Royal siblings – status stirs primitive rivalry

Harry & Wills are hardly the first Royal brothers to be at daggers’ drawn. Throughout the past five generations there have been competitive Martian feelings running hot and strong between the top two in the monarchy.

The relationship chart between King Charles and Prince Andrew, who was initially the ‘spare’, has a composite Sun Mars conjunction. When Mars is involved only one can win.

Back a generation, Princess Margaret indulged in a lifelong sulk at having to walk behind her sister and her relationship chart with Queen Elizabeth had a composite bitterly-resentful Mars square Pluto – the power imbalance ground deep.

 King George V1 who unexpectedly was elevated from spare to monarch when his errant brother, the Duke of Windsor, absconded from duty, had a resentful, unkind composite Mars square Saturn in his sibling relationship chart. Duke of Windsor was a Sun Cancer square Mars; while George was a Mars conjunct Moon and widely opposition Pluto

King George V who stepped up from spare to heir when his elder brother Prince Albert Victor died aged 18, had a stressed composite Mars inconjunct Pluto in their relationship chart, with Mars widely opposition Sun and Neptune. George was a Mars square Pluto and Albert a Mars opposition Uranus – both determined and assertive.

King Edward V11 and his nearest sibling Prince Alfred, Victoria’s second son, were also Mars opposition Pluto relationship warriors amplified by a square to Saturn opposition Moon in their relationship chart. Victoria did not foster a happy family mood.  Edward was a Mars square Pluto. Alfred had an exact Sun Mars conjunction in Leo.

  Harry and William’s relationship chart has a composite Sun square Mars with a composite Moon inconjunct Mars which was always going to blow up at some point as two egos clashed.

  Both are on a short fuse and quick to flare with Harry having an 8th house Virgo Sun square Mars and William having a Mars Saturn conjunction and Mars square Moon.

  All the usual family dysfunctions amplified a hundred-fold by matters of status, power and money. Succession, the Murdochs and Dynasty all rolled into a snarling hyenas’ nest. Hyenas come out of the womb fighting with their sibling rivals. Baby owls knock off the weakest in the nest by depriving it of food and then eating it. Nature in the raw.

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  1. Disappointed that the thought came to me so late. But the distrust between a monarch and a younger sibling with the title of Duke of York is rooted in history.
    The monarch is of course automatically also Duke of Lancaster (the only example where a separate noble title has not merged into the Crown). The second in line has traditionally been granted the title of Duke of York.
    The Dukes of Lancaster and York have been at each other throats since the War of the Roses.
    Perhaps the second in line should start being given a different dukedom by custom, like the Dukedom of Edinburgh.

    • Plotting Harry’s chart with transits on 6 May 23, day of the coronation, it is clear that this will be a time of great crisis for Harry. We can expect the psychodrama to carry on.

      As for his prospects of divorce from Meghan, predicted by some, divorce begets divorce as children of divorced parents are statistically more likely to divorce. It becomes normalised in family history.

      One can hear from Harry’s tone that he has received a lot of therapy. Therapy is no cure for stupidity and cupidity, though. He is like some of these tedious people who insists on telling everybody what happened when they saw their therapist, who said what. Their whole life and presentation is about the therapy they need. A luxury soldiers returning from the first world war never had.

  2. By his own admission, Harry’s years of ‘nightmare’ were between age 28 to 32, when he abused drugs and alcool. He describes binge drinking during that period. Now this age would correspond with his Saturn Return -perhaps a time when he realised he needed ‘therapy’. This is interesting because a Saturn return is often a time when one grows up and stops blaming one’s parents, etc. It would be interesting to look at what exactly happened in Harry’s life at that time.

    • Petunia – Harry was drink drug using from @age 16. His book talks about cocaine from age 17, cannabis and magic mushrooms. Long term drink/drug use from adolescence into adulthood can lead to serious mental health issues surfacing in late 20s and 30s. Add to that possible PTSD or similar from Diana’s death and/or his time in the army (I’m not diagnosing, just a guess),and yes it makes sense it first came to a head in the period of his 2nd Afghanistan deployment (@age 28/29) and leaving the army (@31). However, this goes way beyond armchair commentary from me, so just observing. IMHO right now he needs a lot of professional support.

      • One further thought. Bashir gained access to Diana ‘sideways’ by duping the the Spencers, and then using pretty malevolent lies, fabrications and forged documents to feed Diana’s fears and paranoia resulting in an explosive interview attacking the RF. What if something similar is happening here with Harry? Let’s face it, over the past 5 years MM and Harry have deployed a hugely sophisticated array of techniques to convince people they are the innocent victims whose ‘curtain pulling to reveal their tuth’ by-product is undermining the monarch, the RF, the Commonwealth, disrupt popular and political anglo-American relations, promote race division – and now, it seems, putting the British Army in the firing line (literally). All of this seems at hugely at odds with their personal creative output which comes across as well intentioned if self focused, dull, banal, petty, plagiarised, word-salad.
        Apologies for the rant, but I think we – and Harry – are being played.

