Kevin McCarthy – Jupiter Neptune misplaced hopes

  The witless, uncharismatic Kevin McCarthy is struggling to gain his party’s votes to replace Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker with the Republican Party in disarray. His problem appears to lie with the Freedom Caucus, the most far-right and conservative bloc of the GOP, despite him having been – and remaining – a fervent pro-Trumper.

  What intrigues me is that he is one of the mid 1960s Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune in Scorpio brigade which in the UK saw Boris Johnson stride across the stage until he didn’t – and ditto David Frost, the Brexit EU negotiator.

  Jupiter Neptune has a tendency in high office to attract scandals caused by instability or because of wildly unrealistic over-optimism.  This particular Jupiter Neptune opposition of 1964/65 has been rattled by recent Eclipses in 2021/22 and by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus exacerbating its undependable streak and bringing it down to earth with a thud as false hopes lead to disappointment.

  Not to grind axes, but the 2016 Brexit vote was a Jupiter opposition Neptune event as was the run up to Trump’s election.  Hope over experience, avoidance of reality. The debris left behind after imprudent decisions.

  McCarthy, 26 January 1965 12.40pm Bakersfield, California, is a Sun Aquarius heading for his Second Saturn Return in 2023.  He does have an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Venus Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, which should ground him in the real world, but it forms into a Kite with Neptune being the driving planet. So it all dissipates into a sea fog.

  With tr Uranus wobbling his Jupiter Neptune seesaw through 2023 he’ll be on a dizzying circuit of highs and lows, mainly the latter. Plus his Solar Arc Neptune in a confused conjunction to his Mercury and a disappointing one to his Venus now. And by 2024 into 2025 it looks as if his goose is cooked with tr Neptune opposition his Mars, flagging up a dented ego and failure.

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  1. I wonder whether McCarthy’s election (based on many concessions with the so-called Freedom Caucus, particularly agreeing to be ousted by any single vote) during Mercury retrograde mean that it might likely be for nought, or not have the intended results (whether his or that of his opposition)

  2. Kevin McCarthy elected US House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting


    God help us all.

    • I think it’s not just about McCarthy. It’s about continuing the insurrection by hijacking the government, the deconstruction of the administrative state and create chaos …all part of their plan (Steve Bannon’s exact words yesterday. Garland needs to move forward he may have only two more years

  3. Interesting how his tight Solar Arc Neptune=Venus conjunction is being highlighted and triggered by the transiting Capricorn Sun. Looks like potential for his popularity and leadership to be uncertain, slowed down, or undermined at this time.

  4. According to Wikipedia, the first House of Representatives first achieved quorum and elected its first officers on 1st April 1789, in the Federal Hall in New York City.
    Would a chart of that date be relevant to the current shenanigans?

  5. It is only 20 people gumming up the works for the rest of the house which has over 400 members. This is going to be a hard embarrassing lesson. They cannot be sworn in until they have a speaker. It is a bit of a chicken coming home to roost, though I hate to say that as it drags the rest of us down.

    • I think he’ll get in.
      That Friday full moon Gnarly mentioned c o u l d take him out to the trash, but I’m hunching it will complete his dream ( the Jan 6 Cancer moon trines his Neptune, and sextiles tr Uranus – giving his Jupiter a friendly moment to
      make change w the current Uranus conjunction )

      Or: not.

      • @”A” Fan, Full Moon Sun in Capricorn also hits McCarthy’s Venus/Mercury. I think he will, ultimately, get the votes, but it will reflect poorly on GOP, because GOP establishment “has been Trumped”. They’ve spent 6 years solely on looking at way to appease DJT, and don’t have a strategy below getting him elected. I remember most sites predicting Republicans winning at least the double of seats they eventually did, numbers landing somewhere between 230-235. If the House had been 235-200 for Republicans, they could have lost 17 votes at the first round, and still gotten McCarthy elected. And I think they will be in trouble in 2024, if their best “post-Trump” hope is DeSantis.

        What Trump truly achieved, was that he, as a clinically diagnosed NPD completely wiped out any “competition”, meaning both competent and at least semi-likeable Conservative politicians of the next Generation born from the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s on National Level. Even Governors started to play his game.

        And this is going to be an issue for GOP on Nationwide level until they can raise some new “stars”.

        • DJT has endorsed McCarthy several times but the 20 no’s aren’t listening to their leader. Meanwhile McCarthy has given away the store to the 20 who have not changed their vote, in fact he is losing some support among the yes votes. He will have to withdraw unless he musters support from the Dems to help him out and if so they will negotiate to their benefit, but that’s unlikely for the time being. In essence it’s a continuation of the January insurrection.

