Israel & Saudi Arabia – push for Trump legacy deal

A historic Israel-Saudi Arabia pact had been on the cards. Even in the dying days of the Trump regime there is a push to make it happen with Israeli PM Netanyahu and Secretary of State Pompeo allegedly being seen at the Saudi leader Mohamed bin Salman’s favourite watering hole. Whether it will happen or not is questionable with the strong possibility that the promised sweetener of an arms’ sale will be withdrawn under Biden’s watch.

  The Saudi Arabia/Israel relationship is uneasy at the best of times with a struggle-for-the-upper-hand composite Jupiter opposition Pluto; a differing-agendas Sun opposition Uranus and a hostile Mars trine Pluto; and an unsupportive Mars square Neptune.  Tr Neptune will be producing disappointments between them through 2021 and undermining trust.

  Netanyahu and MBS aren’t a comfortable mix at the best of times with both having a brash, flamboyant Mars in Leo and MBS’s super-charged, control-freak Pluto being conjunct Netanyahu’s Sun.

   USA/Saudi Arabia relations look easier than the Saudi/Israel ones through 2021. And there will be considerable tensions between Israel and the USA starting from late this December.

    Netanyahu and Biden are a tough mix with Joe Biden’s Scorpio planets squaring Netanyahu’s Mars Pluto in Leo for a stand-off. It’s highly strung at the moment, jousting for position from the New Year and seriously disrupted through 2021 with tr Uranus in hard aspect to the composite Sun square Pluto, with tr Saturn chipping in its dampers as well.

  Iran is at the centre of all political decisions with Biden likely to try and resurrect Obama’s deal which Trump summarily overturned.

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