Joe Rogan – success comes at any cost

Joe Rogan, the podcaster, described as “one of the most consumed media products on the planet” who signed a $100m deal with Spotify in 2020 for exclusive rights to his show, stays in place. Neil Young, who objected to Rogan’s misleading stance on vaccinations, goes – at considerable cost to himself and to Reprise Records. He said “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.” And he called Spotify, the music streaming giant as “the home of life-threatening Covid misinformation”, adding: “Lies being sold for money.”

The Joe Rogan Experience is the top podcast on Spotify and reportedly downloaded almost 200 million times a month. Last month, a group of doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals signed an open letter to Spotify citing Rogan’s “concerning history” in discussing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rogan claims to be libertarian but has been criticised in the past for making transphobic and racist remarks and for his choice of guests including alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. He said he was not “an anti-vax person” though he has also been criticised in the US for touting the anti-parasite drug ivermectin as a treatment for coronavirus.

  Born 11 August 1967 at 12.05 am Newark, New Jersey, he has a 4th house Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Leo so although private, he’ll also cherish an audience and isn’t short on confidence or luck.  He also has a hard-working and not altogether aimiable 6th house Mars in Scorpio as well as Neptune, both of which square his Sun so he will be wound-up, intense, inclined to snipe back and enjoys an argument. Jupiter square Neptune may attract him to less than realistic notions. His Libra Moon is also in the 6th and he has suffered odd heath ailments in the past. When he caught covid last year his Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct his Mars; and tr Pluto was hovering around the square to his Moon; and his Progressed Moon was just moving into his 6th house.

  In addition he has a chaotic, unpredictable Uranus, Pluto and Venus in his performing 5th house so he’ll be keen to appear as a maverick and convention-breaker. Most significantly he has a Yod of Mars sextile Venus inconjunct Saturn, which is difficult to handle well, requiring maturity and self-control. And his Moon is unaspected giving him a a sense of disconnection and it can be destabilizing emotionally and psychologically.

  Tr Uranus is opposing his Mars now and through February, which will rattle his sense of security; plus he has a catastrophic hit on his Mars/Saturn midpoint this month from tr Pluto conjunct, which returns August to November this year. He will have pressures over the next two years but he doesn’t look set back on his heels until 2025 when tr Pluto is conjunct his Midheaven which could bring his reputation crashing down or force a change of direction.

  Neil Young, 12 November 1945 6.45am Toronto, Canada, is the complete opposite to Rogan with a Scorpio Sun opposition an Aquarius Moon and square Pluto in Leo, with Mars also in Leo which clashes with Rogan’s Leo planets; and his Saturn in Cancer squares Rogan’s Moon.

  Spotify was set up on 23 April 2006 and launched on 7 October 2008. The founding chart has a Taurus Sun square Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius – stubborn, enduring, money minded. The launch chart has a Libra Sun square Jupiter in money-magnet Capricorn and trine Neptune. Both charts look upbeat until 2024 and beyond. The launch chart will be stuck and super-confident at the same time in 2024; and the founding chart gets a double whammy in 2025 of tr Pluto square the Sun and opposition Saturn – all good things run into the buffers at some point.

  Joe Rogan from what little I’ve read seems to relish confounding his audience by stoking up controversies to get attention but never settling to any set opinions himself. A contrarian and screamer who has hit a golden seam and has no intention of upsetting his success.  A slippery Neptune will help.   

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  1. Interesting to see the Spotify chart. Money-minded it certainly is with the CEO’s net worth calculated at US$4.1bn while an artist’s work needs to be streamed 300 times before they earn even £1. There are moves to redress the balance so just maybe from 2025 that will start to happen and the profits will no longer be quite so excessive. It’s criminal the way passionate artists are exploited by a greedy industry. YouTube and Apple music are hardly better and record labels are non-transparent in their financial dealings with the very people who make it possible for them to exist. In some ways we still live in a feudal society.

  2. Neil Young contracted Polio and was hospitalized at age 5. :// I’m 70, a friend was the last child in my county to get polio. Wore a brace and had a pronounced limp. A horrible disease. Young knows the value of vaccination. US & Russian have the highest percent citizens who refuse vaccination. Both countries flood with disinformation.

    • Apparently, Joni Mitchell jas joined with Neil Young to leave Spotify over Rogan’s absurd broadcasts.

      Like him, she contracted polio (guess they didn;t hv ivermectin back then).


    • CNN, today: “Nils Lofgren, who was part of Bruce Springeteen’s E Street Band and Crazy Horse, also announced he is taking his music off Spotify and encouraged all “musicians, artists and music lovers” to cut ties with the platform to support healthcare professionals.”

