Elaine & Mitch – the gravy train may derail

Power-couple Senate leader Mitch McConnell and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, married since 1993, are heading into a troubled few months ahead.

  Elaine Chao, born 26 March 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan, was under investigation for conflict of interest involving her father and sister’s considerable business interests in China which have extensive ties to the Chinese state and Chinese elites. Her department also handed over $78 million grants to Kentucky where her husband is senator – the investigation of this was short circuited when the acting Inspector General was removed.

  She’s a Sun Aries with an enthusiastic Venus Mars in materialistic Taurus and Jupiter also in Taurus in a pushily confident square to Pluto (Moon) in Leo. She also has two Yods of Mercury sextile Jupiter inconjunct Neptune Saturn; and Pluto sextile Saturn Neptune inconjunct Mercury in Pisces. Highly-strung, scattered, not easy to pin down.

  Her relationship with Mitch McConnell has a good many positive points. Her Sun is trine his Pluto, for a close connection; her enthusiastic Venus Mars are probably conjunct his Taurus Moon; and her upbeat Jupiter is conjunct his Mars Saturn Uranus so she’ll boost his morale. There are rough edges though with her Pluto Moon square his Mars Saturn Uranus so it won’t have been without its aggravating moments. Two high pressure jobs will help to soak up some of that.

   Their relationship chart has a close and affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction which is square a needs-space Uranus, which again the jobs will help to mitigate. On the downside there is also a power-struggling composite Mars square Saturn Pluto which will have created resentment and tensions and a fair amount of teeth-gritting on one side.

  Their relationship is being undermined by disappointment with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Sun Venus now till late January 2021 and jangled by tr Uranus square the composite Saturn over the election to late this November. And it could get extremely fraught from mid 2021 onwards with the composite Mars square Pluto being upended by both tr Uranus and tr Saturn in hard aspect. That may bring a few home truths out in private.

  Elaine Chao has a whole raft of difficulties, uncertainties and disappointments with tr Pluto square her Neptune now, then worse across the New Year to late January with tr Pluto square her Neptune/Saturn midpoint and then tr Pluto starts a discouraging square to her Saturn from late January for two years thereafter. With various Saturnine setbacks between now and Saturn exiting Capricorn in this December; plus a few Neptune sinkers now and running across next year as well.

  Mitch McConnell who is up for re-election is plodding resolutely and gloomily on till late November with tr Pluto trine his Saturn; with a sprinkling of tr Saturnine dips in November as well. Across New Year looks high tension and late January onwards on and off for two years will be depressed and nervy.

  Just extraordinary given all the hoo ha about the great Satan China – that not only has Trump got bank accounts there, Ivanka has a strong foothold, and the GOP Senate leaders’ family are there as well up to their necks. And they have the gall to go after Hunter Biden – who admittedly is a loose cannon who should have been reined in. By the by his relationship with his father looks heavily restricted and irritated from late January, whatever that means.

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  1. Mitch McConnell’s photos in the last several days show him with a bruised face and hands which a dermatologist has diagnosed as “senile purpura”, which in layman’s terms is “thinner skin, with more bleeding noticeable”. But this doesn’t happen spontaneously. And I don’t think those bruises could be caused by normal daily activity. Will we be seeing Mitch using a walker in the upcoming days, or just covered in more bruises as he tries to fend off an image of weakness.

    In 1944, at the age of two, McConnell’s upper left leg was paralyzed by a polio attack. His progressed Saturn was exactly conjunct his natal Mars at 22 degrees Taurus,
    Polio, the airborne virus that caused an epidemic that decimated the country roughly 100 years ago, can reactivate, and can affect polio survivors decades after they recover from their initial poliovirus infection.

    The bruises are on his right side which could mean that the left leg is possibly weakened, causing him to take a “header”. This type of internal bleeding is not limited to skin discoloration. Internal bleeding can cause blood clots, the worst, and most common being one caused by a bang on the head.

    Currently his progressed Saturn is 0 degrees Gemini, square his natal Sun 0 degrees Pisces. Gemini rules the nervous system, polio attacks the spinal cord/nervous system and can cause paralysis of the lungs.

    Will Mitch be healthy enough to vote in Coney Barrett?

    • I saw the hands and face too, and immediately thought he must have fallen straight on his face some how causing this. My grandmother bruised easily all her life, and by the time she was in the 80’s, any fall would result to this.

      That said, I think they’ll roll McConnell to Senate Floor in a hospital bed, if needed. Same with Pence, they will lie on his covid-19 status just in case a tiebreaker.

  2. Fascinating, thank you. McConnell is still polling about 10 points higher than his opponent, despite a devastating Lincoln Project ad. Also hoping mightily that Trump loses the election, but have some real fear after Biden, in the last debate, let slip that we must phase out the petroleum industry. Honest and true, but this will hurt him in Pennsylvania and Texas particularly.