          • Bashir did huge damage and managed to deceive Charles Spencer, someone who is not generally viewed as being intellectually challenged, unlike Harry (which is a little unfair), in order to gain direct access to Diana. She was isolated and did not know who to trust which is probably why she relied so heavily on psychics, tarot readers and astrologers.

            Poor Harry has a gullible, illusionary Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the 12th – his exploitation and his self-undoing are being played out on the collective level. Overall he has a pretty bleak chart. Moon Saturn people, like Harry, can retain a very childlike quality (since Saturn hinders or delays emotional development) which only makes him more vulnerable to deception. I don’t think he is stupid but he is very underdeveloped/ inexperienced emotionally. He tying himself up in knots in a futile attempt to convince himself and the world that he is on the right path. His family (even Camilla!) must be so worried about him.

          • This is likely the beginning of the end of Harry and Meghan’s partnership. Just from memory, Pluto will be opposing their composite Moon at 29 Cancer for the next year or so.

  3. Harry’s and William’s composite chart has a Mercury/Sun midpoint circa 1.50 in Leo in the seventh house. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius will begin to activate this, this year. It will also sextile Chiron’s fifth house Gemini. Perhaps this is this is the ultimate wound that will never heal, as Harry had exposed their childhood secretes, their sibling private matters and betrayed personal communications. If there is more to be written about their relationship in the next few month – their Venus/Sun bond/ relationship will suffer more harsh blows – as Pluto will be transmitting the relationship house for many years to come. Sadly there will be little respite for either them, or their children for a decade or so. As Pluto will reinforce this. Perhaps by the time transmitting Pluto reaches their Sun/Moon sextile, their children will be adult and may find a way.

    • Correction Pluto will be opposing their seventh house relationship. In numerology Harry is a number one, which mean the “I”. Perhaps Harry is far more resentful than just sibling rivalry and actually really wanted to be King? There is real status at play here!

  4. Diana’s motivation was not just ‘revenge’. It’s been documented that Diana was terrified history would repeat itself and she would lose custody of her children as happened to her mother Frances Shand Kydd, when she divorced Diana’s father. The establishment turned on Frances; even her mother (Ruth Fermoy, the Queen Mother’s lady-in-waiting) testified against her and Frances lost her children for good (she had already suffered the loss of a son shortly after his birth).

    Diana also had to deal with Bashir’s lies which scared her witless. So in many ways she probably felt she had no choice but to come out fighting publicly. She was being labelled as mentally unstable by those close to Charles, and was scared that the RF may have tried to deny her joint custody with Charles. Not an unreasonable fear.

    • Sarah, I think it’s important to say no-one in the RF knew what Bashir was doing. If you recall, Bashir convinced Diana that her phone and car was bugged and her movements were being monitored 24/7, that Charles had got the nanny pregnant (she successfully sued Bashir when the story finally broke) and so on. All complete fictions invented by Bashir to reel in Diana. So yes, to the RF, her actions may well have appeared to be unstable. Personally, I think Bashir caused monumental harm to that family and without his interference things may have turned out very differently.

    • Sarah K
      Yes it’s very understandable that Diana feared losing custody of the boys but I can’t see Charles not wanting to share it with her. He’s not cruel like Diana’s father although Frances did get to see her and her younger brother in some of the holidays as they both talked of the long train journeys to see her. There was a long custody battle and I read that they were originally with their mother but her father refused to allow them to return to her after one Christmas holiday at Althorp. Frances’s mother supporting Diana’s father must have been a cruel blow. Maybe it was because Frances left him for another man. The Earl was much older and there were rumours, possibly unfounded, that he could be violent in some way.
      Martin Bashir has a lot to answer for. No wonder Diana was paranoid!
      So sad their marriage (Charles and Diana’s) and its repercussions. Seems unbelievable to us that in 1981 Charles was expected to marry a virgin preferably from the aristocracy or European royalty. Camilla was considered to have ‘a past’.
      Just over 20 years later and long before they were engaged William was able to live openly with Catherine so a big change in what was expected of a future king!
      I do believe that there was affection between C and D in the beginning until they started to compete with each other and realise how little they had in common.
      According to her police protection at the time Diana was the first to stray (with another officer) and this is when Charles went back to Camilla whose husband was also having a long term affair.
      After Diana and Charles divorced they eventually became on more friendly terms again towards the end.
      They attended school events together amicably for the sake of their boys I think.

  5. I wonder if Harry is going to have a Prince Andrew moment coming up with his interviews? Any astrological similarities?
    (I must learn astrology myself one of these days!)

  6. Finally someone with a spine and a backbone to tell the ugly truths of the royal family to kill the fantasies people have in their minds. It’s comical to observe people scapegoat the truth teller as he undresses their illusions.

    • The Royal family are no different from any other family, where sibling rivalry or jealousy is concerned. In my family, I turned out to be more successful, than my elder sibling. We are both is our 70’s, yet the jealousy from that elder sibling is still there. Brought up every Christmas or family gatherings, either covertly or overtly. It is family life and like Marjorie describes – nature is raw and unforgiving.

