North Korea – misery piles on misery

‘The Arduous March’ is Kim Jong Un’s euphemistic description of the approaching famine he has flagged up in North Korea, similar he said to the 1990s years of starvation which killed several million people. The 1994-98 disaster years were caused by economic mismanagement and the loss of Soviet support after the collapse of the USSR. This time round trade with China has come to a standstill with the borders shut due to coronavirus and international sanctions are still in place. All offers of external aid have been rejected and he’s still lashing money out on new missiles. Same old crazy but his poor people are the ones suffering, not the elite.

  The Kim Jong Un leadership chart, 29 December 2011 11.57am, which is the one which is verified, has the erratic tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the financial Venus this year; but it is 2022/23 when the problems mount with a hardship/deprived tough slog of tr Pluto square the Saturn in 2022/2023 and an explosive, disruptive Solar Arc Mars opposition Uranus in 2023 and an undermining, directionless tr Neptune square the Midheaven by 2024.

 The North Korea, 9 September 1948 chart, looks depressed and stuck this year with Solar Arc Sun square the Saturn and a financially disappointing tr Neptune square Jupiter; tr Uranus squares the Pluto for a considerable upheaval or revolution in 2022; then tr Uranus bumps across the bleak Saturn Pluto midpoints before forming a high-tension, unstable square to the Saturn in 2025. There’s also a raft of truly difficult and damaging Solar Arcs across 2025/2026 as the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the Sun for an upheaval/rebellion, and there’s a completely log-jammed and dangerous 2026 with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars and Solar Arc Saturn square the Pluto – so not much in the way of sunshine ahead.

  When the mid 1990s famine struck tr Saturn was in Pisces (as it will be 2023-25), the Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct the NK Pluto, the Solar Arc Sun was conjunct the NK Mars; and tr Pluto was crossing the Midheaven for a break down. Some similarities.

5 thoughts on “North Korea – misery piles on misery

  1. Often governments operate on the unfortunate assumption: better the enemy you know. Which us why the world is full of horrendous depots. It has always been the case. FDR cosying-up to Stalin while at the same time trying to sideline Churchill during the second World War. The assumption being that they wanted to carve up the world between them.

    Either nobody knew that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 20,000,000 of his uwn countrymen and women. Quite a few of the Soviet war machine were murdered because it was cheaper than transporting them home after the war.
    If you expect the western governments or China to do the dirty work, forget it! The North Koreans will have to do it for themselves, if they don’t starve to death first.

  2. One has the feeling that it’s one minute to midnight for NK but the people there are so cowed they have become incapable of acting – even for their own self preservation. The danger is of course that desperate despots do desperate things, like launch missiles or biotoxins or whatever. A small nuclear exchange, in my view, seems quite possible. A man who has his own brother murdered in a public place is clearly paranoid, deranged and out of touch and a danger not just to his own people but to us all. Something drastic has to happen for the boil to be lanced which will let that oppressive system implode. It will not be pretty, whatever the outcome.

  3. The grinding horror never seems to end for the people of Nth Korea. Its a global disgrace. I dont know what can be done, but given the amount of ‘intervention’ by the US et al in other governments, often democratically elected, from the Middle East to South America to Australia, it continues to shock me that there hasnt been some kind of observable push to ‘liberation’ there.
    There would be far more just cause than Iraq.

    I realise Im being naive, and yes, as predicted, Iraq caused more problems and suffering than it purported to avoid, but there must be someway to help the North Koreans, at least to help themselves change this. Its beyond comprehension that they should continue suffering so.

    • With Red China and the former Soviet Union as next-door neighbors, I doubt they’d want any kind of intervention. Much like creating a Little Rocket Man poster child, and tempting the western nations with “go ahead, make our day and intervene…”

      Not gonna happen.

      • Well I alluded to that re my naive comment. Still, ‘not going to happen’ is very absolutist, and one thing I’ve learned, is thats a game for the birds.
        Who knows what will happen in Russia and China in the coming years, and how power will shift and wane, especially in the face of global warming, covid and citizen unrest. What starts, ends.
        My mum used to say ‘There will never be a black President in the US”…ditto the Berlin Wall coming down etc, never is a long time.

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