Boris Johnson – puppet dancing on a cliff edge ++ driven by demons from the distant past

Boris Johnson’s exit is set to be as grubby and shambolic as his appearance as he ignores gravity with Trump-like bravado. His mischievous mask is slipping and the underlying nastiness being exposed as he prepares to throw his aides on the bonfire to deflect blame. All of which has been said before and may well be said again before his fingernails are prised from the cliff edge.

  Now Sue Gray’s Inquiry findings into the illegal lockdown-busting parties have been kicked into the long grass with the help of a police investigation which will no doubt drag on. And Lord Agnew, the anti-fraud minister’s resignation over the government’s ‘egregious failures’ to tackle issues with covid loans, costing the taxpayer many millions a month, is slipping below the radar.

 The Boris Term chart, 13 December 2019, is on a swampy slide with tr Neptune square the Sun exactly this month into mid February; with shocks and insecurity picking up from May as tr Uranus opposes the Mars. What was always going to grind the cogs to a halt was the 12th house Solar Arc Saturn moving to conjunct the Venus (= unpopular) exact within two months though in effect now; and conjunct the Pluto in four months (dead-halt).

What intrigues me astrologically, since all of this is well-trodden ground, is the now-fractured relationship between Boris and Dominic Cummings, his erstwhile chief adviser, as the latter has been fingered lately as spilling the crucial beans leading to the present furore.

  When he was appointed in 2019 Matthew Parris wrote presciently in the Times, ‘Dominic Cummings is the sharp‑tongued recruit who could cut Boris Johnson down.’

‘A free spirit who cares not a jot whom he offends or what people think of him. That he will fall out with his new master within months is almost certain. That, when he does, the world will know about it in coruscating language, equally so. In Mr Cummings, he has appointed his own literary executioner.’

  The astonishment is Cummings was brought in at all since he’s a Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn in Gemini square Mars in Pisces which clashes mightily with Boris’s Mars, Saturn, Uranus Pluto T square. Both are volcanically angry, capable of spraying venom and/or rage in all directions.

  Their relationship chart is a sight to behold. Not only is there a bad-tempered and ratchety composite Mars Saturn North Node conjunction, it is amplified ten fold by being on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto (Uranus) sextile Neptune – if ever there was a bomb waiting to be detonated this was it. As it was it lasted 17 months and could be the key to Boris’s downfall.

  Composite Yods – made up of two planets in sextile which pour their energy through skewed quincunxes to a focal point planet – bring about fated changes in one or both lives either by acting jointly to force a radical change of direction or because one triggers unforeseen events which lead to a extreme alteration of the other’s life path. The result is not always negative and it depends on the planets involved.

  The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson are a classic example of a disruptive one with a wide-ish Yod of North Node sextile Uranus inconjunct Mars – and they exemplify a Yod in action. Bonnie and Clyde also had a composite Yod onto Mars; and child murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley also had a composite Yod onto Uranus from Moon sextile Sun.  Two people drawn together with fateful consequences for both.

  Arron Banks, co-founder of Leave (Brexit) and journalist Carole Cadwalladr, at present in court on a defamation suit over allegations he had Russian connections, have two composite Yods in their relationship chart, both involving the ‘public interest’ North Node. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a composite Yod of Moon sextile Saturn inconjunct Uranus – and that bonding certainly changed the trajectory of his life in a dramatic way. Donald Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who rose to dizzy heights in charge of everything also have an exact Yod of Pluto sextile Mars inconjunct Mercury in their relationship chart.

   Even Boris and Carrie have a Yod in their relationship chart of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Sun, pointing to stratospheric joint ambition.  It is being knocked sideways at the moment by tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting the focal point Sun, now till early April this year.

  Yods in any chart point to an unexpected fork in the road, which can be abrupt – and is fated in the sense of being an ‘unrecognized necessity’, or a couple on a mission. It will always be challenging in a relationship, with tension building up constantly and then releasing.  