  7. Regarding “Why is Harry doing this?” – the answer is “Because Diana did”.

    She did a tell-all book with Andrew Morton and a tell-all Panorama interview; he’s done a tell-all book and a documentary. Her instinct was always revenge, he’s copying her. He thinks she was perfect and her behaviour is a template to follow, even though it’s not.

    I’d be interested in a synasty chart of Diana and Harry.

    Regarding mental health – he’s blown any chance of a career in that field. I think he’s a vice president of a californian mental health start-up and they must be regretting hiring him. Any potential customer will be thinking, “your program doesn’t work, look at Harry”.

    Harry seems to be proof that endless therapy makes you worse, and the techniques of the war generation (“don’t dwell on horrors, leave the past in the past and distract yourself with hard work”) are more effective.

    • Anyone, who has been through Therapy, will go through a stage of being opened up to the raw pain. A well qualified professional therapist would have ensured their patient/client is brought through this stage and reaches closure. It looks like Harry, has stayed at that stage, or has not been brought through the stage of closing down. Someone or something is keeping him there.

  8. Hi Marjorie, is a reading about The Wessex Family possible? Prince Edward and Sophie’s relationship / Children’s future etc.
    They are my favorite members and I haven’t seen much about their charts.
    A few days ago I discovered this site and it is incredible. Thank you

  9. Harry has also made an audio copy of the book so his boast of killing 25 taliban will soon be available for all to hear in his own words, including jihadists who could use it in propaganda videos. I would imagine Meghan is quite fearful now she realises what he has done. Salman Rushdie spent years in hiding but everyone knows where they live. Maybe she will want out of the marriage now if she thinks she and the kids are in danger?

    • Janet
      Revealing his Taliban kill as he did was probably the worst mistake in the whole book. He has put his family the royals the army and the British public at risk of retaliation from terrorists who are quite happy to go for soft targets (the public) if they can’t get at Harry who is heavily guarded.
      My lending library already has 6 audio copies of Spare with unbelievably 95 people on the waiting list! I’d rather eat my own toe nails. I can’t get away from it as still all over the news now the ‘older woman’ (19 at the time) has revealed her identity.

  10. Harry has a mental health problem. To project that much onto others and to discuss how many he has killed and very intimate details about his sex life without any good reason (apart from financial gain – such gain he does not need as he inherited from his mother) is frankly not what would expect from someone in his position of privilege.
    Time for a discussion on the need for royalty. Who cares about their traumas, ordinary people have much worse ordeals to contend with every day.

  11. Looking at the wider context the foundation chart for the crowning of English monarchs is the 11 May 973 Coronation Chart of King Edgar. It has retrograde Uranus at 14 Scorpio which is within orb of the fixed star Zuben Algenubi at 15 Scorpio associated with -“Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, criminality. Unfortunate; Saturn/ Mars”

    The Solar Arc chart for the House of Windsor 17 July 1917 has a stellium of solar arc planets in Scorpio in 2023 including Solar Arc Saturn at 15 Scorpio conjunct Solar Arc Neptune at 17 Scorpio which are currently opposing the House of Windsor progressed Moon at 15 Taurus.

    In Charles III Coronation for 6 May 2023 the Sun will be at 15 Taurus opposing that tricky retrograde Uranus at 14 Scorpio in the original King Edgar Coronation Chart. The Moon will be transiting over that Scorpio degree and Zuben Algenubi at about the time Charles is actually crowned. The Moon in orb of that degree is a potential indicator of bad health. It can also indicate domestic strife, vengeance etc.

    I can’t see this car crash for the House of Windsor ending anytime soon.

    • Wow, and transiting Uranus retrograde at 15 Taurus shaking things up more so now but since it came into orb some time ago. Astrological timings are so incredible when you connect the dots.

    • All so fascinating isn’t it? One thing about royalty is we do have plenty of data going back centuries, which makes studying family patterns so much easier. I was interested in the House of Windsor chart Hugh, I’m not familiar with it. Harry’s Virgo Sun is square Windsor Mars in Gemini for that day at 22 degrees. The Mars/Neptune square of recent months activated those – fights, scandals, deceptive actions, younger men?

      The HoW Venus at 15 Leo connects with the Coronation Sun, and the Uranus Rx of King Edgar. Mid fixed degrees do seem quite potent anyway. I haven’t looked through royal history (what a project!), but worth noting Edward IV, 28th April 1442 had Sun 15 Taurus, square Mars 10 Leo. He had his brother, the Duke of Clarence, executed. Also had natal Uranus at 9 Gemini, opposing Harry’s Uranus 9 Sagittarius. Harry’s Chiron at 8 Gemini is interesting – Mars turns direct at 8 Gemini this coming week. If he could be considered to have started a ‘war’, then it will backfire on him – retro Mars is not, traditionally, a good time to open hostilities.