  3. Joe Rogan did a podcast for 6 years several times per week for free and published to YouTube. That’s where he picked up his following.
    He turned down lucrative TV shows and overseas commentator gigs so that he could keep doing his podcasts because they brought him joy, if not money.
    He already had a decent income with his sports commentary and stand up comedy work, and so he made the decision to stay home with his family and work on his hobby…the podcast.
    It’s easy to attack anyone, but on the plus side he is providing a voice and message to millions (mostly men as he is quite ‘bloke ish’ imo) who have been marginalised by the postage stamp size consensus.
    I don’t listen to Rogan, but I’d fight for his (or anyone’s) right to question.
    Btw I live in Asia and here Ivermectin is a very commonly used and cheap drug for people. It is used for parasites and virus, and also as prevention of both. Every time I hear western MSM refer to it as ‘horse paste’ or dangerous I am disappointed. It’s available over the counter in every pharmacy for about 2 quid for a 3 day course.
    Science with questioning is still Science.
    Science without questioning is propaganda

    • Sj. Completely agree with your comments. Never heard this man but I support free speech especially against the narrative and I do know that Ivermectin is the super drug for Covid and extensitively tested.
      A very cheap drug, that’s the world’s real problem.

      • “I do know that Ivermectin is the super drug for Covid and extensitively tested.”

        So may one assume you also no longer suffer from intestinal parasites?

        I wasn’t aware that the astrology website now offers medical promotions. I’ve learned something new every day.

        • Amen Larry. Used ivermectin on my horses for years. Horses who had ivermectin were excluded from being used as human food Sources. That should be a clue for most people.

  4. Meanwhile, musicians and bands have nothing but love for Bandcamp – a way of presenting and selling you music that gives you complete control. It would be interesting to compare the two

  5. This is an interesting study- as N.Young currently has T. Saturn sitting on his Moon, T. Uranus squaring it. The Moon represents the public- and I think he missed the mark on this one. He’s passionate- and used to be a REBEL. Time will tell if he loses an entire group of followers. He clearly doesn’t have a personal astrologer. When he made his announcement- (tantrum) -T. Mercury Rx was square to his Venus (exact) and so – GOODBYE MONEY! He doesn’t need anymore really. Pluto is oppose his Saturn- (3rd/9th houses) He’ll have to come up with a new PR mission/approach. I don’t follow Joe, but I am very concern about how “against the mandate” became “anti-vax”. Some of us were injured by the Vax (I was!!!) I am stilling dealing with the fallout. Mandates have ended some work (not all- I am a professional Astrologer!) and it is very upsetting that those of us who are suffering aren’t given a mainstream platform. Except for Senator Johnson- we can’t seem to get anyone to HEAR about us. As a lifelong liberal- I have to say, I am reconsidering my voting options. Until this happens to you or someone you love- you can consider yourself blessed. And once it DOES happen to you- you question the ONLY narrative that is allowed on mainstream media. I think Joe should be allowed to continue to speak, and PRO CHOICE has a NEW meaning for me.

    • Unaspected planets are not integrated with the other planets in the chart which doesn’t necessarily mean they are weak. Often they are more intense and single-tracked for being out on their own and harder to control. They also tend to be switch in switch off, erratic in the way they operate; with feelings often being too contained, not well expressed or well understood.
      The Moon is more susceptible than the other planets to being unaspected since it needs to connect. Being unaspected tends to bring a restless, not-quite-fitting (not at home) quality to life.
      One study found an unaspected Moon one of the trickier to deal with since it brings an extra vulnerability and a sense of not being sheltered or secure.

  6. For what it’s worth, my Aries stellium husband, who usually is the last person to embrace any “cancel campaign”, is currently moving his Spotify playlists to Apple Music. We’ve been using Spotify at least since late 2009, and he must have had a Premium account most of that time – we have a wedding playlists on Spotify, and our wedding was in 2011. But, as it happens, we are listening to Neil Young a lot, and our daugher likes “Alabama” in particular.

    So, I’m actually thinking this will be a big hit for Spotify, with all Gen X people taking a stand, and Millenials already unhappy with changes Spotify has made over years – for instance, when it started, you could search for any music, create playlists etc. with a “basic” account. Now,
    without a Premium account, you have to listen to 20 others from a list in random order. So, younger people go to Youtube, Google Music, even TikTok for their favourite songs. Kids, like our daughter, hardly care for things like sound quality, either. They listen to their favorite things from cellphones – the way my friends and I would from portable cassette players playing mixtapes from radio copied over and over.

