Justin Bieber – facing a life-changing moment

Canadian popstar Justin Bieber has cancelled a series of shows on his latest tour after a virus caused “full paralysis” on one side of his face. He said he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome which is usually treated with steroids, antiviral medication and facial rehabilitation. Information varies but a third to a half of sufferers recover completely, some don’t. A surgeon said: “Some people [recover] very quickly – in three weeks – others can take several months. It’s a very unpredictable exercise.”

  He was born 1 March 1994 12.56am Stratford, Ontario, and has a musical Sun Saturn and Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. He has two other key elements in his chart which are coming together by Solar Arc which is always an indication of a life-changing period. He has the highly-strung and often talented Uranus Neptune of his generation which aspects his Water planets; and he has an influential but challenging and crisis-prone Pluto North Node square Mars Mercury, a legacy from a messy childhood.

  His Mars square Pluto is catching not only the Eclipses this year but also the tr Saturn hard aspects from late this May on and off until March 2023 so he will be facing rolling setbacks and frustrations. His Solar Arc Uranus is also conjunct his Mercury now followed by Solar Arc Neptune conjunct – starting a few years of anxious concern and obstacles.

  His Pluto on his North Node will give him the potential to influence the masses but the Scorpio North Node on its Nodal Half Return this year hints at the need for a rethink.

   The lessons of a Scorpio North Node can be harsh, demanding a complete break with the past in order to undergo a profound transformation. Sometimes this can be a physical setback. Two examples come to mind though of an extreme variety – John Addey, the noted astrologer, who had keen sporting abilities until struck down young with arthritis which turned his attention to the study of astrology and philosophy. The other is Melanie Reid, a Sunday Times columnist who was left tetraplegic after a horse accident and writes inspiring weekly pieces about her disability.

 I hasten to add that not everyone with a Scorpio Node will be hit with such devastating effects and the transformation process does not always have to be somatised (= lived out through the body). Others will go through the process in other ways.  And not everyone lives out their North Nodes, some cling tenaciously to the old patterns and exit as they came in.

  Bieber does have his Progressed Moon moving through his 12th at the moment which is reasonably minor but is often a more inward looking time of endings and sorting out his life and that’s around until late 2023. What will be encouraging is Jupiter moving into his outgoing and entertaining 5th house from February 2023 onwards which should bounce him out into more activity. Though it is also his year of his Saturn Return which can be heavy going, sobering and a time to face hard reality.

 His Solar Return for this year does look stuck, scary and exasperated with Mars Pluto in his 4th. Next year’s not so much so.

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  1. Yes, I am proximate to someone living out those harsh Scorpio NN lessons. My younger stepdaughter was born about a week and a half before Bieber… hers is a mutable chart, with those Pisces sign/planets on her MC and Scorpio NN conjunct Pluto in the 6th. Her mother basically reared her as a “princess” (very South Node in Taurus, IMO) who was shielded, pampered, and “enabled.” And SD fully expected to find a husband with money like her mother did, a man who would handle everything for her. But Pluto with her NN said “no.” SD went on to become a never-married single mom of 3 boys, which continually forces her to confront her 6th house issues. She wants so badly to keep being a princess (or a Kardashian, I guess, would be an American equivalent) when it’s just not “karmically” possible for her, it seems. While her issues aren’t intrinsically somatic, it’s like the 6th house functions as a stand-in for that in her case. Knowing how she is, and with her Pisces MC, I think she could have been very successful as a Hollywood makeup artist. But she was never going to exert herself to actually get trained for that… or anything, really. So she just flounders along in her daily life and puts videos of herself wearing elaborate makeup and nails (and gets no pay for it) on TikTok.

    • Come to think of it, my stepdaughter’s pregnancies were difficult—she had to do bed rest at times for all of them, and her younger two were preemies. So the Scorpio manifestation (temporary) of somatic issues for her could have been her pregnancies.

  2. I haven’t read the Billboard issue. The headline says “centered, responsible, found himself” but the picture sure screams “bad boy getting away with it.”

    It sounds like a terrifying medical condition for anyone. But especially for someone famous for their voice, who relies on it for their career.

    Solaia, thank you for sharing your experience. It resonates with some medical challenges in my own life and the lives of some other family members, that I’m not confident to share today. But your thoughts were helpful.

    In the Baghavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that it is each person’s responsibility to do the work that they are fated to do. But the outcome or fruits of that work are never something we get to claim, they are in God’s hands. I am not advanced enough in studying the Gita to tell if the destined work is related to caste and class, or more specifically to the individual’s unique nature and astrology. Krishna also says that if someone is a devotee of a particular god or religion, they will tend to wind up with an afterlife experience that matches their belief to the extent they lived a devotional life. But he goes on to say it would be better to not be devoted to an intermediate level god or spiritual being, rather than the ultimate Divinity.

