Alexei Navalny – ignoring risk to follow his dream

Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption activist, recently recovered from a suspected novichok assassination attempt by Russia’s FSB spy agency, has been detained on his return to Moscow from hospital treatment in Germany. A judge ordered him into custody for 30 days until a parole review that could imprison him for years. His arrest prompted him to call for a mass protest this Saturday.

“There’s nothing these thieves in their bunkers fear more than people on the streets,” Navalny said. He could be sent to a penal colony by the end of the month if a parole board revokes his probation. While the authorities say they will ban the Saturday, analysts believe that the number of protesters on the street could influence whether Navalny is given a stiff prison sentence or set free.

  It’s a high-wire act for Navalny, who seems intent on a martyr’s crown. 

  Born 4 June 1976 at 1.30pm Moscow, he has Sun Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune and trine Pluto which hints at another dimension of Neptune in super-ambitious mode, single-mindedly following a dream. Neptune Pluto in aspect to the Sun appears in the charts of those who are motivated beyond the norm to make a name for themselves and succeed. His Mars is sextile Pluto and square Uranus so he does have courage and a liking for high excitement.

  The Eclipses of the moment and through 2021 will be setting up crises and forks in the road for him; with a fair few undermining moments but he’ll also get lucky breaks from late April onwards interspersed with the downers.  By early 2022, he’ll be firing on all cylinders and pushing ahead with bullish confidence. If he survives unscathed, he’ll not give up.

  His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th harmonic is strong though with indications of ruthless determination/brutal suppression; as is his ‘obsessive dream’ 11H.

  His Jupiter, Mercury and Gemini Sun Venus fall in the 10th house of the Russia 8 December 1991 7.45 pm chart so he is crucial to the modern Russia’s direction.

Pic: Evgeniy Isaev 

10 thoughts on “Alexei Navalny – ignoring risk to follow his dream

  1. “Thank you Marjorie, I did a chart for him last night but had no TOB, so it’s good to see he has a Virgo ascendant and a Virgo moon (just) and with a first house Pluto in Libra a just force to be reckoned with.”

    As a Virgo Rising (midsign, though, so my house entries etc. aren’t really in sync with Navalny) with a 1st house Pluto in Libra, I can say that with this position, tied to personal planets, it’s even not like we have to search for injustice and corruption. It’s basically rubbed into our faces.

  2. I know Marjorie is a stickler for decorum on here, but the this man has got Titanium balls and spine. I had to say it.
    That’s a leader right there.

  3. The Kremlin have stated that they are not afraid of him. That means they are afraid of him. (Putin won’t like the fact that he is younger and more handsome either! Putin is so vain – see his use of excessive dermal filler.)

    Thank you Marjorie, I did a chart for him last night but had no TOB, so it’s good to see he has a Virgo ascendant and a Virgo moon (just) and with a first house Pluto in Libra a just force to be reckoned with. I note that Uranus has been closing in on his South Node and squaring natal Mars in Leo over the past year and I wonder how ‘fated’ that might be for him, since he also has a Uranus/North Node conjunction in Scorpio. That Mars in Leo square Uranus will be brave enough to take the risk that he has.

    • There’s a lot of pressure on that brave and roaring Mars in Leo. Perhaps the Jupiter opposition this month will help, but there’s Saturn opposition coming up, and a square from BML in Taurus, as well as the ongoing Uranus pressure. Mercury in Aquarius turns direct in February at 11 Aquarius, which might indicate further developments. I noticed that his Moon is conjunct the fixed star, Regulus too. The whole “success if revenge is avoided” message of Regulus, Heart of the Lion, seems apt. I hope he survives, surely with the whole world watching they would not murder him now?

      • Jane don’t I know it, I have the same Mars. Fortunately no suicidal missions for me, but I am very busy and am taking even more on this year. BML stretches you; you throw yourself into things that seem crazy – but when you come out the other side you see the mountains you’ve moved and you wonder how you did it. This can be by transit, but also you often have people around you with a prominent planet conjunct your natal BML. They may not necessarily always be the trigger or cause, but they will be there.

  4. Wow, how did I forgot Navalny is my age! I don’t think I know anyone with his exact chart, but there is a guy who I interacted with a lot socially when I started studying astrology more serious who is a May 29th Gemini, and who let me do his chart even if he thought “astrology was rubbish”.

    Anyhow, I think Navalny’s age is relevant. He was the right age – teen ager and then young adult – when Soviet Union collapsed. Would have been the right age when Russia was chaotic, but more open to International collaboration. Also, the right age when “The Internets” arrived, meaning he is tech savvy. There actually is a very strong “OG” troll aspect to many things he does. I put that down to his flamboantly fearless Leo Mars in sextile series to Gemini Sun/Venus and Libra Pluto. He does have this “showy” side, which is probably exactly what drives Putin nuts, because Russians love these sort of personalities. Also, enough stubborn fixed positions to persist.

    I actually don’t think he will ever “rule” Russia, but feel he will make a splash that’ll make the next generation of Russian rulers look very different from Vladimir Vladimirovich.

  5. “For evil to triumph, it is necessary for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    Alexei is a very courageous man. Russia has become a gangster state and Putin
    is a very sinister man indeed. He is walking into the eye of the hurricane.
    It remains to be seen whether Alexi will come out through the other side.
    Anna Politkovskaya was an equally fearless individual who exposed the dark side
    of Russia, and her intense scrutiny eventually cost her life.

    I wish him well.

    • Apparently Putin has refused to actually say his name for the last decade. He refers to Alexei as “that man” or more recently following Navalny’s poisoning, “the patient”.

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