – though this is a touch astro-obscure – is that his relationship charts with the UK, The Good Friday Agreement and the Scotland Act of Union 1707 all contain Yods. Yods amongst other things tend to bring fated changes of direction which can be abrupt and stressed. When Yods appear in a relationship dynamic it suggests unforeseen and extreme shifts in direction for both sides involved and marks their path irrevocably for good or for ill in the aftermath of their coming together. It’s especially marked with the Good Friday Agreement where the highly sensitive ‘reaction’ point in the Yod –  the planet opposition the focal point is Uranus, being disrupted through last year and this by tr Pluto in sextile.

  His relationship chart with the UK has a Yod reaction point of Mars in Taurus, which is being rattled in 2023 by tr Uranus conjunct and also by the Eclipses through 2022 as well. This might well be when a future Scottish Independence Referendum is held – though it would have to be said that Sturgeon looks totally blocked/enraged and Salmond completely deflated by then.  

  I was wondering – comments gratefully received – quite what in the UK chart pointed to the need for a political wrecking-ball like Johnson to upset the applecart at this point. Boris always did feel like a mini-Trump figure – in Kissinger’s example of the sort that turns up at the end of an era.  Pluto in Capricorn’s last karmic payback for past sins; with Uranus in Taurus adding a dollop of financial woes post Brexit, the details of the extensive damage having been obscured so far by the pandemic. It may be almost the end of this decade before the new what-used-to-be-UK entity arises from the ashes.

See previous posts : 5 March 2021 (Brexit a not so merry go round) and 21 February 2021 (Ireland Peace threatened by blundering politicos) and 21 March 2019 (Good Friday Agreement under extreme strain)

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  1. Well quite frankly, none of the parties deserve to be in power any more. I’m sorry Lisa V but all the parties are corrupt, not just the tories. Until a party can come together to start putting people first instead of their donors, then we are all in trouble. Maybe a cross party leadership is preferable but that still doesn’t get rid of the old guard. Keir Starmer, seriously; who or what does he represent? Given the state and corruption in the world today, I can’t help but be a pessimist. I may be long dead before anything positive comes along.

  2. Or to put it yet another way what is it in the psyche of the British people (or should this be English people?) which refuses to face reality and call politicians to account. In spite of all these changes – Brexit, the COVID pandemic – there seems to be a curious feeling of inertia in the population – perhaps despair? Could this be a sort of inherent denial/resistance of the UK to the effects of transiting Pluto in Capricorn which contributes to the need for Boris to then act out destructively for them? Perhaps he’ll then get his comeuppance later and become the sacrificial lamb for the people and the Conservative Party while the Party and the people feel it was nothing to do with them??

    • I think the inertia has always been there. Don’t like it, shrug, whinge, do nothing isn’t new. It’s what I liked about the French – they don’t like something and the government is not left in any doubt as to their displeasure. Not always productive but they do make their feelings known.

  3. Thanks Marjorie, much to ponder! Since Boris likes to project such a gung ho “British eccentric” image (very much just a persona I feel), I thought I’d look at the 1066 England chart. It’s interesting.
    Boris Sun/Venus in Gemini opposes the 1066 Uranus in Sagittarius, and square it’s Moon in Pisces – a message of Boris’ charm and chat connecting with disruption and the people. Boris’ own Uranus in Virgo is conjunct 1066 Jupiter in Virgo, which perhaps indicates luck of a kind, but is opposite his Saturn in Pisces (government?) and the UK Pluto in Pisces. A kind of victim/saviour axis mirrored in both charts. He’s represented the “saviour” to the Tory party, but they won’t hesitate to get rid of him if things start to fail.
    There’s also the 1066 Saturn and nodes in Virgo squaring Boris Mercury in Gemini – Mercury sitting in both his own signs for way too much Mercurial action I think. The mutability here does give a picture of transition. No idea what that transition might turn out to be of course…..