      One other royal chord I noticed was Queen Elizabeth 1st, a Virgo with Moon in Taurus like Harry. She had Pluto at 0 Aquarius, square Harry’s own 0 Scorpio Pluto. Harry is, in the way of royalty, related to her via Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn’s sister, a direct ancestor of his mother, Diana. Mary Boleyn was mistress of Henry VIII before her sister got involved with him. More sibling rivalry – a theme throughout history.

    • Apologies the actual transit of the Moon over 14-15 Scorpio is actually on 5th May 2023 the day before Charles III scheduled coronation. The lunar eclipse on that day falls exactly on the 14 Scorpio Uranus in the King Edgar 973 Coronation chart.

      Hard aspects to 14 Scorpio or planets in orb of Zuben Algenubi crop up in a number of Coronation charts for kings that were murdered or executed.

      Edward II crowned on 25 February 1308 jul had Neptune retrograde at 15 Scorpio and Uranus retrograde at 16 Scorpio in his Coronation chart.

      King Henry VI crowned on 6 November 1429 jul had Neptune at 14 Leo square Mercury at 15 Scorpio in his Coronation chart.

      Charles I crowned at Westminster on 26 February 1626 had Uranus was at 23 Leo in his Coronation Chart squaring the Sun/Mars conjunction at 25 Taurus in the King Edgar coronation chart. In addition Pluto at 16 Taurus opposed and Venus at 14 Aquarius squared the King Edgar retrograde Uranus at 14 Scorpio.

      • Thanks Hugh. Really quite chilling. Charles married Diana (29 July 1981) just before a solar eclipse on 31st July at 8 Leo. In February that year there’d been a solar eclipse at 16 Aquarius – opposing the House of Windsor Venus in Leo (Diana?) and square that Scorpio Uranus in the Edgar chart.
        Neptune at 22 Sagittarius opposed the House of Windsor Mars on the wedding day. Seems as though that Mars is quite sensitive, in light of the recent Mars/Neptune square at that degree. Jupiter (the king?) in the Edgar chart is 23 Virgo.

    • @ Hugh Fowler, agree this car crash for the House of Windsor not ending soon. Harry = the weakest link? Interested in Zuben Algenubi fixed star. Many of 20th Royals, extended and direct illustrate this.
      Although a great admirer of the Queen, her long reign not been of unmitigated gain. It hasn’t allowed the natural shifts and changes that occur with every new monarch. However forward looking and adaptable she may have been which her Saturn Taurus placings suggest would have been difficult for her, she still had the attitudes and beliefs of her own generation, as we all do. 70 years for someone to be in charge is a long time, especially as her influence grew with longevity.
      The Court, which is never a forward looking or progressive force at any time in history or in any country, needed and needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into change. With continuity of monarch, this doesn’t happen.
      Harry is just the tip of the iceberg. So many issues to be uncovered and resolved. Especially money. So many interests will be affected, not only of individual Royals, which need to be disinterred and exposed. It will be extremely uncomfortable, personally and professionally for them, for us too I suspect. But perhaps it’s the last call of Pluto/Capricorn agitated by Uranus. Feels like it. Needs to happen.

      • I think if I was King Charles, I’d opt out to become eminence grise in the shadows/tend my roses/pronounce loud and long on issues that interest me. After all, as a (semi) private citizen … I’m sure Camilla would be up for it.

  12. @Marjorie, something that popped out to my head about Royal Sibling Rivalry while responding to another poster:

    What about former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I and his younger brother, Infante Alfonso? Official version of Alfonso’s death is Juan Carlos was in the room while Alfonso was cleaning revolver and it fired. Most likely, the facts were much more sinister. I also happen to think Juan Carlos is a sociopath, based on his behavior since, and think he may have caused the death.

    • Juan Carlos had a troubled relationship with his brother with JC’s Capricorn Sun square Alf’s Mars in Aries and Alf’s Pluto in a power-struggling opposition to JC’s puffed up Jupiter Midheaven. Their relationship chart had a composite Sun Mercury trine Mars trine Pluto which suggests bullying and bitter resentment – and it was highly stressed when Alfonso shot himself.

  13. Marjorie, retired British Major General Chip Chapman has called Harry “naively stupid” for bragging in his book about killing 25 Taliban in Afghanistan. Quite apart from Harry’s boast being a breach of military standards and ethics (as well as being ridiculously unproveable), and in spite of Harry’s concern for security, Chapman says Harry has now encouraged every jihadi and nutbar to attack him. May I ask if you see any increased danger for this petulant man-child? Not that I wish it on him but karma’s a b—h. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! I really appreciate your fascinating insights!

    • Has this also increased the danger for Harry’s children, and the Royal Family and dignitaries attending the Coronation? When I viewed the funeral of HMQ, I realised the difficulties for the security of so many world leaders in one location, especially when Putin keeps theatening attacks on UK, and now this! I have to wonder, what was the ghost writer and Penguin editors thinking when they allowed this to be published.