  But it does raise the question of why Boris lands in such fated relationships? Even his liaison when London Mayor with American business woman Jennifer Arcuri, in which he displayed his usual ‘greasy piglet’ ability to escape ignominy, has an eye-curling composite Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. With his dysfunctional upbringing it is hardly surprising he opts for melodramatic relationships so maybe that isn’t the question. What is it about his chart that marks him out as a puppet of the fates?

  His relationship chart with the UK does have a weak-ish Yod of Jupiter sextile South Node – and it is probable we might not have ended up with Brexit without Boris. That isn’t an argument for staying, merely that it was his opportunistic intervention which sent the UK down an unexpected path with life and history changing consequences. And surprise, surprise Arron Banks also has a composite Yod with the UK.

  Not sure this is more than just an astrological curio but worth pondering.

  After all these meanderings, what is worth hanging on to is the astrology of Boris/Cummings maladjusted interface. It may well be the key to what comes next.  

Add On: This is a mix of psycho-babble and astrology and a bit of a stretch but bear with me.

  Boris has a delusional sense of invulnerability – he can transgress rules that others have to live by and doesn’t suffer their humiliation/ruin.  His school teacher wrote on his report: ‘I think he honestly believes that it is churlish of us not to regard him as an exception, one who should be free of the network of obligation that binds everyone else.’ And he was ‘affronted when criticised for what amounts to a gross failure of responsibility’.

  Delusions of grandeur can occur in personality and bi-polar disorders and includes a belief of being infallible or invulnerable, more intelligent than others, thinking that common rules don’t apply to you, acting selfishly, treating others with disdain or contempt, not caring if you hurt someone with your actions, being quick to anger if you are challenged, being unable to see how your behavior affects others.

  In his case I suspect there is something additional going on – it’s almost as if he has to deliberately tempt fate time and time again to prove how blessed by the gods he really is. Freud’s repetition compulsion points to an unconscious need to reenact early traumas in the attempt to overcome or master them. Boris clearly had a muddled childhood but my eye is always drawn to his 8th house Mars which is massively afflicted being on the point of a scattergun Mutable T Square to Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto. That points to a driving demon that lies further back in the family line.

  The 8th house indicates a direct link to a grandparental or even earlier experience. Studies in intergenerational trauma describe similar psychological coping mechanisms being handed down the family line, whether directly through behaviour or in some unidentified way through genes.

For example three generations of 15 Ukrainian families were studied whose forbears had lived through the 1932 Great Starvation. The coping mechanisms that the direct survivors had developed during the genocide were retained in the family system and passed down to their children and grandchildren. Similar effects have been seen in the descendants, second and third generation, of Holocaust victims.

  I have seen clients struggling to disentangle extraordinary difficulties in seemingly ordinary present lives, who had forbears who lived through traumatic experiences. It wouldn’t be something you’d normally expect but there is a definite pattern of lived experience that, consciously or unconsciously, comes down the family line. So this generation is having to cope as if they had lived through the same traumas but often don’t have any conscious knowledge of them, which adds to the stress and confusion.

  Boris’s paternal grandfather fled Turkey because his great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, 7 September 1869, was charged with treason. On the way to prison in 1922 he was murdered, hanged from a tree and stoned to death.  And isn’t that just a Mars Pluto Uranus Saturn event.

  Certain children in a family for reasons unknown are more open to the family legacy stretching back generations and it may well be that Ali Kemal’s grisly fate has something to do with young Boris’s desperate attempt to live as if he was not bound to a mortal fate – and has managed it pretty well so far, maybe thanks to his Jupiter (= undeserved luck). Ali Kemal had Jupiter Pluto in Taurus so would resonate with Boris, though his luck clearly ran out in the bloodiest way imaginable – if data is accurate when transiting Neptune in Leo was undermining his Jupiter Pluto.

