Jeremy Renner – a Mars Saturn accident ++ others, Chris Reeves etc

Actor Jeremy Renner has been seriously injured when his snow plough ran over him as he cleared a roadway at his Nevada home. He caught attention in Dahmer and more recently in Marvel movies.

  He does have an accident-prone chart with an 8th house Mars in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus – both ends of which are being rattled at the moment by tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn and tr Saturn just across the square to his Mars. So a definitely tricky time. Mars Saturn is renowned for broken bones and general mishaps.

  He was born 7 January 1971 11.06am Modesto, California, and has an ambitious 10th house Capricorn Sun which is trine Saturn and sextile Mars. He also has Jupiter, Venus, Neptune in the 8th adding to the intensity of his temperament and they oppose a Gemini Moon. He has Pluto on his Descendant and Uranus in his 7th house making him emotionally changeable.

  His Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct his Aquarius North Node – which could suggest this ‘fated’ change of direction in his life will give him a cause to devote himself to in future. Tr Pluto is also poised to move into his 11th house for many years ahead which will alter his plans, his outlook and the friends he mixes with. Jupiter crossing his Ascendant will give him a minor lift in the near future but he’s got a challenging year ahead of recovery.

Add ON: Other accidents.

Prince Johan Friso, 25 September 1968 8.48 am Utrecht, Netherlands was skiing off piste and buried by an avalanche in Austria on 17 February 2012. He suffered massive brain damage and died 18 months later.

There wasn’t much showing on transits except for tr Uranus opposition his Sun exactly, which is strong enough but not usually for a life threatening accident; and no high-risk Mars midpoints being triggered. The only thing showing was his Secondary Progressed Mars conjunct his Uranus – which can be a major danger flag. His Solar Return wasn’t especially illuminating. Progressed Mars is well worth a look when nothing else is showing.

Christopher Reeves, 25 September 1952 3.30am New York was paralysed in a riding accident on 27 May 1995. At that point tr Uranus was exactly conjunct his Solar Arc Mars, then in his 6th house of health; and his Progressed Mars was exactly opposition his natal Uranus. Tr Neptune was exactly conjunct his Solar Arc Moon; and tr Mars was exactly conjunct his Solar Arc Uranus. Mars Uranus was clearly the main flash point. His natal Saturn was sextile his Mars which is not overly stressed but it did form the legs of a Yod onto an over confident Jupiter in Taurus, so more prominent than a sextile would suggest. Like Jeremy Renner his North Node was in Aquarius.

  Actress Natasha Richardson 11 May 1963 5pm London died on 18 March 2009 as the result of a ski-ing accident near Montreal two days earlier.  Tr Pluto was exactly square her Solar Arc Mars when it happened which is another collision marker. She did have a Mars opposition Saturn natally tied into a Fixed Grand Cross. Relocated to Canada it puts her Mars on her Ascendant with Saturn in her 7th near her Descendant. Not a good location for her Mars Saturn.  Astrocartography is also worth looking at if relevant.

Prince Alfonso, Duke of Anjou, 20 April 1936 4pm Rome, killed skiing 30 January 1989. Tr Uranus was approaching the opposition to his Solar Arc Mars, with tr Saturn having been opposition just before. Solar Arc Saturn was conjunct his 8th house Mars/Uranus midpoint. Tr Neptune was exactly opposition his 8th house Uranus. And his Solar Arc Pluto was exactly square his Neptune/Saturn midpoint with Saturn in his 6th.

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  1. One more to add to the mix: Michel Charles-Émile Trudeau (October 2, 1975 – November 13, 1998) was the youngest son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau and the younger brother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He died in an avalanche on November 13, 1998, while skiing in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

    • Hi PC! That was such a tragic event. They say Pierre Trudeau never got over the loss of his youngest son. I have a time for Michel’s birth of 2:35 am EDT from Astrodatabank (A rating). He was born with the Sun and Pluto conjunct within 39′ at 8°26′ and 9°06′ degrees Libra. There were some interesting transits and prior eclipse connections for his accident for which I have a time of around 3 pm. But I think his secondary progressions and solar arc directions are the most relevant for the event. His natal Uranus was at 1°18′ Scorpio and at the time of the accident his progressed/directed Sun was at 1°20′ Scorpio and his directed Pluto was at 1°59′ Scorpio. In my opinion the transits pale in comparison to this although they do include the transiting NN conjunct his natal Moon, the transiting Sun conjunct his NN, and transiting Uranus at 9°05′ Aquarius trine his natal Pluto within 1 minute of arc. A solar eclipse on August 22, 1998 at 28°47′ Leo was conjunct his 1st house 27°51′ Leo Moon.

  2. Thank you Marjorie for looking at Jeremy Renner and his dreadful accident. Looks to be life changing. Reminds me in some ways of Christopher Reeve and how post accident he changed his life from acting to championing support for those suffering from spinal injuries and paralysis.

  3. Mars/Saturn is accident prone, yes. But I agree with Laurien that natally it works ok with a constructive outlet, like many other ‘difficult’ aspects. One odd thing – I was involved in a nasty hit and run car accident as a teenager. There was a tr Mars square tr Saturn aspect that day, but not to my natal Mars or Saturn (not in aspect natally themselves).
    The aspects were a tr Saturn trine natal Mecury, tr Mars semi-sextile natal Mercury. The damage to my spine, hips, and knees caused all manner of problems. However, to overcome many of these issues I discovered yoga and Pilates, both of which have helped me more than I can say. I know the damage is considerable, and I have had some surgery to repair a few things. But without exercise, I wouldn’t be as strong and flexible as I am today. It was a significant event, with lifelong impact. Tr Jupiter was semi-sextile the Sun. The aspects have always made me consider those semi sextiles as perhaps more significant than we sometimes think…..