      • The bragging of killing people, will live with the Sussexes for years. I suspect that neither the Sussexes thought about these consequences for their family, as I cannot see Harry writing this book without his wife’s blessing. It is always the innocent who get caught up in books like Harry’s.

  14. Just a thought – the book is called ‘Spare’ – surely this ‘title’ would go to Prince George? Harry is 5th in line to the throne so hardly a spare – also Prince William has an MC 2 degrees of Scorpio whilst Harry has his Pluto at 0 degrees 33′ of Scorpio – the classic vindictive, do-anything-to-destroy, jealous, back biting, and ruthless conjunction, which, when associated with another with limited intelligence and ruled by bitterness (Harry) reveals itself as the narrow minded and blinkered outcome as shown by the book and interviews – the final outcome being self-destruction and all urged on by his wife, Meghan Markle. Oh dear!

    • Just my opinion but now that Prince Harry has revealed his direct involvement in killing 25 members of the Taliban; he is now a target for the terrorists. He probably does need state funded round the clock security like Salman Rushdie now. He really hasn’t thought this through!

    • @Angela, it refers to an old saying within British aristocracy, where the reigning lord would need to have “a heir and a spare”. I think I first came aware of this thinking in Elizabeth George’s Lynley series, where early books revolve around Thomas Lynley’s reluctancy of producing an heir, and his younger brother’s drug abuse that compromises “the spare”. I think in later books Thomas Lynley effectively has nephews taking that burden off his shoulders.

      It is also very obvious Royal Court held these views even in the 1980’s, and Diana would refer to this in her veiled autobiography with Andrew Morton. I think she even allured to any interest Charles had in sex with her drying after Harry was conceived and it was obvious he was a boy.

      • Solaia, thanks for your comment, although Harry was technically the spare many years ago, and the necessity for the spare has been around for hundreds of years, my point was that now, in 2023, he is not the spare since Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born, so Harry, being fifth in line to the throne it seems rather backward looking for him to act as if he still has that place – as many posters have pointed out, he does seem in dire need of counselling and help for his delusions of his present place and importance in the royal family, as well as it being long past time for him to move on in life, otherwise he will stay a bitter and twisted individual, forever hitting out at those he feels have wronged him.

  15. Is there anything in either brother’s chart that suggests danger? Harry has put a huge target on his back by disclosing grim details of his time in afghanistan. Could a nutter attempt something in retaliation?

  16. Sometimes the astrology is amazing … the book was due for general release next week 9th or 10th but some Spanish bookstores began stocking it yesterday and there was a rush by journalists to go grab a copy.

    Yesterday, transiting neptune moved into exact opposition with his Virgo sun at 22deg56 . Confused publication date or a leak. Erosion of his reputation – not least his military one.

    Today, transiting Saturn in Aquarius at the same degree/minutes and therefore making a transiting quincunx/inconjunct to his Sun. Bernadette Brady describes a quincunx as “walking onto the stage and stops the play, changes the plot and moves everybody to a new theater … It wants to move you to a new situation whether you are ready for it or not”. Then she happens to specifically say “The Sun-Saturn quincunx is a statement about releasing or letting go of a set of responsibilities; leaving a very structured set of responsibilities”.

  17. I saw a tweet by somebody yesterday with a brief video about Princess Anne years ago remarking on why Kate, now the Princess of Wales, found it harder than herself to start as a working royal.
    24 hours news and social media covering every tiny detail, everybody now having a camera to cover even the most minor mistake, and the death of any culture of deference or respect, makes the role of becoming a new royal, especially those not born into it, that much harder.
    And that did not factor in having a blabbermouth family member, who had a frost-bitten body part at William’s and Kate’s wedding.
    I think we should revert back to royals marrying only other royal, who are already used to the pain of such coverage.

  18. Because William has natal aspect moon square mars and especially a Libra mars, I know he must have physically attacked Harry.

    Kate has a aggressive uncle who Carole is close with. Maybe because that she is with william this long!

    Harry, I believe could/can be aggressive too. At least, before Mieghan he was

    • Thanks for post.”I think we should revert back to royals marrying only other royal, who are already used to the pain of such coverage”
      Will never happen in our time.
      .Too keen to get out of the box and not many royals to find in Europe
      Please enlight me:” blabbermouth family member”
      As a Scandi,I might have missed it all.
      Please tell,me

      • @Leo, sorry, but where does Diana ever say “reverting to marrying royals” here? It only states Kate’s (overbearing, if I may add) mother has some problematic family members. But if you compare this to Juan Carlos I quite probably killing his kid brother, nothing out ordinary in Royal Circles.

    • The male line of the Spencers are well known for their bad tempers, even Diana’s father and brother, so not surprising William and Harry affected too. Harry acknowledged somewhere in his book apparently, that they had always had physical fights. Being younger he probably lost a lot of them, to begin with at least.

