Joe Biden takes up the reins

 Joe Biden took the oath as president at 11.48am in Washington this morning. That puts Pluto only one degree away from the Midheaven, which is usually the sign of a controlling administration. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Though heaven knows, he’ll need to take a firm grip to push back on the damage.

   There’s also, as per usual an Aquarius Sun in the 10th, but this year with Saturn Jupiter conjunct and Mercury in Aquarius. At best Jupiter Saturn aims for cautious improvement, a balance between ideals and fiscal common sense. Though in this case the Jupiter Saturn is square an explosive, uncompromising Mars Uranus conjunction in the 12th. Since the disruptions sit mainly in the 12th it might suggest subterranean or underground resistance which could turn violent.

  There’s also an emphasised Neptune in the 11th square the North/South Node axis, which could hint at an indecisiveness about long term plans and lack of commitment in friendly relations; or, since the 11th is the house of parliamentary legislature, confusion (and evasion) amongst the lawmakers.

  Much to ponder and to return to – when I have time – which isn’t at the moment.

  What is a definite plus factor is that the Term Sun is conjunct the super-confident and usually successful Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and conjunct the equally upbeat Jupiter/Midheaven midpoint.

  And bless all who sail in her. What a relief to see the psychotic frenzy flouncing off to Florida.

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  1. This decade could be like a bridge. I can see technology really taking off and democratic socialism slowly start to become a thing, pathing the way for full-blown “intellectualism over materialism” in the next decade.

    Astrologer Maren Altman has talked about Kamala Harris’ chart being really strong at the end of this decade into the 2030s. I can see her winning the 2028 election.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Just spare a thought for young women athletes who now thanks to Biden, have to compete with biological males who choose to identify as female – pluto squaring twelfth house moon. Silicon Valley really is pushing a new form of misogyny which allows no dissent and pushes women and their rights to the back of the queue.

  3. @UKRulesAstroloy,

    For starters, Joe Biden didn’t “cheat” to win – he won legitimately. This alt-right nonsense has really gotten out of hand and these conspiracy theories about a “stolen election” absolutely ridiculous.

    For the record,I wouldn’t put much stock into the Moon in Void aspect. It doesn’t always manifest itself the way you think it will.

    For example, If I remember correctly, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed during a void Moon back in 2018. It didn’t have much affect on his presence on the Supreme Court.

    Also, Joe Biden isn’t the only President to be inaugurated during a void Moon

    • After some searching, I found that Presidents Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were all inaugurated during a void moon…..yet all of them were successful in some capacity.

  4. Spooky coincidence:

    Lincoln’s inauguration chart for Saturday 4th March 1865, noon Washington DC has the following planets in the 12th house: Moon 16 Gem 39, Mars 17 Gem 15, Uranus 25 Gemini 25.

    So we have a repeat of the Moon-Mars-Uranus conj in the 12th house. And they’re square the Sun (the president) at 14 Pisces 11.

    • Not sure what the time of the 1865 inauguration was. His 1861 Inauguration was 1pm. Then following – Andrew Johnson’s was 10 am. I can’t find a time for the 1865 one. 12 noon only became the standard later I think. But the Moon Mars Uranus square Sun is certainly striking

    • Is that the fear, that assasination might occur again due to particular groups working behind the scenes to literally bring him down?

  5. This is definitely my control freak Cardinal Sun/Moon combination speaking, but it was incredibly satisfying to watch the day progress from DJT being 30 minutes late of schedule leaving WH to him having a sendoff on notes of “YMCA” not attended by anyone at all of any importance and then, when the attention shifted to incoming administration, just have everything running like a well oiled machine it is. Which is what you get when you hire people interested and capable of doing their job well and not just score political points.

    Policy wise, maybe that Pluto on MC is indicative of Biden Admin being able to do more than expected early on. The US will reenter Paris Accords and WHO, which have huge Global significance. There also was relatively little pushback for DNI nomination Avril Haines, she got a majority of Republican vote, too, for her confirmation.

  6. Pray Joe’s health holds. To take on the presidency at his age was a sacrificial act, so bless him. Millions of us will sleep better tonight, knowing a good and decent man is in the White House.