    • I’ve noticed that when there’s a stressful aspect like a Mars-Saturn square or a nasty eclipse that it can have a general effect on everyone. Still, you would think for the accident to have been so life-altering that something would have shown up in your chart, if not by transit then by secondary progression, or solar arc direction. Or maybe something less obvious like a progressed planet stationing or a progressed eclipse year? I remember reading Bernadette Brady’s book The Eagle and the Lark–at least I think it was she who wrote there that some people’s experiences seem to be better reflected by their solar return charts than other predictive techniques. Whether it showed up anywhere or not, I’m sorry you had that awful experience which must also have made you doubt humanity when the driver didn’t stop to help. You obviously have some serious mettle that got you through it, and I’m glad yoga and Pilates helped! BTW I love your comments, especially when you dig deep into historical events! Thanks Jane!

    • The accident that always stuck in my mind from an Astro-indicator viewpoint was Prince Johan Friso, 25 September 1968 8.48 am Utrecht, Netherlands, who was skiing off piste and buried by an avalanche in Austria on 17 February 2012. He suffered massive brain damage and died 18 months later.
      There wasn’t much showing on transits except for tr Uranus opposition his Sun exactly, which is strong enough but not usually for a life threatening accident; and no high-risk Mars midpoints being triggered. The only thing showing was his Secondary Progressed Mars conjunct his Uranus – which can be a major danger flag.
      His Solar Return wasn’t especially illuminating.
      Mars Saturn has its strengths – I have it in square. But also its downsides. I broke a leg ski-ing and a wrist in a riding accident – neither too major.
      It can be an indicator of a parent dying young and flag up later deaths as well.

      • Thanks Laurien and Marjorie! I had a look – prog Mercury was square natal Mars, and prog Mars was square natal Mercury. The Solar Return Sun was in the 4th, with Solar Mars exactly conjunct the IC, square that Saturn. The SR was the day after the accident. I’m pretty confident about my birth time (give or take) since my Mum was very aware of astrology and the importance of that. It had been a quick and straightforward birth she said. Subsequent events involving transits to the angles have been pretty spot on for timing.

        • Thank you both Jane and Marjorie! The astrology of accidents is very interesting. Despite having a natal Saturn in Cap sesquiquadrate Uranus in the 12th I didn’t have my first unlucky break until I was within weeks of my 2nd Saturn return. The natal aspect between the planets had closed by progression to within 18′ of arc. One of the most interesting things was my solar arc Moon had moved exactly square my natal Mars to the minute about 6 hours earlier (I’m a Cancer so Moon aspects seem to be especially important.) I fell in an icy parking lot leaving work after a major snowstorm and broke my ankle. Nothing as exciting as skiing or riding! Jane, your progressed aspects mirroring each other would be called a doubling by medical astrologer Judith Hill. I have noticed Mars-Mercury implicated in traffic accidents before. The SA Mars on the IC seems very relevant too given the way the accident upended your life. It does seem that the time around the SR often attracts life-changing events including accidents and years ago I read an astrological analysis of workplace accidents that found they often happened when the transiting Sun was square or opposite one’s natal Sun–which is where it was when I broke my ankle. So I always try to watch for and be extra careful on those days! Thank you both! I see Renner is posting selfies from his hospital bed so will hopefully be OK following a long period of rehab and recovery!

  4. You are making me lazy, Marjorie, because so often before I have a chance to look up the astrology behind stories in the news you have already covered them! Such a tragic accident. I hope he can make a full recovery. In addition to what you said, I noticed that the November 8, 2022 lunar eclipse at 16 00 Taurus was conjunct his natal Saturn within only 13′ and the May 5, 2023 lunar eclipse at 14 58 Taurus will oppose it echoing your thoughts about a challenging recovery ahead of him. I see transiting Jupiter was at 1 Aries conjunct his ascendant on the day of his accident and wonder if it symbolized the help he received–he was aided by neighbours one of whom was a doctor and airlifted to hospital where it sounds like he received excellent care. Maybe Jupiter conjunct his ascendant symbolizes that he is lucky to be alive. Thank you, Marjorie!

    • I’m going to be brave and try to answer your question, JB. Brave because astrologers have different opinions about appropriate orbs and different degrees of rigidity about them. I go with whatever works. In a natal chart you want to go with a larger orb and you may want to go with a slightly larger orb for an applying rather than a separating aspect. The Sun and Moon usually get larger orbs like up to 10 degrees but for Mars and Saturn I might go with say 7 or 8 applying and 6 or 7 separating–but if you read up on this aspect and it is wider but seems to work in your chart than I say go with it. For transits I like tighter orbs maybe 5 applying, getting stronger as the orb gets closer to exact. But like I say, I am not personally really rigid about orbs and I don’t consult a complicated chart all the time to determine exact orbs. If this aspect resonates with you, then it is probably active in your chart. I find Mars-Saturn people can be very disciplined and practical sorts with good technical skills even when there are hard aspects involved. So be careful when it’s activated but give it a constructive outlet and don’t assume the worst will happen is my advice. That’s what I do with my difficult aspects. Keep ’em busy! Hope this helped and I haven’t sparked a long debate on orbs, lol.

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