 Just a thought to throw into the pot.

78 thoughts on “Boris Johnson – puppet dancing on a cliff edge ++ driven by demons from the distant past

  1. Sun Tzu is credited with the phrase: “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.”

    Boris has burnt all of his bridges politically and socially. It is only a matter of time before he is cast out in the political

  2. What is the guidance on orbs regarding Yods ?

    When two planets are conjunct at the focal point would that read as one mega Yod, or more like one yod with a “side” of the planet that is further away?

    (e.g. the conjunct planets are at 10 and 13 degrees. The sextile planets are 12 and 17 degrees.)

  3. As a Scorpio asc – we are not all bad people. Surely it takes a whole chart to reflect a person.
    And yes, with time, one does learn how to let go usually during one of the many life iteration cycles of soaring, crashing and burning, and rising from the flames hopefully with learned lessons intact.

    The Scorpio stare, which apparently i also have unwittingly, is not anything put on nor am I even aware when I am doing it. It apparently only freaks people out who have something to hide.

    Cannot speak for cummings and the complexities of his chart, but I would certainly like to distance myself from him and his ilk as a Scorpio asc (and mars Scorpio in 1st – whey hey!). My partner, a scorpio sun / cap asc, is famous for his generosity of spirit and kindness. Several years Samaritan volunteer working with the most difficult of human traumas. Lets not bash the scorpios in a generic kind of way.

    • Hello Wendy, I think that remark was not meant to offend, just that we could get nearer the birth time. Every sign has it’s negatives, its just that we all love to work out what’s strongest in a chart and personal traits and looks are especially obvious. Its just hashing about getting everyone’s opinion so that we can set up an accurate chart. Its not possible without a correct time of course, but we learn so much from others’ input.

    • As another Scorpio ascendant, I doubt Cummings has this placement. His demeanour gives away too much. All that neurosis. Most Scorpio risings would not offer that view inside so easily to the outside world. Something to ponder.

    • Wendy, I have Pluto on my Ascendant and 4 planets in Scorpio so hardly unscorpionic. I didn’t mean to offend other Scorpio risings, just speculating. There’s shades of dark and light in every sign.

      • No offence taken, and no need to apologise. Just an observation from my end in that his mutable nervosity possibly extends to his ascendant too.

    • Wendy, I think we all need to be less precious about our signs otherwise everyone will be scared to offer what in many cases is a valid observation.
      I’m a Virgo and well versed in the downsides of the sign and don’t take it personally when they are remarked on.

    • Statistically, aren’t most people Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius rising? Especially if you’re born in Northern Europe above 50N. As a Taurus rising I’m a little bit jealous of Scorpio rising – they are the cool, sexy, mysterious people looking cool in dark glasses, aren’t they? I have Sun, Venus and Uranus in Scorpio….damn you Taurus 😀

  4. Marjorie, thankyou and everyone for the very interesting and informative comments. I learned a lot and had a good chuckle along the way. 20 years ago on my way to work I saw Boris coming back from what must have been a jog along the Thames Embankment. Bright green tracksuit, hair askance, smiling from ear to ear, couldn’t miss him, oozing ‘Look at Me’ well, why wouldn’t you….I think you’ve all covered that one! Hopefully his jogging days are nearly over!

  5. Thank you Marjorie – what a fascinating read. Especially the 8th being Grandparental. We inherit 50% from each parent. 25% from each set of Grandparents and 12.5% from Great-grandparents etc. Boris’s family history, maybe why is doesn’t care about this country? As he would have inherited the Y Gene from his father and that has been passed on by his Paternal Grandparent and Great-Grandparent and so on. A bit off topic, yet this means Boris has more Eastern DNA history than British with his Y Gene.

    • I would be very cautious about linking love and care for the country to the Y or indeed any other gene.

      While I am sure that that was not your intention, that may very easily be misconstrued.