          • @Anita, yes, and this isn’t unseen in organization when a NPD “boss” retires. Opportunities who might have narcissistic streaks themselves, quickly turn on people NPD “boss” has appointed as their successors. Because successors tend to be weak. History, but business world too is full of examples of this.

    • Seven votes down, eighth one coming. And Gaetz, one of the 20, has essentially McCarthy an ultimatum – step down or be straitjacketed (i.e. we’ll dog you through your time as Speaker).

      As LizM points out 20 people holding everybody else to ransom with their demands. It seems quite representative of what the world has become during Pluto in Capricorn era – power wielded by a small group.

  6. 6 voting sessions over 2 days and he is still not the speaker. Boebert and Gaetz leading the charge after Trump asked them to vote Kevin in, he deserves the job. Marjorie you’re always spot on.

  7. When you get down to it, this is the right doing to themselves what they’ve been doing to everybody else for the past decade or so. Blocking, failing to negotiate or compromise. It’s worth making a note of the themes from the perspective of how dysfunctional families/parties eventually tear themselves apart.

    From an astro perspective, mercury is retro and the moon has been passing through Gemini where it first met retrograde Mars and now trines Saturn in Aquarius. A war of words and intransigence.

    Friday’s Cancer full moon is falling at 16degs just a few degrees past its 13Can Sun and ironically occurring on January 6th !! Noting also that the Pluto return was exact last week. This seems to be the bigger picture of these events.

    (I’ll add there’s an element of this which reminds me of the chaos we’ve seen within the Conservative party this past year. They, at least from their own perspective, had the sense to come together and elect Rishi Sunak to avoid needing to go back to the membership)

  8. McCarthy now lost 5 votes a first in 123 years and keeps going with the tally virtually unchanged. It could takes days. The Democrats are bringing popcorn watching the Republican chaos, which has been years in the making, continues on. Analysts are suggesting McCarthy won’t reach the threshold of 218 votes and won’t be a member of the house after the 2024 election. While I loathe Mitch McConnell, he easily cruised to the minority GOP leader position and has now becomes the longest-serving party leader in Senate history and by extension clearly a very skilled politician.

  9. Jupiter Neptune on the Brexit vote I’d go so far as to suggest was an indicator of widespread fraud and deception, a very British coup, to coin a phrase. A cabal of mendacious spivs and wide boys who set out to gull the public, along with their right wing press baron accomplices.

    • Ebertin has Neptune Jupiter as hypocrites and speculators amongst other more positive things – and it certainly has a high finance connection.

    • You’re probably right, but there’s no point in complaining now. To my intense and ongoing annoyance, not least the severe disruption to my life, the remainer camp didn’t bother to put together a coherent, positive campaign ramming home the advantages. Nick Clegg bleating about roaming charges disappearing was about as good as it got. So let’s give it a rest, shall we?
      Nonetheless there seem to be parallels in the US. The Republicans are reprehensible, but the Democrats don’t deserve to succeed. It’s not good enough to sit back in self congratulation watching the drama. Ditto Conservatives and the Labour Party.
      Until Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and increasingly Neptune finish the job and move on, we’re stuck in this mess.
      Saturn in a personal chart seems to entail gritted teeth, restriction, discipline until the issue is resolved. Not easy, but (big but) if lessons learnt etc it allows you to move on, with greater clarity at least. Let’s hope.
      The current malignant influence of Neptune has been a whole new learning curve, for me at least.

      • Not sure that I can agree about ‘giving it a rest’ Zita. In my opinion a big problem in England is that politicians particularly are scared to admit that a lot of our problems ( eg. not having returned to pre pandemic growth levels ,unlike Europe) are due to BREXIT. This prevents anyone coming up with effective solutions to our considerable difficulites.As you say Saturn presents you with a chance, if you’re prepared to grab it, to learn lessons and move on.

        • There’s no giving it a rest I’m afraid. We are by far the worst performing advanced economy post Covid attributed by many well informed commentators to Brexit. It seems to have zero benefits. Who voted for that?

  10. Thank you, Marjorie. This is why I come here, to gain insight and another, contrasting perspective on people and events that I understand from a real world, usually political, perspective.

    I see McCarthy as a particularly weak, even spineless politician without a true set of. beliefs or any ethics, among the worst of the worst because he holds himself as a “leader.”

