Kamala & Doug – cresting a wave of confidence

Power-couple-to-be Democratic style are hopefuls Doug Emhoff and Kamala Harris. He’s taken leave of absence from his job as a successful Hollywood entertainment lawyer to campaign for her and is reportedly looking forward to being “Wife-guy” after the election.

  Born only a week earlier than Kamala on 13 October 1964, he has a relatively similar chart. Both are Sun Libras – like the Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones match. He has a hard-working Capricorn Moon while she probably has an upfront Aries Moon. The only other difference is his lawyerly and balanced Mercury in Libra in contrast to her intense and penetrating Mercury in Scorpio.

  Both are go-getters with strongly Cardinal charts giving them initiative and both have Venus, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo so at least they’ll understand each other’s restlessness.

  Both have Jupiter at 24 degrees Taurus which is being boosted by tr Pluto trine from late this December to late January 2021, which looks like a confidence-boosting few weeks.

One thought on “Kamala & Doug – cresting a wave of confidence

  1. Wow, I did realize Doug Emhoff is a Libra Sun from Twitter – apparently, Kamala’s niece Meera is an October 20th Libra too, and she mentioned this on her tweets. But I didn’t realize he and Kamala were born just a week apart.

    I also think this isn’t your usual “power couple” situation, where two ambitious people help each other to reach higher level, since both Doug and Kamala had well established careers on their distinct fields of law when they met. What’s missing is the kind of unspoken or even open resentment that you’d find between Clintons or Blairs. If you’d look at a couple who “got started” together would, interestingly, be Pete and Chastain Buttigieg.

    Another thing I find interesting is how Professor Biden and Doug Emfoff will work together if their spouses will be elected. It’s hard to think to a less visible and reluctant pair of first and second spouse than Melania Trump and Karen Pence. Jill Biden obviously is a very consumate political spouse, but I can also see Doug diving in to that, too. They seem to be getting along.

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