    • No, it was *NOT* a ‘sacrificial act’.

      It was an act of pure egotistical selfishness.

      Biden could have easily demurred to another candidate, a younger candidate. But, Biden, who has been sniffing away at the top job for something like a half century now, just couldn’t let it go.

      • @Jonathan Portes, let’s be clear. I think the only “younger candidate” who could have beaten Trump would have been Michelle Obama. And despite being a superb activist, it’s well known she actively hates politics (I think this is why she is friends with George W., who also seems to thrive at not being a politician anymore). The really, really good ones including Liz Warren who, yes, is 70, but still in visibly good health, simply wouldn’t have gained the kind of name recognition that would have carried them in a VERY Trump centric media environment.

        Also, Biden himself said, leaving Delawere, that it shouldn’t have been him going to WH, but Beau. I think this was honest. He passed 2016 Primaries (he would have won, I think Hillary wouldn’t have even run) because he was still grieving. He knows “soft power”. I don’t think it’s insignificant that he chose Kamala Harris as his VP, a move I anticipated. It’s known Kamala and Beau became good friends when they were acting AGs. And I’m certain he is now grooming VP Harris for a 2024 run.

  7. Hard to fully express my great relief. Suffice to say that it’s comforting to know that a decent human being now occupies the Oval Office. Knowing that, I’ll sleep better. I can only hope that the stars are in his favor.

  8. If the Moon signifies the people – in the 12th and square to that Pluto, does it indicate a people confined, hospitalised, incarcerated by an authoritarian President?

    That same moon conjunct the angry Mars-Uranus conjunction signifies the people being very angry about all this?

    This doesn’t sound like Biden at all. It sounds like Kamala. Maybe he delegates a lot of stuff to her.

    The only good thing in that chart is the Jupiter softening the Saturn and Pluto influence on the Sun. But that Jupiter is also squared by the angry Mars/Uranus conj.

    • “This doesn’t sound like Biden at all. It sounds like Kamala. Maybe he delegates a lot of stuff to her.”

      Kamala’s natal Moon is at 27º Aries, so… yeah

      • So today was Kamala’s Lunar return then, one of enormous significance! I think the Mars-Uranus conjunction isn’t just about “anger”, but could point to sudden or unconventional actions/events around money, our ecology, and possibly even housing in the US. The presence of BML is also very intriguing – I don’t know how to interpret the Moon’s apogee in Taurus, although I think it could represent the collective unconscious of the people perhaps. In Taurus that would be about a need for security and maybe pleasure in nature, or the joys of the five senses? Some of those things rose up in our minds around the world during this pandemic, and the various lockdowns most of us have been living with – all the cooking, bird watching, sky watching and love for our pets.

        Joe and Kamala have a huge task ahead of them. May all that’s good and positive be on their side for the journey.

        • As someone with BML conjunct Uranus in my 12th which I partly interpret as an ancestry of independent, forward-thinking, politically attuned and creative women, also a family who were caught up in a revolution, I am wondering if this marker may be indicative of the way in which this administration is a leap forward in terms of representation and diversity. For example, Biden has appointed Rachel Levine as Secretary of health assistant, among the first Trans women in an official role. We not only have the first female VP but the first POC in the role. I feel this administration is facing quite new challenges in terms of a divided nation, climate change and the urgency with which it needs to be addressed, possibly a much more inward-looking administration (12th). I don’t necessarily see Mars in Taurus as strong in this earthy, Venus ruled sign, but we shall see.

          • Yes, VF, I think you’re onto something there! Interpreting BML is a work in progress for me. As a mythic figure Lilith wanted equality and a fulfilling sex life with Adam – the folklore says they were both made from the earth. Her anger stems from that being denied, and is tangled up with her beginnings as a Mesopotamian demon. Power and independence (Sekhmet, Kali) – often terrifying in female form it seems! She’s an ancient femme fatale, a fascinating archetype. Just as Bernadette Brady writes about the creative power of Algol – the Medusa’s Head – and another demonic, destructive female figure, I suspect BML may also represent significant life force or energy as the “dark side of the Moon”. The subconscious or ancestral themes you talk about here work very well with that. Thank you.

