Jupiter Saturn – harbinger of changing times

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, exact on the solstice this December is significant for several reasons. As an astronomical event it will be rare. Despite these two planets coming together in a conjunction every 20 years, they will be closer visually than at any time in several centuries.

    Such astronomical alignments aren’t always noteworthy astrologically speaking. But this one is the first step in a momentous shift out of earthy, money and power-oriented Capricorn which has been the dominant theme for the past twelve years and is the harbinger of a revisioned landscape moving forward in this decade. Pluto will move into Aquarius in 2023, followed by Uranus into Gemini and Neptune into Aries – an ideological, technological driven, scientific Air/Fire emphasis rather than leaden materialism.

   The third lesser reason is that the conjunction falls on the Ingress of the Sun into Capricorn, always reckoned one of the key points in the year, painting a theme of what lies ahead.

   The key locations for this Ingress with be London, Korea, Iran and Los Angeles with the conjunction fall on the axis for each. Intriguingly with Brexit (of whatever variety) galloping towards a finish line the Jupiter Saturn due is conjunct the Ascendant located to London. The Brexiteers will no doubt hope this heralds a brave new world. Though a 12th house Pluto square a 2nd house Mars suggests financial road-blocks and dirty-dealings, and a confused, indecisive, delusional 1st house Moon Neptune squaring the Node is also a worry.

  Set for Seoul in South Korea, close to the North, it puts Pluto on the Descendant with Jupiter Saturn in the 7th – so that region will be on alert. The change of USA President is no doubt weighing on Kim Jong Un, now that his buddy Trump has departed.

  For Teheran the Ingress has Pluto conjunct the Midheaven with Jupiter Saturn in the 10th so is likely to also be an important location for the same reason as North Korea. And Joe Biden’s chart relocated there has his determined Mars in Scorpio exactly on the Descendant, so is likely to be an area of intense concentration for him.

  Los Angeles? Who knows?  It has the Jupiter Saturn exactly conjunct the IC, which could perhaps bring grassroots pressure for a less greedy less capitalist approach to movie making?  Small hope!

  Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, fosters ideals and visions of a better life. Saturn is restrictive, realistic, insists on a tangible result from efforts and on facing life as it is. Finding the balance between idealism and materialism is crucial when these two come together. Having hope and common sense at the same time.

  A similar astronomical phenomenon of Jupiter and Saturn being so close together hasn’t occurred since July 1623 (in Leo)and before that March 1226 (in Aquarius). In 1623 the USA was stocking up with settlers in New Plymouth after the Mayflower’s landing in 1620. 1226 – nothing of great note that I can see.  

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  1. Re 1623 and pioneers settling – this was a time of mass carnage for Native Americans via Europeans spreading pandemic diseases in the indigenous populations of the Americas, not to mention genocide.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. Trump now says he will leave if the electoral college votes him out. Hoping your comments on Biden having the “concentration” is good as being the US has been stressful.

  3. 1226 – the closest significant event I can find is the final version of Magna Carta in 1225, confirmed by Henry III as being of his “own free will” and sealed with the king’s seal at last. This is the one that lasted.

  4. Los Angeles is NOT just movies & Hollywood
    NASA is here (JPL), Cal Tech, UCLA…lots of research facilities& top universities (USC, Loyola, Claremont…)
    Space X is here-lots of aerospace.
    We are also “Silicone Beach.” Google, all kinds of tech companies are here
    We are also an international city-huge geographically with at least 200 languages spoken
    Our school district serves 600k students! 4 of 5 live in poverty
    Gentrification has pushed working class folk onto the streets
    Lavish rental units go empty while families live in cars, tents—war veterans live on the street
    Homelessness here is…Dickensonian so, so, sad

    I was wondering about what 12-21 would bring

    The school district works with charities to provide families with meals (600k students—a school district spanning 720 square miles! This government entity will be working with research institutions to provide tests, contact tracing, psychological assistance.
    The city council is currently trying to address the homeless issue. These may be more in line with an Aquarian/Neptune effects.

    Los Angeles is more than Hollywood. Lots of $ here invested in all kind of things!

    Earthquakes are bad, but the fires occur more frequently and more homes than ever are located near dry hillsides and mountains.

    • Thanks KG. You’re right to highlight these social and financial issues. I remember noticing this massive gap years ago when I spent a lot of time in LA, living and working. It has got so much worse. Marjorie posted about California earthquakes on 6 July 2019. The 4th September 1781 chart for Los Angeles has Pluto at 4 Aquarius. I’m not sure if that’s close enough to this Jupiter Saturn conjunction. But interesting to see that LA approaches it’s Pluto return in the next few years, following on from the Pluto return for the USA as a whole.

      • Well, I left out…
        This land belonged to native people-the Tongva, Chumash
        Then the Spaniards, then Mexico
        Although we are a diverse city, racism is part of our history (toward poc and also, Jews, Muslims etc.). same as everywhere else.

        Re: Uranus & explosions: we’ve had Nike sites (weaponry) in the hills
        Also, gas pipelines! (Close by and inside a city of millions of people)

  5. “Los Angeles? Who knows? It has the Jupiter Saturn exactly conjunct the IC, which could perhaps bring grassroots pressure for a less greedy less capitalist approach to movie making? Small hope!”

