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  1. Hi Marjorie. La Repubblica reports today that Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte may resign and then attempt to form a new government. Wondered if you mind looking at some of the main players in Italian politics to see how they might fare if there is an election looming? Giuseppe Conte 8th August 1964 (sorry no DOB), Matteo Renzi 11th January 1975 14.45 Milan, Matteo Salvini 9th March 1973 10.50 p.m. Milan, Giorgia Meloni 15th January 1977 (Again, no DOB). Thank you

    • @Sarah C, not that this likely changes a lot, but Matteo Renzi was born in Florence. I lived in the area, several co-workers of mine were from his home town Rignano and apparently, my ex was classmates with some of his childhood friends at secondary school. His ascendent in local and then national politics was always seen as bit of a joke, because even if he was a a good student, they thought he was a classic Catholic “good boy” who’d lead really sheltered life. It was said it was his father Tiziano who “made room” for him. What I’ve personally noticed is that his political timing seems to be “off”, he never seems to do the right thing at the right moment.

  2. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the current debate over the United States Senate Filibuster.

    Many progressives and Democrats are urging Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to do away with the Filibuster. Many view the Filibuster as an unfair obstructionist tactic used to block or delay much needed legislation.

    I did some research but I couldn’t find an exact date as to when the Filibuster was first adopted. According to Brookings, it was adopted sometime in 1806 and was officially used by the Senate for the very first time in 1837. Again, no specific dates provided.

  3. Hi.

    Can you talk about organ traffiking? Meaning: astrologically, how do you see this evolving in the future? (Ending or Getting Worse, etc.)

    Thank you.

  4. To balance things with all these Capricorns having A Very Bad Moment right now, I’m interested in poet Amanda Gorman, who indisputably stole the show at Biden Inauguration. She is only 22, but her poem was both brilliant and profound. It prompted me to read/watch others available online, as well, and the talent is stellar (disclaimer, I’m also not your typical “poem person”, much more into prose, but there is something in her language that struck me). And, she herself, radiantly beautiful. She is born 1998, but I wasn’t immediately able to find DOB. If there’s one somewhere, I’d be really interested to see the astrology behind this phenomenon.

  5. Hi Marjorie, I have been watching carefully on the new Biden cabinet and in particular Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary. I know she knows her subject, but it’s going to be a big ask for her and 2021 and a real challenge for the dollar. I have read she has very few or no planets in earth or water. Maybe be worth a look?

  6. Hi Marjorie
    I was wondering what will happen now to some of Trump’s most shameless enablers like the fanatic anti-immigrationist Steven Miller. Will they continue to have successful careers or be permanently tainted by their roles in a corrupt administration.

    • @SMS, I read a WaPo article on this, and it’s likely they are not employable at usual Washington consultancy/lobbying circles. Some, for instance Stephen Miller and Dan Scavino, will likely continue to work for Trump and affiliated organisations, question is how relevant they will be if Trump gets removed and will be barred from seeking re-election. Kaleigh McEnany will probably do well as Fox News or Newsmax contributor. People having difficulty finding a job are the less visible, midtier members of Trump Admin and Campaign. I’ve seen reports of them being considered “toxic” not only in Washington circles, but for Corporate jobs, as well. That said, I think there will be some Red State political hopefuls who’ll be more than willing to employ them. But this would be a step down on career ladder.

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