          • It’s interesting reading about BML on various astrology sites, Jane. I’m beginning to notice a divide when it comes to this lunar point with some astrologers (often male ones) seeing BML as something destructive and negative, even ‘witchy’ while other writers with a much more subtle and nuanced view. To me, there is no positive or negative value to BML as such but perhaps an energy of independence, self-reliance, going against the grain of traditional roles, etc. All these qualities in women were seen as undesirable in past times and this is why Lilith women are portrayed as demonic, seen as promiscuous or have darkness and sexual power projected on them by a patriarchal structure, Marilyn Monroe had Lilith conjunct her ascendant. As you say, it’s a work in progress trying to get to grips with this point!

          • Yes, I’ve noticed this tendency to project wild and witchy things onto this female archetype too. Fascinating, considering it is the lunar apogee, and as such must surely link or mirror what the Moon itself represents? There are one or two other Lilith asteroids I think, as well. Lilith gets around! The Mesopotamian goddesses were powerful, and often uninhibited about sex, so I wonder whether our current cultural depictions of Lilith stem from there. They are amplified by the 19th century femme fatale obsession, which lingered on into film noir, horror, and novels etc, and often featured so-called “exotic” women, such as Cleopatra or Carmen.
            Looking at the chart Marjorie has posted here, I did wonder whether some people might view Kamala as a Lilith-type figure. I don’t know when the lunar apogee was called BML either, or how long it has been used in astrology. Obviously, it has been used in astronomy for a long time. It certainly seems to work as a sensitive point. But I am wary of all the projections, which is partly why I mentioned Algol and Bernadette Brady’s take on that.

      • I think that Kamala Harris is the key. With Uranus stationary in 12th house conjunct Mars in the Inauguration chart, I think Harris is going to usher in the technocratic takeover of our lives, digital currency, end of cash, total surveillance, etc. Kamala Harris has been very cosy with Silicone Valley for years, district Attorney of San Francisco, Attorney general of California and of course Junior Senator from California.

        • @Farah, as a “techie”, I certainly hope the discussion in The US would finally shift to developing Federal regulation on use of technology. Because incidently California is also, at the moment, pretty much the only State in The US with any enforceable privacy laws protecting consumers. The should definitely be Nationwide.

          BTW, I live in a country that was becoming cashless even before covid-19 epidemic. I’ve done almost all my banking online for 20 years (the only times I’ve visited were those when I lost or damaged my card and had to withdraw cash personally before I got the new one), maybe three times in that time. Since I’ve been a regular employee, I haven’t “done” my taxes in 15 years, because tax office gets the information directly from my employers, and other from different registers. My husband has some reductable expenses, but it takes him 10-15 minutes to add these. I haven’t carried cash or paid with it regularly in 10 years. Yet, I certainly feel much less surveilled here than I’ve ever felt elsewhere, including The US. Not a surprise, since our country usually ranks at the top of various liberty indexes. And this didn’t “just happen”. We started as a cutout from Russian Empire, with an active Okhrana and later “homeborn” Secret Police using their method. But then, people who believed in personal liberties, passed laws.

    • Moon in the 12th seems to be a feature of lots of the charts drawn during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s there in the 2020 Libra Ingress a chart for the U.K. and I believe it is there in the U.K. 2021 Aries Ingress Chart as well. The US Presidential inauguration was anything but normal given it took place in what was essentially a militarised Green Zone with the new Administration scorn in behind a screen of 25,000 troops. Mars and Uranus were in the 12th House at Washington both during the inauguration and at the time of the Capitol riot/insurrection (delete according to your political preference). That is the House of imprisonment, hidden things and secret enemies among other matters. It also relates to the sign Pisces and the Planet Neptune which were in the 11th House ruling Congress in both charts. The Moon in Libra is squaring Pluto in the chart for 6th January 2021 chart and the Moon in Aries is squaring Mercury in Capricorn in the inauguration chart. It is worth noting that Mars was at 29 Aries when Congress was occupied and that is where the Moon was in the inauguration chart. I don’t want to be too much of a doom monger but my reading of the inauguration chart is that technology (Uranus) and force (Mars) may be used by the administration to keep the people (the Moon) confined and under control. Mars can also signify opposition groups, arson, incendiarism, war and terrorism perhaps involving or targeting technology to imprison the people.