    I think astrology shows us patterns that are set up for us to experience in life, that give us and other people opportunities to do some good things and correct some past habits of mistakes. But whether or not we use those opportunities to the fullest are up to our free will. Just because a particular pitch has come our way doesn’t mean we’ll swing the bat and connect just right. And sometimes life sucks not because we did something wrong, but because someone else totally failed at their own responsibilities in life.

  3. Thank you for reading his chart. It seems like he will win the battle and not be crippled by the disease. What a relief to know life is predestined and we can trace it all to the planets and stars…

      • Hi Larry. You can trace your life events with astrology and use a variety of astrological methods to predict the future by analyzing the energies to predict the possible outcomes. You can use synastry to see predestined and fated relationships with another person so nothing is random. Outcomes have already been determined before you came in. You signed up for the life you are experiencing, it is not real. Dolores Cannon has great books talking about this in length.

        We are born at the exact right moment (to the minute) when the planets and stars aligned that give us a karmic blueprint of our personalities based on our previous lives and actions.

      • Freewill according to Carl Jung is doing gladly and freely that which one must do. Which I have always taken to mean – accept the pattern of your life which is set, within broad parameters, and work with it. You can’t change your birth chart but you can learn to work with it, become more conscious and have more choices about how to use the energies.
        He also said ‘that of which we are unconscious meets us on the outside as if it was fate.’ The less self-aware you are the more your life seems predestined in the sense that ‘things’ happen to you.
        Jung wasn’t right about everything but he did have some nuggets of inspiration.
        Freewill/pre-destination is an enormously complex subject to grapple with and I’m not keen on the simplistic previous life/bad karma explanations. Though I can see it may be a comforting to have a belief that puts a pseudo-explanation on the unexplainable.
        All religions/spiritual systems in one way or another turn themselves inside out trying to explain why life is unfair/harsh/cruel to some people for no obvious reason. Since a good god can’t be responsible it has to be man’s fault. Roman Catholic sin isn’t much different from bad karma.
        All these old jokes about – life sucks, so make the sucker float – have some truth about them. Life is unfair. Luck is randomly distributed often to the undeserving. Some have more choices than others and that isn’t always a matter of choice; though some do obdurately refuse to act on the choices that life presents them with. No one has total freewill.
        Is the best I can do.

        • That is a beautiful explanation. I resonate with Jung’s quote on what meets us on the outside, as the outer world is an external reflection of how we feel internally.

  4. “The lessons of a Scorpio North Node can be harsh, demanding a complete break with the past in order to undergo a profound transformation. Sometimes this can be a physical setback.”

    This is interesting. I have Scorpio NN conjunct Venus/Uranus. I have suffered from all kind of lower abdomen issues since I was a teen, but only was diagnosed with endometriosis in my early 30’s. Later got what now seems long covid like consequences from a viral infection, and mixed with my endometriosis introduced fatigue had this diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I always found the diagnoses a “kitchen sink” one, because I lacked most of the common trickers fibromyalgia patients tell cause their flares, and I learned to recognize hormonal pattern in my pain. Also, once I got my endo treated properly with an IUD after giving up an idea of a second child (my ovaries seemed to be the only part of lower abdomen actually spared), my situation improved dramatically. But I was still very intent NOT to risk long covid – incidently, mine passed in 8 days, not leaving any other symptoms but worsened atopic eczema, apparently a common outcome.

    That said, I did go back to school and, in a way, changed career and most importantly career aspirations due to that fibromyalgia diagnosis. A “day job” that’s recommended to fibro patients to help with all important sleep, was good with a smaller child, but it’s unlikely I will go back to person I was before diagnosis and even some years after while a student happily working late evening or even wee hours even after my kid gets older. I’ve learnt I’m actually at my best working, or even creativity wise, 1.5- 2 hours after good night sleep, two cups of coffee and a short walk, not necessarily at midnight.

    • Solaia, Thanks. That’s interesting.

      I had a family member from the John Addey year who had polio as a child – and the enforced lay up turned her into a studious child who from an unlikely background went on to a First Class Honours degree and a PhD. I wouldn’t have said she was spiritually evolved from the experience but she certainly turned her life round.

      Must look out for more examples.

    • Actor Yul Brynner is another Scorpio NN who early on was a trapeze artist who damaged his back which got him addicted to opium and other drugs. This led to a meeting with Jean Cocteau who introduced him to the bohemian set and he was propelled towards a multi-faceted career in acting and directing.

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