    • @ Deborah,

      That actually isn’t true. Recent polls just came out of Pennsylvania since the debate, and majority of Pennsylvanians said they weren’t worried about Biden’s oil comments. In fact, the polls taken showed majority of Pennsylvanians actually favor what Biden is proposing.

      Even conservative media hasn’t been running on this (like they had planned) because it turned out not to be as controversial as they had hoped.

      Biden’s polling has actually gotten stronger in Pennsylvania since Thursday – and surprisingly, some of his best results were coming from Republican leaning polling firms (2 polls at least).

      Astrologically, Biden is now entering a period where I believe he’s going to gain more popularity and charm due to a tertiary progressed Venus squaring natal Pluto. This will be going on all the way until December.

      • @Chris hi good morning,
        You sound so absolutely invested I really hope the polls are correct and it all works out. But what next for you if it doesn’t? Do you have a Plan B?

        • @ Jennifer E,

          Yes, I am indeed invested – I’m even volunteering (by donating money, helping people with ballot info, etc.). I’ve already voted early.

          To answer your question, if things don’t work out the way I hope, then obviously I’ll be severely disappointed and deeply concerned over the next 4 years. However, I would take some small comfort in knowing Democrats will still have control of the House…and possibly have more seats in the Senate. Also, I would probably start participating more in community organizing, charities, and worthy causes (which I’ve always found to be helpful when dealing with tragic situations).

          Every Presidential election is a game of chance..so I know nobody (astrologers, numerologists, Tarot readers, psychics, data journalists, forecast models, etc.) can guarantee with absolute certainty that any particular candidate is going to win without a doubt. I just choose to remain optimistic because the energy has been with Biden, Harris, and Democrats…and we’re seeing record breaking voter turnout (especially among Generation Z and Millennial voters).

          Also, the astrology has been very helpful too. I take Western astrology classes and my astrology teacher has been very helpful in showing me what aspects I should look for when doing political astrology (I’m definitely in a rudimentary stage, but I am coming along! LoL)

      • @TrisKit, something that is often overlooked about Texas is that oil industry didn’t produce only JR Ewings, but a very fertile ground for engineering. Which is a great added value industry, bringing not only money, but also smart people to your State.

    • @Deborah, while McConnell is likely going to confirm his seat, most poll tracking and political tracking sites are now predicting Democrats will gain majority in Senate – least positive prediction for Democrats being 50-50 tie, where VP would act as a tiebreaker. And since it gets harder by day for Trump to keep WH – there were 57 million votes cast, as of yesterday -, the tiebreaks would go to Dems.

      And I really think that being there, in Senate, powerless, would be horrible for McConnell. He might even resign, at some point, citing health concerns.

    • Deborah. It’s 2020. The severe weather/fires related to fossil-fuel-caused climate change is affecting all of the oil producing states now. Although the jobs connected with that source fuel can be well-paying, the reality that the fires and weathers displace large groups of people is in smack dab in the faces/lives of everyone now. Those affected pretty much lose everything.

      Everyone knows that something needs to change–it’s not like people can pretend anymore that can continue with exploiting the environment at current levels.

      Biden was good to be honest about the need to address the problem.

  3. Marjorie,

    This was a very interesting read about McConnell and his wife Elaine. Coincidently, Evon Davis, a Colorado-based author and astrologer who also runs a YouTube channel that focuses mainly on political astrology, also did a reading on Mitch McConnell’s chart in one of her latest “vlog” posts. Davis had a very similar interpretation about McConnell for November 2020 to January 2021 – she saw many setbacks for him in the upcoming weeks and months and she said he does not look very happy or reassured around the time of the Presidential inauguration.

    However, I did notice once Evon Davis used 4:20 pm as Mitch McConnell’s birth time. I’m assuming she’s using a rectified birth time since I haven’t seen any posted birth times for Mitch McConnell in any of the astrology databases I’ve been to.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  4. Really can’t understand what she saw in this man who looks like Mother Goose except power and yet they have been together a very long time. Would certainly like to see them both unemployed in 2 weeks.

  5. Thank you so very much for looking at those two charts. Quite interesting. You had written back in 2019 that Mitch “over the election itself has the tr Jupiter Pluto conjunction trine his Saturn and tr Saturn trine his Uranus – neither of which are ecstatic nor are they devastatingly bad”. I think at this point Mitch will have achieved his life long goal moving the courts to the right therefore has gotten everything he wants out of Trump. That must be at least a consolation prize for him. At this point not even trying to get a relief package passed despite Trump’s insistence suggests that Mitch knows his part must move on from Trump.

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