      Neptune in mundane astrology is supposed to rule mobs, sedition the charts is supposed to rule socialism, left wing ideas, mobs, sedition, secret plots, fraud. It’s presence in the 11th House of Congress obviously would cover the events of the 6th January but it is there again in the inauguration chart so I expect these all to be themes over this Presidency. Politically is worth remembering that the Democrats only have a small majority in Congress so getting legislation through won’t necessarily be easy.

      I suppose the joker in the pack as always is Trump. Ironically, the Republicans may have more interest in getting him debarred from office by impeachment as the Democrats as they won’t want him running as a third party candidate in 2024. Trump has some interesting transits during the Mercury retrograde in Gemini in June in 2021. Maybe more about them later.

  9. Whole Sign Houses:

    @11:48 Moon in 12th Aries 28′ 56″ (almost anaretic); Mars, Uranus, ASC conjunct in 1st

    @12:00 Moon in 12th Aries 29′ 02″ (anaretic degree); Mars, Uranus, ASC conjunct in 1st

    Asc conjunct Aldebaran; Dsc conjunct Antares

    Food for thought.

  10. I hope this is the last of the geriatric Presidents as it’s getting ridiculous. Over two dozen Dem candidates(a record) and it came down to old Joe. Keeping in mind that one thing all the polls got right is that it was a vote against the Seditionist more than a vote for Biden; and that question wasn’t even close.

    • Would it be possible to show a bit of respect? I’m joyful to have someone take the oath of office with the amount of dignity, decency and experience that our new President has.

      • @Jennifer, thank you. Ageism isn’t pretty. I would like to remind Biden represents a big chunk of US Population who are in their 70’s and beyond. As do, I’d add, Bernie Sanders – who somehow gets just love from certain circles for his mittens (and BTW, I personally like his mittens and many of his ideas) – and Nancy Pelosi.

        I’m all for having true transparency on medical conditions of highest elected officers, which is given in some political cultures. But if the cognitive abilities are there, why not? I think this is one field in which Italian politics isn’t failing. They’ve had several octogenarian Presidents. Current one, Sergio Mattarella, will turn 80 in July and is retiring, much to disappointment of many people. They have much less power than in The US, but they are important in offering moral compass and guiding the discourse.

    • By all means bask in the euphoria. I was just calling a spade a spade. For me, the honeymoon period was over on January 20. They need to get the ball rolling expeditiously and not play the GOP’s game. Because if I’m interpreting astrologers assessments of what potentially may play out going forward, then Dems are gonna get a rude awakening of why they shouldn’t have broken the mold by electing that senior of a senior citizen; especially in these times. From JFK to Obama, all were under 55(the mold) when elected! Not likely a coincidence.
      Biden highly likely benefitted from the egregiously incompetent Trump admin(as a reminder, he was performing dismally in the primaries as per usual everytime he runs, until S.C saved him this time around, via Clyburn), and I would bet that had it been President Ted Cruz vs Biden, hello second term as America doesn’t do one term Presis often.
      Like it or not, ageism is warranted when dealing with the supposed most powerful leader.

      I have a theory that black women were an integral force behind Clyburn’s decision as they figure Biden may not last more than one term, hence, Harris would break THEE glass ceiling by default. But like I said, theory.
      Interestingly, when the Seditionist was posing by his joke wall one last time, he made a jab at Biden in regards to the 25th amendment by saying “Be careful what you wish for”. Hmm.

  11. According to Sidereal calculations, We have a Stellium of planets in Capricorn with an Aries Rising chart. Here 1st house Aries squares 10th house Capricorn. Uranus+Mars conjunction in Aries, squares Saturn/Sun/Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to be an explosive 4 years. That Fiery mars/uranus conjunction isn’t going to allow the establishment go on with business as usual. It’s going to be a fiery thorn in Biden’s plans. It will force things to change and it will be a forced change with that Pluto on MC.
    Buckle up guys, we are heading into the eye of a raging storm! Also, just as an aside, Trump isn’t going anywhere. Expect a Patriot party – perhaps America’s first 3rd party? And they’re going to be heard whether anyone wants to listen or not. Like I said, buckle up guys!