      I do not think that my father and brother, both possessed of a Y-chromozome, would be receptive to the idea that they love their country less because of the origin place of the Y-Chromosome.

      I would also point out that while the Queen herself does not have a Y-chromosome, her father, who did, inherited that from his German great-great-grandfather. Yet, nobody has argued that George VI was any less passionate or protective of the UK and its related countries based on that.

      Also, while Boris had *1*/*one* great-grandparent from the Middle East, the rest of his ancestry was from the UK and Western Europe. So, he can’t have more “Eastern” DNA history than British, except in his Y-chromosome.

      • Prince Charles and his Y-Chromosome bearing grandchildren are patrilineally descended from the ROyal Houses of Greece and Denmark. I wonder if it can be said of them that they have more care and love for those countries compared to the UK.

        • I think you have misunderstood what I was stating. I did not mean to offend. Yet I am a keen genealogist. It is fascinating to see history repeating itself through the genes. Who do you think you programmes, has time and time again, revealed connections between generations or extended family. In Medieval times the seed of the male being passed on, was seen an an absolute, for a pending Father. When a child is born they will inherit both the Y DNA from the father and the Mt DNA from Mother, yet the Male will only pass the Y gene through the Male continually. If you look on any Ancestral site they will state that you have Italian, Greek DNA. If it a form of identification. That is why I state Boris will have quite a lot of Eastern DNA inheritance.

      • Technically his grandfather Osman Kemal renamed Wilfred Johnson was Turkish.

        Frankly I doubt if he cares about anything or anyone one bar himself.

        • Thank you Marjorie. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about his Grandfather. I was not sure if he married in Turkey or here.

      • Perceptive, Unmystic Mum, I agree it is not our place to judge attachment/ or otherwise, to a specific person. Nobody is pure anything, however far back we go – viva la difference! I think we place too much emphasis on ‘who’ because we’re all combinations – none is better than the other. Boris is a mix of different genes, but its what you DO with them, how you live your life- nothing blaming about that. In his case it probably added that viva la difference somehow, that he didn’t react as One Would in situations, which made him stand apart….I don’t think he’s a bad man just hugely paranoid about his true self, but all the signs are he is not going to look at that. The parents were well off, and however people deny it, this gives a one-up socially. Social confidence, but on a personal level he has no idea of himself. What is a man, what has he got? if not himself, then he has not…..

  6. ” a definite pattern of lived experience that, consciously or unconsciously, comes down the family line.” this add-on is so thought provoking in so many ways Marjorie. Thank you! I think we’ve discussed inherited or family astrological patterns on here a number of times – one of the reasons it’s interesting to study a group such as the Royal Family with it’s generally accurate birth data going back some generations.

    And maybe there’s also some kind of genetic component? A vet once told me that it takes several generations for any feral inheritance to disappear from a family line of cats. Where a kitten has one truly feral parent, it will always be much “wilder”, even when brought up in a safe and peaceful domestic environment. The same is true of those heartbreaking hybrid cats which have a wild cat ancestor, such as Bengals. I believe it’s about four generations at least. Quite possible then that human beings share this tendency.

    There’s an article in today’s Times about how divorce, stress, and grief affect the human body in the same way as an actual physical trauma. The brain responds in the same way apparently. That something like that could be passed on through several generations seems more likely than not. Possibly the nodes, BML, or even Chiron might offer some signposts?

    • You’re right Jane, the experience of the parents/grandparents can affect future generations. Epigenetics has been looking at heritable disease, but more research is increasingly looking at it from a neuroscience and psychobiology perspective and it’s influence on behaviour and traits.

      We are so hardwired as social creatures that “social trauma” activates the same area of the brain as physical pain, this has been observed in functional MRI imaging. We also know that something like loneliness adversely affects health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. There are still so many areas to be explored and our understanding of inheritance is changing rapidly.