      • Queen Victoria’s temper was notorious, so I think perhaps she is the origin for this genetic legacy in the Windsors, though at the time it was thought she had inherited the madness of George III, so violent were her tantrums as she stormed about the palace. Her Venus and Mars in Aries probably didn’t help matters.

  19. Perhaps an odd question.
    Can you see in a chart if the person has any letter combination?
    What to look at?
    The combinations can’t be new.
    How many were put t in to Mental Hospitals ,way back then?A lot

    • In Vedic astrology, the first letter of names are assigned by the (sidereal) Moon Sign (the most important sign in that form of astrology).

  20. Thanks, Marjorie.
    Feel sick of hearing his whining.
    He has a combination for sure.
    Seek professional help.He’s destroying his future.
    Perhaps he has to do ,
    so he will be grounded.
    Diana should also be taken down to earth.
    Just crazy.

  21. I think the BBC has the most interesting take on Prince Harry – right now – and should be read.
    The fact his father did not hug him when he told Harry hi mom died – that pain can lost a life time

    Who are we to judge

      • My parents made many mistakes and bad decisions when it came to raising us. My parents’ marriage was not one of good communication – my mother has an unaspected moon and father had a water grand trine and no air! I could write a book of all the times they failed to protect me, said the wrong thing or did the wrong thing. But there comes a time, often when you become a parent yourself when you see your parents with their imperfections and mistakes as human and fallible. I don’t see any sign of that happening with Harry because so long as he’s stuck in the past – and he is – he will never, never move forward. One thing I know – all children experience fear and trauma, everyone suffers, everyone meets adversity at some point. He’s not the special snowflake he thinks he is.

      • Agreed Leo. Everybody has bad things happen in their lives, the ups and downs are what make us human. Everyone has the right to grieve & be angry about it, but at some point you have to draw a line under it and move on.

        If you have 5 bad years of disasters, you can’t let those 5 rule over 80-90 years of living. It’s not healthy. You don’t have to forget what happened, but you can make a conscious choice for it to be the making of you, not the breaking of you. And that choice is on you.

        For a near-40 year old to still feel bitter about not getting enough hugs when he was a child, is no way to live life. Nobody’s family is perfect or does everything right all the time. It’s well past time for Harry to move on, or he will ruin his own children’s lives.

  22. I wouldn’t in a million years wish to be a Royal. It is a dreadful lifestyle and relentless pressure with a constantly packed schedule. However it does come with perks. I have always been immensely irritated by the likes of Princess Margaret for instance who had money galore, had choices that ordinary people couldn’t dream of and still whined her way through because she had to ‘walk behind’. Who doesn’t for heaven’s sake?
    Harry always struck me as a spoilt brat who wanted an aristo lifestyle and money without the constraints. Invictus was a great and pleasant surprise and if he’d stuck to that and taken on the Commonwealth he’d have been doing something useful.
    Not renowned as the sharpest tool in the box he really has walked himself up a cul de sac from which there seems no sensible exit. Even the US media are getting sick of the Harry/Meghan fandango.

  23. I am wondering apart from quick monetary gain what is the motive of this tell all book. Harry has already spilled out most in this one, so unlikely to see more coming. H&M must have recognised that after these revelations any chances of reconciliation are over, most likely their titles being removed.

    I don’t see any long term gains. Is it his way of severing ties with his past for once and for all, to finally move on with this life? Very puzzling indeed.

    • I think that money is definitely a consideration but there is something more important to them. I think they both Harry and Meghan believe they are doing the right thing. Harry said that silence is betrayal and that nothing will change if no one ever says anything. I think he firmly believes that the first step to heal is to get all of this off chest. This will prompt and apology from his family and they will all move on towards happiness. I dont think he could be more wrong!. Maybe a therapist has convinced him of this. Or maybe he is so hurt he needs to hurt others too before moving on, this is not unusual. For Meghan is of the key moments of her life was her father making her believe that she changed a national advertising campaign on her own when she was a child. I think that this is Meghan doing what she did as a kid..she has seen an injustice, she has taken action and now she is making a documentary about it (just like she did many years ago). Again I think she believes this is the right thing to do, both lack serious self awareness. I dont know if this is true, but there are rumours that she asked Catherine what was it like to have a husband cheating on you, (Can not think of a more natal mars in cancer comment) and then when people are cross with her she feigns surprise and plays the victim. Difficult indeed. On the other hand I suppose there was a great deal of snobbish frostiness towards in family circles. Have you done the synastry of the sisters on law? would love to see that.

    • When they left the Royal Family their statement was that they would be going off and becoming independently self-financing (which I guess was to say “expecting nothing from the British taxpayer”).

      Obviously they have very few skills to actually create a business from and so it was going to have to be in the media arena. From what I have read, strategy people advised that they would need to start off by talking about their experiences in the Royal Family and then branch out into other areas.

      You can see that playing out with the Oprah interview which would have given them contacts, exposure and ratings draw. Harry did a segment with James Corden. MM has written a children’s book and her podcast series. Harry’s tell-all is just another step in the strategy. I have read they are due to do a “Health and Wellness” book. (Prior to the RF, Meghan had her own Goop-like website and she wrote a cookbook which I believe had all profits going to Grenfell).