    • Supposing there will be a Patriot Party, it’s going to split the traditionally Repub voting base, though. Bit of a catch there.

    • “Expect a Patriot party – perhaps America’s first 3rd party”.

      You are having a laugh. American political history is littered with (dead) third parties.

      Two that come to mind are the Know-Nothing/American Party (which if you see the Wikipedia page for, it sounds like it would have supported Trump had he been around at the time) and Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive/Bull Moose Party of the 1910s, which split the Republican vote for President and allowed the Democrat Woodrow Wilson to be elected President in 1912.

  12. I am no expert in astrology but I was wondering what those of you here who are make of the fact that the moon was ‘void of course’ for the best part of the day? As it was on the day when the present British Tory government was elected. From what I have read about it ‘void of course’ is a bad day to start anything new, sign contracts, etc. because ‘nothing will come of it’ or it will bring ‘more of the same’. The latter is certainly true with regard to the present British government! Given that the moon represents ‘the people’ in mundane astrology does this mean that the American people don’t believe that the Biden administration will actually achieve anything noteworthy? Just a thought, mixed in with some curiosity to know more!

  13. Well, Laryr, you live there, I can imagine you feel it changing. I haven’t looked at his chart at all but it’s a tough one. My heart always sinks to see such strong 12th house dominance…..I watched the whole inauguration but felt he was ….tired. He will be 80 next birthday and no matter what his genes have given him in the way of stoicism, this could be a step too far. He has only 2 cardinal planets, thus not strong physical powers, especially Neptune….hmm. What’s noticeable are the outer planets all strongly configured Sat/Ur/Pluto/Neptune so I’d say that gave a sense of mission – he also has 6 fixed earth planets = traditional values – so lives his own beliefs, but with progressed Venus square Saturn it is far heavier than he could imagine. Biden – His Time – we will watch with interest but I salute the man for his utter courage.

    • I wouldn’t underestimate Joe at all.
      He suffered the kind of personal tragedies that would crush lesser people,
      yet he comes back fighting.

      There is no doubt he has plenty of major challenges ahead but I think Joe will
      do well, especially with the current team behind him. Good luck to him.

      “Joe the Lion/Made of iron” – David Bowie “Joe The Lion”

    • Of course he’s tired … anyone would be given what’s been going on and getting ready for this momentous day. So he’ll bounce back

    • Appreciate your message. He’s what the country needs to get thru this mess. And sailing these trump-filled waters isn;t easy for anyone. Let’s lay down the harpoons for the first 100 days. If we see dark days ahead, there will never be any shining spots or clear skies.

  14. We watched Joe’s inauguration this afternoon on the beeb. It felt so good and lifted our spirits, especially when we saw Eugene Goodman (the cop who bravely led the mob away from the chamber of Congress) escorting Kamala Harris.

  15. Moon in Aries in the 12th looks like a lot of pent up anger and aggression to me. And Black Moon Lilith falls exactly at 0 degrees on the Ascendant, a signpost for poisonous rebellion?

  16. The chart i erected at the same time and same location has the ASC Taurus 4.53 and MH Capricorn 20.06 which brings the Mars-Uranus conjunction into the 1st H. I wonder why there is a difference in our charts? I switched from Palicidus to Koch and my chart calculations for ASC and MH remain constant.

  17. That’s true, Larry! It sounded positive and a lot of emotion amongst the speakers. Be interesting to see hoe Biden gets on with Putin. Apparently, when he was VP and met Putin, he looked the Russian in the eyes and told him he has no soul. Good for him. But not calculated to engender much warm fellow feeling! I think we are all relieved, like Marjorie to see that madman go away.

    • Lorri! did he really say that? I can’t imagine he would, may THINK it, but too couth to underestimate the opinion of a potential world leader to…another? whew!

  18. While reading some of the online news, I’ve noticed a definite upbeat and positive tone. No more Trumpian patina of darkness and failure. No more multiple articles of contentious politics.A good beginning.

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