Adele – it’s not show time ++ Rich Paul

Adele appears to be in the midst of a total PR trainwreck over her new Vegas show, cancelled with 24 hours notice giving fans no time to recoup travel, accommodation and other expenses. The covid excuse appears to be wearing thin and industry murmurs are that any professional production crew would have known well in advance there were problems. The finger is being pointed at ‘diva’ like Adele behaviour and differences with the renowned stage designer, Es Devlin.

  Intriguingly the other top singer with a reputation for being difficult is Barbra Streisand, who like Adele is a Sun Taurus in hard aspect to Pluto – stubborn and controlling.

  Adele, 5 May 1988 8.19 am London, is caught in the middle of the tr Saturn square tr Uranus of the moment with it hammering on her Fixed Pluto opposition Jupiter Sun square Mars. Tr Saturn is blocking her progress and dampening her enthusiasm through this month and February;  with tr Uranus causing disruptions opposition her Pluto, repeating from late last year, in early February, and then moving to conjunct her Sun and square her Mars in Aquarius in a turbulent phase until May 2023.

  Las Vegas may not prove to be the place of her dreams since relocating her chart there puts Pluto on her Midheaven, exacerbating her controlling tendencies and is usually regarded as unlucky, even risky, and bringing heavy issues.    

Es Devlin, the acclaimed English stage designer who has worked on shows for Beyoncé, Kanye West, U2, Pet Shop Boys, the Royal Opera House and designed the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony and the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics,   was born 24 September 1971.

  She’s a Sun Libra conjunct Pluto with a creative Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn and, like Adele, has Mars in Aquarius. They would not be the most comfortable fit since Es Devlin’s Sun Pluto square Adele’s Moon, Uranus, Saturn. And their relationship chart has a controlling composite Sun Mercury square Pluto; with Pluto in an intense and aggravated trine to Mars Jupiter; plus a volatile, explosive, uncompromising Mars square Uranus. There is also an innovative Sun trine Uranus trine Saturn so it could have been – and may still be – a tour de force. But not a relationship where egos can get out of hand without causing damage.

  Adele at the moment has tr Pluto poised on the cusp of her 8th house for a longish stay of many years ahead which can feel heavy, trapped, financially as well as emotionally. She also has her Solar Arc Mars conjunct her 10th house Pisces North Node exactly – so maybe is learning lessons about not sliding back into her perfectionist, nit-picky Virgo South Node. Tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th until May 2023 so she should be having success though tr Uranus and tr Saturn are clearly upsetting her best laid plans.

ADD ON: Rich Paul, her latest beau, a sports agent, 16 December 1981, has also been brought into the furore. He has his Sun Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct her Moon and Uranus, which is great and not so great; with his Venus in Aquarius chiming with her Venus in Gemini and in a passionate square to her Pluto. But it’s not remotely settled at a domestic level with his Mars falling in her 4th and squaring her Saturn, Uranus, Moon so there will be fiery clashes.

  All of which is reflected in the relationship chart with a possessive and ambitious Sun trine Pluto, sextile Neptune; an argumentative Sun square Mars; a volatile, no-compromise Mars Uranus conjunction; plus a tussle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter square Pluto.  There’s maybe also a composite doubly-possessive Moon Pluto conjunction. It’s an intense, power-packed connection but riddled with contradictions and undercurrents.

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8 thoughts on “Adele – it’s not show time ++ Rich Paul

  1. Rich Paul is a Sagi not Scorpio, its 16th Dec so that knocks out any potentially positive work relationship as the composite is wrong, maybe it shows up somewhere else but I think its possible he has interest in extending his agency into the entertainment industry, Adele would be a huge get, but it would be a terrible business decision for her. That Sun/Neptune he has opposite her Venus/Chiron, she isnt thinking with her head, I think he has dazzled her. All this Vegas mess though is on her.

  2. Her chart relocated to Vegas puts Pluto at the MC?

    Not too surprising because for most of the artists who’ve had runs there, it’s easy money. It’s usually an easy gig.

    Clearly no good will come from her being there. Would imagine that Pluto is also amplifing the overall publicity she’s generating there.

  3. Es Devlin is considered the best in the business, and she and Adele have worked together successfully in the past. I do not believe the PR excuse, if there is one place on the planet you can get replacement workers for an event and have the resources to construct a show last minute its Vegas. Her weepy annoucement felt emotionally manipulative, those fans have lost thousands and all she gave them was a T shirt in a gift bag.

    I think her boyfriend Rich Paul should be a person of interest in all this but i only had time for a cursory look. Their composite doesnt look too terrible, just a Pluto/Moon conjunct. Their Synastry has a very busy interchange in Sag, his Mercury/Neptune/Sun on her Moon/Saturn/Uranus all opp her Venus/Chiron conjunct. He is an agent ( though sports) and i have heard rumours he is squeezing out her manager/team as Adele turns to him.

  4. She has the planet Saturn tattooed on her arm and had Saturn shaped earrings during one of her concert plus she talked in most interviews about her Saturn return ( year she divorced) . So definitely I thought she has an astrologer . Then to my utter surprise I hear that she’s releasing her latest album on the 19 of Nov 2021 : partial eclipse . I thought : “ ohhh nooooo ! That’s not a good day , you may be “eclipsed “ !!!!! , change your astrologer . “ Et voilà it’s happening .

    • Interesting observation! A possible obsession with or the power of Saturn. Her natal Dsc is in Capricorn? The Ascendant of her LA relocation chart in Capricorn; the composite Asc with Es is in Aquarius (Saturn)? If I have read them right, Wow… hope Saturn working good within her relationship with Rich Paul.

        • Not sure about that but apparently reported on Page Six that their relationship could be in trouble. Article named ‘Adele couldn’t get through rehearsal without sobbing’.

          Marjorie’s add on has touched on the Neptune’s influence. Also possibly, with Saturn strong for her, she has been taking it more serious than he is….?

    • Her Saturn/Neptune midpoint is on her descendant in her Natal Chart. That would be reinforcing her Saturn strength as it is in Capricorn. Neptune is water and Saturn is iron/earth almost make a soggy bog. This conjunction is opposite Mercury in Cancer in the 12th – so a combination of an iron will, which gets bogged down in emotional thinking and maybe drinking/ drugs to escape excessive thoughts?

      Her relocation chart has a Moon/Saturn midpoint on her Uranus in the 12th. Along with a Moon/Neptune midpoint on Uranus. All in sag/fire. Her Sun moves to the 4th house as well, along with Jupiter and Mercury. Not a favoured place for outwards appearances. Maybe she feels trapped? Lovely home etc. Yet she will feel reactive, not proactive and will externalise her emotions in explosive feelings. Interestingly Venus/Chiron conjunction in the 6th house depicts an incomplete feeling of love in what she is doing at the moment. Maybe she followed the money, 10th house Pluto, to America yet it has stifled her and there is a huge frustration in her?

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