      Side note, which may or may not be relevant – I have noticed in synastry and composites that sometimes the partner will have more aspects with the other partner’s parents charts (or parent’s composite/wedding chart). It’s like the parent’s composite or wedding chart almost forms invisible significant points in the child’s chart

      • Thanks Tara – yes, I had forgotten about neuroscience – I’m dyslexic, and see how it has appeared again in the next generation (not my children), and also have suspicions about my late grandmother and dyslexia.

        What you say about synastry and composites is fascinating too, and underlines the importance of midpoints I think. Also shows how much we’re part of a bigger pattern, larger groups, and how we connect with one another. I’ve sometimes played that game of looking at the chart of someone like an author, artist or musician/composer I really like, and finding exactly the connections you would find for a great friend or partner. It’s especially interesting when that person is a historical figure somehow. This game also works when you struggle with a long-dead person’s creative work – you find you might have issues with that person as a colleague or friend.

  7. Rex Bills in his “Rulership Book” gives for ‘grandfather of a man”, 7th House. For grandparents in general,
    he gives 7th, 1st, (3rd, 4th, Saturn). Boris has Mars, ruler of 7th, in 8th and Saturn, ruler 4th, ancestors,
    both involved in a T-square with Pluto-Uranus. So I am puzzled as how the 8th can stand for grandparent?

    • Can’t remember who first said it/wrote it – possibly Liz Greene. But it definitely has checked out over the years from charts I’ve seen. 7th is marital/close partners; 3rd is siblings; 4th childhood home life and father. 12th house is gestation, ie. pre-birth.

  8. Thank you Marjorie for this article, I would be interested in his linkage with the Bullington club because Wikipedia quotes Andrew Gimson, biographer of Boris Johnson, reported about the club in the 1980s: “I don’t think an evening would have ended without a restaurant being trashed and being paid for in full, very often in cash. […] A night in the cells would be regarded as being par for a Buller man and so would debagging anyone who really attracted the irritation of the Buller men.
    It’s 1980,s members have made a mess of the UK with the public picking up the bill.

  9. Super article on coping mechanisms handed down thru’ generations. Besides looking at the 8th House, Marj,
    what other Houses, should we look for to see this….how about 4th H? Are we looking for malefics in these
    Houses? Please expand on this Marj….thank you.

  10. I note in Johnson’s natal chart his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint are both conjunct either side of his natal midheaven – both within to the degree. Could this go some way to explaining how he seems to constantly get away with the inexcusable? Absurd dumb luck and force of character!

    • That’s interesting, I don’t think it would hurt his luck. Also Jupiter/Uranus – publishing/television and Jupiter/Pluto seems more like politics. My MC is exactly conjunct my Moon/Mercury midpoint – which I think describes it quite well, particularly with the signs involved. I have a Moon/Mercury quintile, but no major aspect. Oddly, I’ve been confused for a journalist several times. I have worked in Media, but not in that capacity. I do work a lot on a voluntary basis with community, education and health projects, time permitting, and I always get asked if I’m going to be a teacher or therapist. So I guess it does influence people’s expectations

  11. Wjay an amazing article, thank you, Marjorie. As usual the thread is interesting too with loads of additional insights. A comment was made about consequences and how the PM has lived his life not having to face very many. As long as people want leaders who lead teflon lives that is what will happen. Of course the consequences of this are not evenly shared across the populace. Even now the poor are getting poorer, the costs of heating and food increasing. Issues around democracy are bubbling up and being eroded. Boris and his complacency is just a symptom of a bigger problem. One party ruling for too long is never healthy.

  12. Interesting add-on Marjorie.

    It will be interesting to see where Boris is at in say ten years’ time and whether things have unravelled or his luck remains in.

  13. Johnson is trapped not only by Cummings but by the ERG, Steve Baker, Jacob Rees Mogg etc. I wonder how their charts look at the moment – I reckon Johnson’s ditching of all covid restrictions was their demand in exchange for their continued support.