    And I actually think this is the reason Spotify sticks with their podcast stars – they try to pivot from music to podcasts. That said, there are other platforms for those, it’s a really crowded field. So, I absolutely can see Spotify becoming “not a thing” around 2025. Founders and early investors have probably already cashed out.

    • Alabama is a masterpiece, as is Cortez the Killer, Powderfinger, Ohio and many more. I think people can believe anything they want, so long as their beliefs don’t impact on the health and well being of the rest of us.

  7. What’s wrong with some people or a person being anti vax ? Has everyone in the world got to agree with all the mainstream scientists who are often centuries later if not earlier proved wrong. Let people have their own thoughts

    • Generally speaking, what’s wrong with antivaxxers is they’re not doing much thinking at all to get to their own thoughts. They’re parroting the thoughts of others inhabiting their echo chambers.

      Anyone who has decent research and critical thinking skills, who decides there are certain vaccines they don’t want to take and can put forward a reasoned explanation of that is fine with me.

    • Anti-vaxxers targetted my children on the way to school last week and other children walking to school (without parents as it’s a secondary), giving them leaflets full of nonsense. It’s all getting a bit much now.

      If people disagree with “mainstream” scientists, there are plenty of science degree courses out there, then they can get involved in peer review.

      • Read Bel Mooney in today’s Mail on anti-vaxxers – covers the main points.
        Evidently when the smallpox vaccine turned up in the 19th century there was a push back against it which was over ridden and smallpox has now been totally eradicated.
        I understand those with medical exemptions. What I don’t understand is this three year-old, throwing a tantrum, trying to look important – ‘I’m not going to do what nanny/teacher tells me just because….’ And the blanket dismissal of science and mainstream media. QAnon is preferable?
        Sure medics get it wrong and so does the media but don’t all those pics of anti-vaxxers on their death beds from covid, crying because they could have/should have got vaccinated mean anything?
        I’m not sure if the world was always this paranoid (= delusional = denying reality and distorting it). But my patience is sagging somewhat.

        • The general thinking among some quarters is that those pictures are faked and the whole thing is pro vax propaganda in order to frighten us all into getting jabbed. It’s like trying to argue with a fundamentalist, you might as well attempt a productive conversation with a brick wall. They despise the mainstream media and don’t trust it.

          On the subject of paranoia and delusion, there’s a print by the English cartoonist James Gillray entitled ‘The cow-pock,-or-The wonderful effects of the new inoculation!’ which depicts Jenner, about to inoculate an anxious looking woman from a bucket labelled “Vaccine Pock hot from ye Cow” while the newly vaccinated sprout horns and cow heands from various parts of their bodies, it perfectly captured the fears of those opposed to the procedure. There were also outspoken opponents such as Benjamin Moseley who described the vaccine as a “bestial humour into the human frame,” and warned against “strange mutations from quadruped sympathy” and spoke of vaccinated children sprouting cow hair or developing facial features that “resemble that of an Ox.” The cartoon captured the credulity and absurdity of the most extreme anti-vaccination polemics as well as the innate anxiety and even revulsion inspired by the debate.

          Meanwhile in 1980, the World Health Assembly officially declared the world free of naturally occurring smallpox, making it the first and only infectious human disease to be annihilated through the intervention of medical science.

    • Meatloaf was anti-vaccine. He died from COVID 19.
      Listening to the absurd echo chambers of social media cost him his life.

      A friend of mine who works in Guy’s Hospital summed up the attitude of the anti-vaccine group quite succinctly:
      “Would they jump from a plane without a parachute?”

      End of sermon.

  8. Neil Young is a great artist and principled guy imo. Wonder why so many other artists, sports people, actors and the like aren’t as clear on the anti vax brigade as he is? Career harming? The mask of Neptune in Pisces?

  9. Aug 1967 births … that Leo Sun-Jupiter square to Scorpio Mars / Neptune all linked into the low self-esteem Saturn in Aries … super-talented / super-crazy / desperate for any attention.

    – Deion Sanders Aug 9th – NFL star, self-important enough to give himself two nicknames, one of which was Primetime which says it all. He was a decent player in fairness.
    – Suzy Favour-Hamilton Aug 8th – US 800m runner from 1990s. In 2012 admitted she’d become a prostitute in Vegas with hypersexuality. Seems to have now headed down the Instagram / influencer / mental health route to attention.

    That said, worked with a guy Aug 12th and he was pretty normal. But still something of a big ego and much less talented than his tales would suggest.

  10. Marjorie, each day you provide us with analyses on widely varied topics and often with multiple posts. For years, you are one of my daily go-tos and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you!

  11. Very interesting. I wonder if Harry and his wife will now jump ship (from Spotify) so as to not be associated with a platform with vaccine misinformation.

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