      • Thank you for nudging me to read this. Wonderfully insightful and depressing. Falstaff, the buffoon, stepping in to rule the country. It quotes pungent and tragic stats about the preventable, worst-in-the-world Covid deaths which have somehow been glossed over in the vaccine euphoria.
        The Fool/trickster does have positive attributes but the negative ones wreak senseless damage – just for a laugh. It’s a kind of manic nihilism. I did it because I could, just to show I can pull the right strings. And then skip onto the next game. Nothing is real.

        • The “worst-in-the-world” deaths haven’t been glossed over by the public.

          Instead there is the realisation that the vaccinations have saved lives – Office of National Statistics think about 10,000 deaths have been avoided.

          About a month ago, France had 37,000 less covid deaths than the UK. it’s now 30,000 less, and as deaths disappear in the UK but keep steady in France, there will be a crossing point where France overtakes Britain.

          Same dynamic in play for Italy. Britain won’t be “worst in the world” at the end of this.

          Bors gets the credit because he chose Kate Bingham to handle the vaccination procurement, it was his idea to put a venture capitalist in charge. Something that wouldn’t have occured to Labour, or to the EU. Jupiter is in his Term2 first house, so there is good fortune there.

          • Neither, Candy,is it conceivable that Labour would have placed the partner of a Tory politician- Dido Harding -in charge of the abysmal (outsourced) Track and Trace system. It is quite probable that a successful, efficient, truly NHS, service would have prevented far more than ten thousand deaths.

  4. Marjorie,
    You wondered why the UK required a wrecking ball like Boris: it is simplicity in itself, Theresa May didn’t do what was required. To many she gave too much away in an attempt to make sure that the UK might be able to return to the fold in years to come.

    Remainers and Rejoiners might object all they like, but democracy doesn’t require that everyone agree. It just requires that the majority rule. And the Brexiteers don’t think anyone else, like say Keir Starmer will give them what they want. It us not rocket science!

  5. Thank you, Marjorie, for this post.

    I have so many (non-astrological) thoughts that I’m sure I will forget some and add them into a subsequent post.

    For a start, I am going to go against the tide and suggest that a “gung-ho, screw-the-details Brexit” is at least partially the fault of the people who refused to accept Brexit and tried their best to block it completely, rather than engaging with it to modify it and restrain the outcome. Indeed, instead of ironing out the “details”, they (the “details”) were used to block Brexit. And the 2017-19 Parliament’s inability to articulate exactly what they would approve (they could vote down everything, but could not agree on what they would vote in favour of) certainly did not help. That was one bad-tempered Parliament. So, unsurprisingly, the 2019 elections resulted in a government with a strong disdain for details.

    Moving on to another point, Boris seems to have a particular affinity for dissolution of unions; he is on his third marriage, with countless children (literally; we don’t know how many he has) and having presided on the breakup of the union with the EU, he could preside over the breakup of the unions with Scotland and Ireland. So, from an astrological point of view, does he have a propensity to dissolve (I’m thinking both Neptune and the South Node, which in Vedic astrology has many of the characteristics of Neptune, such as the tendency to dissolve the planets/houses it is associated with)? Also, on that point, how do his synastry charts with England (as opposed to the UK) look?

    And finally, rather than Boris winning, I think that the Labour party has become a spent force in UK politics and is losing support. Indeed, it has lost support under two very different leaders (Corbyn and Starmer). I wonder if it is not a case of Boris’s star rising, but of Labour’s star being in (terminal?) decline. Could you comment on that. Marjorie?

    • Well excuse me but I thought it was the responsibility of those who pushed for Brexit to have clear, practical plans on how to cope with a) the transition and b) the longer term. All the indications at every step are they didn’t have much idea beyond whooppee we can be free.
      And vague ideas about being free to export to Brunei and the Far East, AU, NZ etc – what about the effects on climate change of transglobal trade when we threw away much easier trade ties on the doorstep?