      The trouble is they’re turning out to be very dull with nothing much to say. Any chance to become the next Richard and Judy seems a long way off …

      • The health and wellness trend I think has something to do with Chiron in Aries. Recently self-styled life coaches/gurus/healers have sprung up all over YouTube and TikTok and have done very well out of the uncertainty of the pandemic and post-pandemic era. Uranus in Aries coincided with the rise of the Selfie, so with Chiron with the more recent self-improvement and self-help mental health movements. There’s also an Aries/Martial energy to these influencers, some of them sell a sort of ancient warrior-style fantasy, often mythic e.g. Spartanism, Martial Arts, etc. Anyway, I see that Chiron in Aries has been opposing Harry’s 8th house Venus and conjuncting his 2nd house BML over this year and last.

        • Seems a good fit VF. Chiron got another seven years or so through Aries if I’m not mistaken and with Uranus due to hit Gemini we could be really headed to charlatan city.

      • Good grief! Can you imagine how bonkers a health and wellness book from Harry and Meghan would be. They are neither healthy or well.
        Maybe they can do it in 20years time (post divorce)

  24. Everyone has cut Harry slack and the excuse is always “he had to walk behind his mother’s coffin.” I’m now realizing he would have complained if he hadn’t been allowed.

    I’ve never liked Meghan but reading some of the book excerpts, I can see he is just as mean as she is.
    In a review of his book by Maureen Callahan she says:

    “It’s one thing for Harry, as he does here, to introduce Camilla in these pages as The Other Woman (and wow, does William come off well here, recognizing his father’s happiness). But to my mind, it’s unforgivable to write that his father, the reigning monarch, is still so scarred from being bullied as a child that he still wants his teddy bear.
    ‘Teddy accompanied my father everywhere,’ Harry writes in part. ‘It was a pitiful thing, with broken arms, frayed and covered in patches.’
    Know what’s pitiful? Taking the private pain and vulnerabilities of those closest to you, mocking them for public consumption and profit, then demanding that they apologize to you.”

    At some point he will realize what a mistake he has made with publishing some of these stories that should have remained private and I won’t feel one bit sorry for him when it happens.

      • William also seems to have some serious control issues, especially relating to Harry. But Harry seems intent only on making relationships worse.

        I’ve always felt a little sorry for Charles. Harry’s insistence on treating his mother, a deeply flawed if tragic figure, as a saint who could do no wrong and everyone surrounding her as unmitigated villains, is only adding to the morass. What a mess!

        I too come from an extremely damaged family, but Harry seems to have no sense about what and when to keep matters private.

  25. I try to avoid all royal gossip whatever its source but that seems to be impossible at the moment. IMO, he seems to be making the same mistakes as his mother. Thinking he can manipulate the media to gain the upper hand. As with Diana, it may well backfire on him.

  26. What I’m left wondering who is Harry’s father figure? It became obvious in the Netflix before Christmas that Meghan is replacing Diana. The army gave him structure and then I think William circa 2015 was doing it. But having gone through his Saturn return around that time, he should now be parenting himself. He’s 38 years old yet still has the emotional development and life skills of a toddler. His natal chart is very clear with the Taurus moon in 4th opposing Scorpio Saturn on MC as parents being a point of focus but that also requires the native to start parenting themself.

    It seems to me that while moving to California is an opportunity to break some of the apron strings I really question whether he is getting wise counsel while he is out there. His Pluto in the 9th does suggest growth and transformation through seeing the wider world and living in foreign countries. Having gone through my own growth experience over many years, I can say that if you open your mind to outside voices it takes a long time to figure out which are the right voices to listen to.

  27. makes you wonder that the Army are training when he served in Afghanistan for his country twice but frightened of his brother shouting at him and pushing him.Traumatising how bad he has been treat.And dear me his bedroom was smaller- diddums What an embarrassment he is and his wife are.”We want privacy”- “poor us””we need privacy “-oh I will take the many millions and sell my family down the river and be on as much TV as we can crying.Its cringing how gas lamped he is by his wife who its the biggest victim in the world with her hunted feelings.Im glad the Queen isn’t here.When Meghan took the mick of how she had to curse she lost any sympathy I might have had.Its embarrassing this spectacle of self pity.

    • Don’t know about George, but Charlotte somehow seems, even at this young age, to have the maturity and sternness of Princess Anne, whom she will likely succeed as the Princess Royal. I hope that she has a similar steady head on her shoulders.
      I just hope that Prince Louis is better behaved than his paternal uncle.

  28. The lipgloss thing with Catherine and Meghan is an ‘American thing’, I’m American and no you can’t borrow my lipstick, gloss etc. to use on your lips, sorry it goes on my lips. It’s called being sanitary.

