Kaczynski (+ MK Ultra, Mind Control) & Hanssen – bombs & treason

Two criminal oddities have died in prison – Unabomber Ted Kaczynski of suicide and former FBI agent Robert Hanssen, perpetrator of the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history when he sold information to the Russians, of natural causes.

Kaczynski, born May 22, 1942 at 4pm Chicago, was a prodigy, up at Harvard at 15, a mathematician, who abandoned his academic career to pursue a primitive lifestyle. He murdered three individuals and injured 23 others in a nationwide mail bombing campaign against people he believed to be advancing modern technology and the destruction of the natural environment.

  He had a chart eerily similar to UK’s Fred West, a serial child rapist and killer, with an 8th house Uranus, Sun, Saturn conjunction trine a 12th house Neptune and sextile Pluto in the 10th. West had a marginally earthier chart and also suicided in prison while awaiting trial.

  Kaczynski had a charming Leo Moon trine Venus in Aries sextile a 9th house (of education) Jupiter Mercury in Gemini. He would be driven by the unconscious urges of his 8th house planets and his 10th house Pluto giving him an intense need to be in control.

Add On: The mystery was always how Kaczynski transformed from a star mathematics student to a terrorist. When he went up to Harvard, too young at 16, he was involved in a CIA-backed  mind-control experiment run by Harvard psychologist Henry A. Murray. The program (MK Ultra) sought to understand how to control subjects’ minds, using harsh interrogation techniques. Professor Alston Chase, author of a book about the Unabomber, argued these experiences at Harvard  helped create the Unabomber. They did “shape his anger and legitimize his wrath.”

 During that period of Kaczynski’s life – 1958 to 61 – tr Pluto in early Virgo was square his 8th house Uranus, Sun, Saturn in Gemini which would dredge up his deeply buried unconscious. Even more tellingly his Solar Arc Mars was then conjunct his 10th house Pluto making him acutely frustrated, enraged and fearful, trapped and powerless. The potential for him to flip into acute mental illness was always there but such grotesquely irresponsible experiments may well have tipped the scales.


Robert Hanssen, 18 April 1944 11.31am Evergreen Park, Illinois, an FBI agent, was an oddball with a religious background, member of Opus Dei and a perverse need to have his sexual relations with his wife filmed and viewed by a friend. Over 22 years he made £1.4 million in cash by selling US intelligence documents to the Russians. He was sentenced in 2001 to fifteen life terms without the possibility of parole, incarcerated until his death.

  He had a 10th house Aries Sun and Venus also in Aries on his Midheaven. His Venus was in a Half Grand Sextile opposition Neptune and sextile Uranus and sextile Pluto. Charming and talented with his Venus, like Kaczynski, square Mars in Cancer. His 8th house Pisces Moon was square Uranus and on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune. It is not entirely clear where his wildly contradictory traits came from – extreme religiosity v sexual perversion; love of country/dislike of Russians v treason/spying.

  His Jupiter in Leo was on the cusp of his 2nd house which would certainly give him a taste for money and the good life. And his 8th house Yod Moon would make him emotionally unbalanced, disorganised, lacking solid emotional foundations. His Moon is also a singleton, the only planet in Water. The rest of his chart is Fire Air – a hot air balloon loose on the ocean.   Kaczynski was also mainly Air Fire.

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  1. Well they say Ted was a paranoid schizophrenic. In Hanssens case I believe his need for financial security for his family made him jeopardise his freedom and in the end leave his family abandoned with him in prison.

    • I read in one of his obits that Hanssen was the son and grandson of “bent” cops, so there was a family history of being on the take. But he took it in a totally different direction and to a new level.

    • I wonder how long he would have gone on with his war had his brother not turned him in. His method was completely sick, but his doomsday vision of environmental destruction and tech dominance does seem ahead of his time.
      What I don’t get astrologically is how an 11th house moon trining a 7th house Venus lives off the grid, wildly alone.

      • It’s a good question about 11th house moon / 7th house venus to ponder. I would note Capricorn on IC could indicate austere living conditions.

        His moon squares his 8th house Uranus where it is conjunct Sun/Saturn. His actions show the inner tension of that square – an inability to get close and empathise with other people on a feeling level (moon square uranus); or to accept their values (saturn in 8th). I guess the tension of that square quite literally exploded occasionally with an arrogant Leo need to assert itself in the public domain.

      • I’d add the Aries Venus in 7th would be what he wants from a partner. So, if we assumed he was heterosexual, he would have been attracted to women who chased him. I think that might have been difficult to find as a maths student in the 60s/70s.

        Transitswise – wikipediia states “After testing scored his IQ at 167, he skipped the sixth grade. Kaczynski later described this as a pivotal event: previously he had socialized with his peers and was even a leader, but after skipping ahead of them he felt he did not fit in with the older children, who bullied him.” … by my reckoning that would have been around 1955 when transiting Pluto was going over his 11th house Leo moon – that’s a perfect description of the transit and how he can’t have learned its lessons to be a more humble 11th house person.

        It also says, he moved to the wilderness in 1969 which was when transit Pluto went over his Virgo Neptune.

        The first bomb was in May 1978. Transiting Saturn would have gone over his Leo moon during the months before along with Pluto crossing his ascendant. Probably explains the paranoia – transiting Pluto in 1st perceiving everything as a threat.

        His most ‘prolific’ year seems to have been 1985 – that would have been with Pluto square Pluto taking place.

        His capture in 1996 coincides with transiting Pluto opposing his Gemini Sun-Saturn-Uranus combo

  2. Thanks for these, Marjorie. Two very strange men. Kaczynski especially seems emotionally and socially stunted and mentally ill in some way, with his extreme rejection of science and modern life and reclusive lifestyle.

  3. Hi Marjorie, Isaac Starkman just posted the following…..
    “Ted Kaczynski, the convicted terrorist known as the Unabomber, died by a possible suicide in his prison cell early Saturday, a source told ABC News. He was 81.
    As in Hillary Clinton case, we have the same problem with the deciphering the birth time:
    It seems that my rectification for 6.29.16 CDT Asc 17Gem35′ that I published 10 years ago is working well.
    In the lunar return Neptune on Desc
    In the converse lunar return Saturn on Asc, square Pluto
    In the solar return, precession corrected, Saturn exactly on MC, Neptune 90 Asc
    In the converse solar return , Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Moone forming T-square connected with the angles.
    In the converse solar return, precession corrected, Mars on Asc, S. Node on IC
    In his chart, Mercury and helio Mercury conjunct angle.”

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