Coleen & Rebekah – waste of space and money

A depressingly vacuous court case involving two English Kardashian-type footballers wives centres on who leaked what from a private Instagram account. Coleen Rooney, wife of bad-boy Wayne, accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories of her private life to the media and says it caused her three years of ‘stress and anxiety’. RV in return sued her for libel, claiming she nearly miscarried because of her anguish over the affair. RV has won the first round, on the grounds that others had access to her Instagram account and the libel was directed solely at her. Both are now involved in “one final attempt to resolve the matter without the need for a full trial”. If they manage it the media will gnash their teeth at missing out on the fun and distraction.

 Coleen Rooney, 3 April 1986, is a Sun Aries with an emotionally intense and stubborn Venus in Taurus opposition Pluto square an Aquarius Moon.  She has a Solar Arc Saturn square her Sun around now so not in the best of spirits. She’ll have some uplift over the New Year but that runs alongside a run of mishaps and failures till late January, followed by a run of disasters from tr Neptune squaring her Mars/Saturn midpoint late March to mid April, repeating later in the year.

 Rebekah Vardy, 17 February 1982, is a Sun Aquarius trine Pluto, Saturn, Mars in Libra which in turn square Venus in Capricorn – so equally not one for giving way easily under attack. She’s not looking too ecstatically happy in 2021 either with Pluto and Neptune transits putting blockages and banana skins in her way; with a sharp-shock from Solar Arc Mars square Sun also in 2021.

   Their relationship chart which has Saturn sitting on the Mars/Pluto midpoint – not an auspicious omen for a BFF bond – has tr Neptune conjunct the composite Sun from late March, through April and on and off across the New Year into 2022.   All disappearing down the plughole as well it might.

What an obscene waste of money.

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9 thoughts on “Coleen & Rebekah – waste of space and money

  1. If they are such a waste of space, why even give them the time of day when the world is full of far more interesting sorts?
    That also applies to Meghan Markle etc.

    • Because I requested it in the Q&A.

      They are a waste of space but we can still learn from the astrology of the situation. You have to look at the dark side of people/situations to be able to appreciate the light.

    • Why so sour, Marina? We’ve had barmy politicos up to saturation point. Like it or not the WagWars are providing a distraction, even if only to have contempt poured on them. I find the whole Meghan Markle saga fascinating. If you don’t, then skip over those stories. This site is the astrology of what’s in the news – and it’s informative to see how the astrology plays out even with those you dislike.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Marjorie – I still find myself giggling at the WAGatha Christie moniker.

    I cannot believe this has been dragged back into the public eye, a year after it all blew up. Anyone with common sense would just have let it drift off into the past to be all but forgotten as a piece of Twitterlore. But the ego of someone like Vardy is supersensitive to the opinion of others and always needs to be in the right.

    In different circumstances these two would be on the Jeremy Kyle show; taking lie detector tests and gobbing off at each other with bouncers holding them back. I suppose they could have taken the cheaper route of Judge Rinder. Neither of them could afford a proper court case without their husband’s careers.

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