    • There’s a foundation date of 1 March 1932 for Revlon but I can only find a year of 1909 for Max Factor they seem to have concealered the specifics. Eye shadow think Marjorie could take a look at how Revlon’s chart composites with Catherine and Meghan. Anyway with all the bad press between Kate and MM, let’s hope they try to make up!

      • GD – What’s the foundation for your comments?!

        Seriously, though, I am curious about the brands you mention. They’re both quite old fashioned ones. I think HMQ used Max Factor lipstick at one point, but it was a very famous brand then with a wonderful Hollywood movie makeup history. Both Max Factor and Revlon were companies associated with brothers as well – MF’s own sons carried on his work, and Revlon was founded by Charles and Joseph Revson, plus their associate Charles Lachman.

        • Makeup companies not one of my specialist subjects. Just ‘plucked’ a couple of names I recognised from the search engine.

          Even so, it occurred to me that the Revlon date is Piscean which seems a fit for the makeup theme and closer inspection of the ephemeris has the Piscean Sun/Mercury/Mars opposition Virgo Neptune. Interesting that Saturn had just moved into Aquarius a few days before – providing a block from society? Jupiter in Leo, Aries Venus conjunct Uranus. Perfect timing I’d say

    • I’m torn between thinking he signed a mega-million contract and the publishers insisted on every gripe and groan to justify the payment. Or that he is plain paranoid – a mental health condition in which you believe that others are unfair, lying, or actively trying to harm you when there’s no proof. One thing those who suffer from paranoia do is amplify a million-fold some tiny grievance which may have a nugget of truth but they blow it up to life-threatening proportions.
      I’ll no doubt address it later but there are disjuncts in memory. He’s attacked by William and instantly dials his therapist – while Meghan on Oprah claims therapy was a no-go in the Royal family. He also blames William for parroting the media about Meghan’s difficult behaviour at a time when allegations about her ‘bullying’ hadn’t reached public ears.
      He/Meghan are constructing a narrative that comforts their sense of being blameless victims when it doesn’t fit the facts.

      • Yes, the timing doesn’t add up. Every claim in the book is indeed a twisting of the actuality. For example he says that Meghan was banned from Balmoral following the Queen’s death, but the protocol also applied to Kate. Neither wife went, but Harry has framed it as a deliberate and spiteful slight against Meghan. The claims about how a medium channelled Diana’s spirit and that Diana approved wholeheartedly with Harry’s life decisions is literally something a child would say to try and justify bad choices. The statement regarding killing 25 Talibanis is not worthy of a decent soldier and has been condemned by an ex-officer. The mention of William’s ‘alarming’ baldness and fading looks is downright bitchy. As for his decision to wear a Nazi uniform, well we get the classic ‘they made me do it!’ of the coward who can’t take responsibility for their own actions.

        The book is a disaster, but no doubt someone else will be to blame for that.

        • But I bet the book will make lots of money! So not a disaster financially. Whether Harry comes to regret it is another matter.

      • Seems like Harry is a product of his mother. Diana aired all the dirty laundry of the Royal family publicly too. Some other disgruntled members less so. Psychologist Dorothy Rowe once wrote that sibling relationships were ultimately all about “being validated or invalidated as a person”. But does anyone really know the facts? or is it all hear say? The palace hasn’t denied nor commented on anything either but surely something is amiss regarding the power imbalance in that family structure and modern society. Or as per the Guardian newspaper maybe it’s about the “very real dangers of hereditary power” plus “the media, where intrusion is grudgingly permitted in return for the nation keeping the family in the gilded style to which they have become accustomed”. In my personal view it’s showing a family in a cynical light functioning in a very outdated structure.

      • Marjorie I think it’s probably both.
        His behaviour has been coming across as increasingly paranoid for some time. Like you say there are so many holes and contradictions in his stories. Every little incident blown up out of proportion (“Will had the best side of the bedroom and the double bed when we shared a room at Balmoral as kids”) Wake up Harry you’re not a kid any more, most of us don’t live in a castle and some of us can’t afford to put the heating on or afford to feed our families properly.
        I don’t know if it was taken off Netflix but there was a photo of their kitchen at Nottingham cottage showing one of their dogs and metal dog bowls which couldn’t possibly shatter and scratch his back as he claimed. It might have been embroidered by either him or his ghost writer for effect. Straight onto his therapist when he didn’t know how to find help for Meghan.
        He claims to have been a practised liar since his youth. Quite a dumb admission after all his claims and accusations.
        If only Wills could have knocked some sense into him when he decked him!(if he did)
        They are trying to live a billionaire’s Californian lifestyle as mere millionaires so definitely doing it for the money as well as revenge, grievance settling etc.
        The thing that shocked me most was his claiming to have killed 25 Taliban showing no remorse. These things are never spoken of publicly. This has led to an international jihadist alert as well as drawing severe criticism from high ranking members of British army. Perhaps he was trying to justify his need for tax funded security? He’s now put himself, his family and probably our soldiers in increased danger.
        I know he has problems with mental health but that was a red line for me. My sympathy has evaporated..

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