  14. Re: it does raise the question of why Boris lands in such fated relationships?

    My first reaction is it’s about maturity, or in Boris’ case lack of it. When I was younger, stuff used to happen to me that doesn’t happen now. These days I sidestep much of it and bail out early from anything that looks dodgy. I take action early to stem the flow of problems, Boris just piles more lies on to try and avoid the consequences – and for the most part that works well for him.

    His chart is difficult, not least because of the mid-sixties saturn-chiron/uranus-pluto opposition squaring his gemini mars. The missing leg is Sag, and it certainly seems he lacks the big-picture / strategical / philosophical learning aspects of that sign which is why Cummings was so useful to him and why Churchill (an early Sag Sun) is someone he’d like to emulate. The obsession with these people is the universe’s way of showing him how he can mature to be successful but he’s unable to capitalise on it, so continues making the same mistake of careering, like a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel, from one disaster to another.

    • He has BML (Lilith) in Sagittarius in the third house. I don’t really know why BML is important but I think it could be, having seen it emphasised in a few charts, and in synastry charts. (For instance, William has BML in Capricorn (he is quite controlled in his temperament); Kate has Sun in Capricorn). As for Boris, he was married to a barrister and QC of dual heritage for a lengthy period – yes, he does have Venus in the 9th but maybe the BML in Sag has something to do with it too?

      • I can’t comment on the BML (other than I believe it’s connected to women) and Boris needs a woman who can take responsibility and be the structure of the relationship. Carrie has four planets in Capricorn and is obviously driving the relationship. Marina has the same late Leo birthday as his father Stanley (18-Aug). Boris is the classic Gemini eternal child failing to grow up.

        But the question of why it all happens to him? If anyone can answer that, they’d be the astrologer for the ages.

        • Maybe, because he has been lucky so far not to face the consequences of his actions. In fact, despite his flaws and profanities he rose to the position of PM. Why should he have changed his ways?

        • I don’t know about fated relationships, but he does have a natal Venus Rx. In my experience, a personal retrograde planet has two distinct halves with a marked change roughly halfway. So, mercury retrograde will often have a career change or two careers.

          Venus Rx natal’s relationships change in quite a marked way, with two distinct parts. Sometimes they’ll be married to someone they also work with; other times there may be a change halfway, which could be a falling out or difference in values

          • Wow that’s interesting Tara

            So is it that they have to relearn how to navigate the relationship (natal Venus Rx) at the halfway change or treat it as a new one? Can’t figure how the halfway change would work without.

          • Thanks Jennifer. I think how that contrast manifests depends a lot on the individual. Ken Clarke is a politician with Venus Rx – never the top job, but many, many portfolios. I do remember him smoking and drinking his way through the job of Health Secretary – what he did himself was different to what he was running professionally – sound familiar?

            Clarke had a very long marriage, marrying the year that Boris was born. His marriage was very separate and private from the job, unlike other Venus Rx politicians like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. Perhaps that is key – finding a balance between the two strands – business/earning money v’s marriage/friendship/social relationships. Trying to play both ends against the middle, personally or professionally, will often work for them and will become a way of operating for some – but it will eventually spectacularly backfire and it’s often due to someone turning against them

      • Interesting comment about BML, Sarah. I can’t find a date of birth for Johnson’s first wife, Allegra Owen. However, her highly creative, flamboyant mother (his mother-in-law) was Gaia Servadio, of Italian and Jewish heritage. Allegra was born in 1964. BML entered Sagittarius in mid January, and left in October. The Moon’s Nodes were in Gemini from August – December 1964.

        There are interviews online in which Allegra says she was left devastated by their divorce, and that Boris had a horrible temper.

  15. Just why does a so called ‘advisor’ – a man who was never elected to any office, and who is hired by the hour, and dismissible at whim – wield so much power over a democratically elected Prime Minister and democratically elected government?