    • Surely the ERG takes the responsibility for not supporting Theresa May’s softer Brexit please don’t put the blame on people who genuinely thought the whole thing would be a national disaster.

    • Yes, you have something here….Keir Starmer was very impressive to begin with, I had very high hopes, but that has dwindled into…not much. Perhaps because he is a realist but Boris keeps dropping his mad bombs of what (for him) passes as thought, home decoration, My Role, the combative EU etc, so KS seems to be a hare stuck in the headlights. Politics is a stinking job but what does it say that BJ is in power, unchallenged, after all the soap operas he’s been in resulting in…nothing. Even Neighbours had more political gravity than him! This government must be the most obscure ever. It is not right to concentrate on personalities of politicians but the harm he’s done is in the foreseeable future quite…. insurmountable.

    • Unmystic Mom. I agree with most of your analysis. The roots of the UKs problems run deep and predate Johnson. In many ways Brexit was born out of frustration over the failures of the Major/Blair/Cameron era. Both on subjects as diverse as the EU and the structure of the U.K. they were more concerned about papering over the cracks than addressing underlying issues. Who apart from Blair would have thought it an acceptable solution to devolve power in NI, Scotland, Ireland and Wales but then try to pretend that England did not exist and to pretend it could be governed by a British Parliament where politicians from other home countries could potentially exercise a veto over English legislation. Similarly, both Major and Blair were guilty of signing EU Treaties without holding referenda to find out if the populace actually supported the terms and conditions on offer. This insouciance and reckless behaviour continued under Cameron who increasingly appears to have been totally unfit to have been PM. All these politicians were as guilty of seeking quick fixes as the hapless Johnson and in many ways are far more culpable as they generally inherited better legacies when they came to office. I am pretty certain that the break up of the U.K. is going to follow Brexit but I think the foundations were laid over a couple of decades by a political class and government machine which had lost all contact with the people they ruled. In a way the Union was always an project predicated on building and maintaining the British Empire but since that has gone it has outlived its purpose.

  6. I think we should be looking at the effect of joining the cptpp which should be decided in say in May, and if all goes well start sometime in July. I suppose Marjorie needs a proper date to make any sort of prediction how this is going to pan out. Isn’t anyone else curious?

  7. Marjorie – pithy as always, thank you. I’d be interested to know whether there seems to be any major change for the UK’s chart come the next election. The corrupt Tories are doing their best to make the UK a one-party state, but we are desperate for change…. change in favour of the people of the country and away from the wretched Tories, who have done such an incredible amount of damage! Is there any sign at all of positive change ahead? (Living in hope)

    • Thanks Marjorie. Boris Johnson’s seeming invunerability does appear curious. I was assuming that once Uranus leaves Taurus in 5 years time the worst would be over. However ‘almost the end of the decade’ does not suggest this. Would be handy to know the astrological aspects to look out for that are, unfortunately, going to be the stumbling blocks?

      • I very much doubt Italy or France will have more deaths than the UK in the end as their vaccine programme speeds up. At least they have been honest about the risks of the vaccines too which has had to be dragged out of the UK government. I do not understand the details astrologically but it seems that so many British people are now so poorly educated that they just do not question anything but rally around the flag which Boris does well. Marjorie is definitely correct that trading with the Pacific rather than our neighbours cannot benefit the environment and having worked on environmental issues in Australia, UK and EU, I can confidently say that the Australian standards were lower significantly, but not as poor as other Pacific rim countries. Do the neptune influences show this belief in hope over reality by the UK people?

  8. This isn’t an astrological observation but it seems to me that Boris’ success and current role has a lot to do with the Conservative Party’s determination to stay on top of the bucking bronco that is the United Kingdom’s economic and political psyche, a bullish and deluded beast. He was the Tory’s wild card but also their last hope democratically. His ability to lie and spin is perfectly matched to the UK’s wish to stay in fantasy land. He is the Erich Stroheim to the UK-Gloria Swanson-delusions.

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