    This is already happening, I think. Studios have mostly postponed premiers of their big blockbusters given covid-19 restrictions won’t allow them to fill movie theaters to full capacity and this would have made especially summer season movies aimed to make most of their box office gains in opening week much less profitable. The one that came out, “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan, had very mixed reviews. One complaint has been voice volume – Nolan’s target audience would, typically, be slightly more “brainy” than audience for let’s say big super hero movies, so that could be a factor. But it might be that people coming of from less auditory saturated environment will find things like full blast Dolby Surround very disturbing.

    • Please see my comment about my hometown.
      We are much more than just an entertainment hub
      Lots of research universities & top med schools
      We are incredibly diverse-200+ languages spoken. People from all over the world live here.

      I think the effects will be more than Hollywood/entertainment
      It’s only one of the things going on in Los Angeles. I

      • @Kg, I know, even if I’ve never been there, because I’ve been watching movies and series set in LA all my life. My husband hasn’t, either, but can probably tell exactly where every high rated taco truck or restaurant is located. This is because in his late teens, he entertained the idea of attending UCLA seriously enough to have a financial plan including working as a bicycle courier and memorized LA streetmaps. So, when he hears “in a corner of x and y” on screen on those food or travel shows, he can tell where the place is. He couldn’t do that with Moscow or Tokyo, despite being bit of a map nerd (as am I).

  6. Here’s a link to events in 1226:

    One that caught my eye was:

    “In Norway, Brother Robert writes Saga Af Tristram ok Ísodd, one of the rare fully surviving versions of the legend of Tristan and Iseult.[3]”

    I wonder if in 2020 or 2021 some sort of major work will be written and published – and become a classic, being still read even 800 years from now 😀

  7. This conjunction is in my 10th house. The triple conjunction square Mars (natal ruler) coincided with my redundancy. So I hope this time the result will be positive. Thank you, Marjorie. Your analysis makes sense as always.

  8. The conjunction’s impact on California brings Kamala Harris to mind. Not only will she be VP, she may also be called upon to take over if Biden can’t finish his term becaue of age and health. Her husband has been a lawyer for Hollywood studios, and presumably will lobby discreetly on their behalf or try to bring change to the movie industry. Also, the selection of her replacement in the Senate by the governor of California may well propel some future presidential ambitions.

  9. Fascinating about the locations with the conjunction on the axis. It would be wonderful if the ‘Hollywood’ movie business was transformed, but maybe that’s partly underway already?

    I was wondering about the medieval conjunction in Aquarius. Genghis Khan was declared Great Khan of the Mongols in 1206, when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Taurus. He died in 1227, following that Aquarian conjunction in 1226. I’d say his era and sunsequent dynasty had a big impact on much of the world – the Mongol Empire was vast and lasted until the 14th century. And it wasn’t all invasions, art, science, astronomy, trade and so on – plus a fair amount of religious tolerance for the time – were part of what Genghis Khan encouraged.

  10. What is the Astro-cartography for LA. Not familiar with this. Could it mean an Earthquake. Saturn/Jupiter being the largest planet in the Solar system on the Cusp of Aquarius a power beginning precipitated by a sudden explosion. Simple astrology, although sometimes, the simple explanation is the most strongest. The Sun and Mercury are also 0% of Capricorn emphasising Earth.

      • Re Iran. I hope it signifies an overthrow of this tyrannical regime. I lived through the revolution and lost my husband to its ongoing reign of terror. Beautiful country, ruined by despots. Thank you, Marjorie for your hard work and dedication. Lena M

  11. Hi Marjorie…St Francis of Assisi died Oct 3rd 1226…perhaps significant as Pope Francis is named fo him? Also, though it’s not the year, #1226 of the catholic catechism is interesting to read. This conhunction will conjunct my saturn at 4 aquarius, oppose my asc, sextile my MC and trine my sun, IC and moon at 5,6,7 libra. I have mercury at 20 libra and mars at 22 libra…so I you can imagine I’m feeling cheerier of late! Thanks for this

    • Great question Carmel, meant to ask Marjorie about a lot of Saints.
      Saint Francis was born 26 September at 16.41p.m., according to Astrodatabank in either 1181 or 1182.

      • Indeed, same thoughts here. A quick glance at the entries for 1226 and the preceding and following years seems to suggest quite a few Catholic saints being involved in one way or another (Saint Louis IX ascending the French throne in 1226, for instance). There were also a few crusades around at the time, including the one in southern France, against the Cathars. So a very divided, polarised time, with all out hostility against those not on your side.

        Indeed, in Marjorie’s whole article, one word jumped out at me and made me feel ill; “ideological”. I doubt this is the time for healing. Indeed, I suspect this is the time for more division, more “purity of thought” on both right and left (cf wokeness). “Ideological” to my mind conjures up both white supremacy and Black Lives Matter and I worry that it will be blood in the streets.

      • …erm, speaking about saints….wasn’t the Jup/Saturn conjunction over Bethlehem the one the Magi followed as they knew a King would be born there?? It occurs every 20 years, I always think of it as a business talent personally but yes, I do think it is associated with quakes IF there is a tendency/history to them in a region. Jupiter just means “lots of” …LA is long overdue, so is Wellington New Zealand, so is Italy….I don’t have the countries’ charts to hand, though…….

  12. Been wondering about this one all year; with a Solstice birthday and all three personal planets in capricorn…
    Thanks Marjorie – informed and entertained all year despite the grind.

    • Crap. I had not reflected on that. My Descendant is 1 Capricorn. So this Great Conjunction is bang across from my Ascendant. What will that mean for me? Thoughts welcome.

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