    If this wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.
    Just how did Boris Johnson allow himself to get caught up in this obvious absurdity?

    • I think Johnson needed Cummings brain for election win and Brexit. Cummings needed a chance to be back in the circles of power after being side-lined by Cameron. But it looks like both are loners who struggle to work harmoniously for long with other people. A fated partnership?

  16. Why does anyone assume that any politician has a moral compass? Boris has been given a free pass by Brexiteers simply because they don’t trust anyone else to not return to the fold that is the EU!

  17. Are there any quality politicians in Britain and is there any quality in the British people that elect these mp’s and prime ministers, or are they all just different sides of the same coin

    • Are there any quality politicians anywhere anymore?

      Your two questions could be a template for a long list of countries, states within countries, islands, etc right now.

      • Yes, there are decent people who become politicians. I’ve known many personally. While I’ve never met him, Joe Biden is a person of enormous decency but looks to be overwhelmed by the viciousness, dishonesty and unscrupulousness of the opposition.

    • I am sure there are. However, they are not given the same Press or media time as few others are. With Johnson and his crew hogging the TV most of the time it’s difficult to see what other lesser known faces are doing.

  18. A suggestion – could someone please do the country a favour and lock Boris, Hairtrigger-Harry & Moaning Meg, and Adele in a big box, deprive them of all social media and throw away the key please?

    • In some ways, I believe they are the harbinger of change. I think its political change for Boris. Everyone I know is stating they don’t wish anyone like Boris to have an eighty seat majority again. Proportional Representation is gathering interest. Boris is a game changer, but it will cost him his career.

    • I agree. What amazes me the most is how some people still believe Johnson knowing that he is a liar. It’s as if they are under some kind of spell! I wonder when this spell will finally be broken.

      • …I think its because they don’t believe someone would make the choices he did.. everyone can make mistakes, but his Never Happened…in complete denial, the brain (?) has no relation to what he’s spouting…

      • I think that people voted knowing he is a liar. So, the expectations were far lower than under normal circumstances. So, there is no surprise when he lies.

        For most people, at the last election the alternative felt worse. The tide is changing atleast a little bit only because Labour has a relatively credible leader.

      • The same could be said of Trump in the US: congenital liar, disastrous choices, totally focused on what’s in it for “me, me, me!”

  19. I remember all those years ago the Tories put Boris forward as candidate for London Mayor to try to sideline him as he was seen to be a loose cannon in the party. It’s a pity for the whole country that they apparently forgot that when no one but he wanted to accept the poisoned chalice that was Brexit (‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘Get Brexit Done’: still absurd slogans). I am glad the chickens are finally coming home to roost (for all the ‘conspirators’). Albeit for sleaze. He may be able to delay the inevitable but time is not on his side.

    • I seem to recall Jeremy Hunt stood against him in the leadership contest. He notably (and quite wisely) has kept a very low profile throughout the whole Covid thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the next leader given all the other possibilities are tainted by association with Boris.

      • There is a desperate need for someone calm, grown-up and unemotional after Boris. Jeremy Hunt would fit that role. Liz Truss is trying too hard to be Maggie Thatcher and it would all be about her; Too soon for Rishi; Dominic Raab failed to impress as Deputy when Boris was ill, and I find him a bit weak and indecisive. Priti Patel has not covered herself in glory and is a bit Boris-like in promising much and delivering little. Sajid Javid I am undecided about. There may be outsiders who run.

        Though to be honest I think they will have to prise the PM role from Boris’ cold dead hand……..he won’t go quietly and methinks “Carrie-Antoinette” won’t let him.

  20. Very interesting read. I remember another yod worth mentioning that you posted on July 16, 2021:
    “Donald Trump and Jared Kushner with two Yods formed in their synastry and a central composite Yod in their relationship chart”.
    It is still unfolding.

