Anna Wintour – relationship puzzler in troubled year

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s year keeps getting worse and worse, lurching from economic problems to a scathing memoir by a former colleague, to a row over her approach to racial diversity and now a split relationship. She and her long-time partner, Shelby Bryan, 21 March 1946, a telecommunications millionaire, together for 20 years since both left their respective spouses for each other, are apparently parting company. Though reports say they haven’t been together for some time as he laboured under considerable IRS debts.

  It was a strange connection and an intriguing astrological puzzle. The synastry is in some ways classic for a relationship with his Scorpio Moon matched with her Scorpio Sun; and her Aries Moon chiming with his Sun, Mercury, Venus in Aries. Though Aries and Scorpio are hardly an ideal match.

  The relationship chart is a different matter – with a power-struggling composite Mars, Pluto, Saturn opposition Venus, which suggests dark undercurrents, major aggravations and anger issues. Though there may be a composite New Moon (depending on birth times which aren’t known) which would at least initially give a more-whole-together, complementary feel.

  Not that any of it will stop the ‘Ice Queen’ forging ahead in 2021 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter from late January onwards for two years. But with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn upending her 10 degree Scorpio Sun it won’t be remotely settled for some time yet.

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  1. Yes that’s a real puzzle – can you look into their charts? I am getting the sense that they were dating, she wants/wanted something serious but he did not…

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