    This next Congress in the House should be a real train wreck and circus, offering its own sort of sick and sad entertainment. I predict the Republicans will quickly overreach and show their true colors as incapable of governing and out of touch with the American people.

    Now, thanks to your astrological analysis, I have another piece of the “why.” Color me grateful for you and your thought- provoking site!

  11. Hi Marjorie

    Neptune always sounds so hopeless when I read about it in strong aspects, so I’m now wondering then which planet could mitigate that, i.e. keep that foggy undermining quality of Neptune in aspect ‘busy’? (To coin a phrase Laurien used in her comment on another thread). Hope that makes sense.

    • Neptune is odd since it can actually be very strong – e.g. in top class athletes. But it isn’t always helpful when it comes to ego-driven careers like politics. Saturn can help to ground it and indeed to anchor a chart in general. The best way with Neptune is to channel a) imaginative and creative talents in turning fantasy into an achievement, thereby using the inner dream in a positive way; b) or being helpful.

      • Thanks Marjorie, and yes I can see how Saturn can ground it. Unless maybe, it was Saturn in Pisces. That would be like a double whammy or scream get creative.

      • It’s funny, I remember being surprised when Marjorie cited Neptune’s prominence for top athletes – but it makes so much sense when I recall how inspiring and dream stoked the big games are…

        I gripe about the endless football season etc …. the time waste and gambling pit seem Neptuney too – plus corrupt drugging – yet there is so much magic in those big plays.

        • “It’s funny, I remember being surprised when Marjorie cited Neptune’s prominence for top athletes – but it makes so much sense when I recall how inspiring and dream stoked the big games are…”

          I come from a sport crazy household, and always heard old people in documents cite Jim Thorpe as the most amazing athletic talent they’d seen. He partook in what, 4-5 professional leagues on early stages and lost his 1912 Olympic Gold Metals in decathlon and pentathlon due to baseball career. And he had a crazy Taurus stellium with Moon, Mercury and Mars conjunct Neptune in the sign AND Sun just out of sign in Gemini. Incidently 12th house, given he also lost his Olympic medal and was racially obstructed being a “half blood” Native from both his parents’ sides.

          In addition, must mention Paavo Nurmi, the first great Olympian, and still up there with Carl Lewis as an Athlete in number of medal, was Sun/Neptune in Gemini. These were otherwise unaspected “peregrins”. There’s footage of him running, and truly, he has an elegant economy in his step I guess only Gemini would achieve.

          • The other Neptune oddity is mathematicians – I can’t find previous references but it turns up frequently. Where I first started looking at that was after puzzling over my father’s chart who was a mathematics/engineering academic. He was a Sun square Neptune Moon which came as a huge surprise to me and didn’t make sense. So I started to keep a look out and there are reams of top mathematicians who have prominent Neptunes – Physicist Stephen Hawking had a Mercury trine Neptune trine Uranus.
            And Uranus Neptune is the ultimate scientists’ ‘Eureka’ phenomena.
            Life on the extreme edges does seem to favour Neptune and its vision – even mathematics which in its pure form can be just as off-the-ground and theoretical physics.

          • Here’s one of those little quirky jokes the Cosmos enjoys throwing at us from time to time:

            “The French astronomer Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier and the British astronomer John Couch Adams independently predicted the existence and position of the planet Neptune using only mathematics—a pivotal event in the history of astronomy. Neptune, whose existence was visually confirmed in 1846, was the first planet to be discovered by mathematical rather than observational means. The discovery of Neptune not only represents the greatest triumph for Newton’s gravitational theory since the return of Halley’s Comet in 1758, but it also marks the point at which mathematics and theory, rather than observation, began to take the lead in astronomical research. Discovered independently by two astronomers in working in England and in France, this discovery was not published in one or even two publications, but in a small group, thus making it somewhat more complicated than is usual in the study and collecting of documents”
            (history of

            I also wonder about the link between Venus and Neptune, with Neptune being the ‘higher octave’ of Venus. The associations with music seem to connect with both planets in astrology. Music is mathematical – the ‘music of the spheres’…. We’ve separated the arts and sciences for a long time, and yet they go hand in hand – music and architecture being clear examples.

    • Neptune can also help the native see through the fog and bring clarity. How Neptune acts is a mystery (he is the mystic), but if the native is evolved and of admirable character then Neptune is more likely to lift fog and give opportunities for creativity. If the native is less than admirable, then the fog will likely roll in! We can all have own our opinions as to Mr McCarthy’s character.

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