  21. What a fascinating read, thank you Marjorie. It will be a relief when Johnson eventually does go. I feel almost as if the entire country has now experienced what it’s like to be married to Johnson — at first, though there are a good number of red flags he’s full of bounce, charm and enthusiasm and you almost believe he might be the one to save you, but then gradually the lies and the cheating kick in and when you try to bring him to account he gaslights you even as you catch him in the act, he brazenly tells you that it never happened and if it did it was someone else’s fault. And once the mask has slipped and you can see him for what he is, he turns really nasty at which point it’s time to get out and find a good divorce lawyer.

    • …hilarious, Virgo Flake! I remember when Cummings went, we speculated about his asc on here, if it was Aries or Scorpio but Aries wouldn’t have the tenacity and revenge aspect as stupendously viciously….Cummings always looks as though he has just stabbed someone to death and is fleeing the scene…..Goings (Boris) has no moral compass at all, I would love to speak to his wives (possibly they meet up for trauma treatment even after all those years) and see what they know……but they protect their children of course. Why does the Met now have to step in? to delay the inevitable …..UK can’t afford to waste time on the lout when he is so busy with…Himself. First, last, always.

      • ‘Cummings always looks as though he has just stabbed someone to death and is fleeing the scene…..’

        Lool, so Scorpio Asc then?

        Sorry to all Scorp Asc out there… but I always do get a secretive vibe from Scorpios – Sun, Moon, Asc, before I even know about the person sign. The balance to that seems to be having enough fire or air to lighten things up otherwise it’s heavy; that must be Pluto.

        • Probably, or maybe Pluto conjunct ascendant – Aries is impatient and would move on as they say, but Pluto can’t let go…ever.

        • I think he’s Scorpio Rising too. Black Moon Lilith could well be on his Ascendant. There’s a certain arachnoid vibe he exudes. It would make his Sun/Neptune in the 1st which would account for the shambolic appearance and give him a working/plotting undercover Saturn in the 8th.

          • …sounds close to the truth, to me! the staring eyes, which I suppose he thinks defend him. Perhaps he thinks he looks honest, or his Ma told him to look people in the eye. The hideous point in all their arrogant Me ways. is that they are not doing their jobs. Look at the migrant crisis, and people entitled to UK passports for the last ten years, still waiting? Its a farce – someone like Harold Wilson is needed – he could (a) finish a whole sentence – yes! (b) talk to Her Maj naturally (he was her favourite PM, that’s well known possibly for point (a) ) and Did His Job…..just imagining her heart sink as she saw Blair, Boris etc, forced to be polite and welcoming and taking them seriously! Poor lady must have despaired long ago of any credibility and partnership between her role and theirs. M Thatcher and T May would have impressed her I think……why not a woman PM as they do very well. I’m a Kiwi originally and Jacinda is our third woman PM…..they do tend to tell it like it is and are focused on the job.

        • I’ve had lots of Scorpio relatives, from grandparents to grandchildren, and several Scorpio friends and have never detected any secretive vibe. (I’m Libra, Cancer rising, no Scorpio.) In my experience they’re very loyal.

          • Maybe guarded would have been a better word than secretive, and in relation to those I have met outside of family. I guess as a water sign they weigh up things first? Didn’t mean to offend. Ignore me, it’s my Aries Moon talking.

  22. Thanks for the post Marjorie. I was looking forward to one after today’s developments. With Sue Gray’s report now delayed, Johnson has yet again managed to buy himself time in the hope that people will eventually forget about it. Russia-Ukraine situation will help him, if it escalates. I guess many people like myself have reached a point where we can’t even bear the sight of Johnson on TV let alone see him continue as PM. It speaks volumes of our disgust for Johnson when we start pinning our hopes on Cummings! If you see Johnson’s past, whoever has come in contact with Johnson has been used and left devastated. Don’t know if Cummings will face the same fate but looks like Conservative party is definitely going in that direction. There is only one loser in all of this – The Conservative party.

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