Joe Biden – stymied by his own side

Internal ructions within the Democratic Party appear to be more of a risk to Joe Biden’s gargantuan economic package and term in office than the Republicans. Two pass-remarkable Democrats – Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema – have set their faces against agreeing setting up a bruising month ahead of negotiations to find a compromise. Their motives are thought to be political self-preservation since they come from largely Republican strongholds. The New York Intelligencer commented “They are, in effect, holding the president’s priorities hostage to their personal whims—-“their stubbornness in the face of contemporary challenges reveals the bottomless emptiness of their brand of centrist politics.”

   Both, oddly enough, should get on with Biden. Sinema, 12 July 1976 12.10 pm Tucson, AZ, has her Cancer Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunct Biden’s Jupiter and her Jupiter opposition his Sun; though he controlling Pluto does sit in Biden’s 10th which will gives her an eye for pulling his strings and there are a few scratchy aspects. Joe Manchin, 24 August 1947, has his Jupiter conjunct Biden’s Mercury and Sun.

  But the relationship charts indicate that Manchin and Biden will have a disappointing relationship this year and right through 2022 with disruptions and upheavals in January and February especially.

  Biden with Sinema looks no more cheering with discouraging Saturn blocks till late this month; and undermining Neptune hard aspects to the composite Jupiter and Sun through 2022 into 2023. So she’s likely to be a continuing problem.

For previous post on Biden see September 22 2021. It indicates it’ll be a long, fractious haul to the end of November.

4 thoughts on “Joe Biden – stymied by his own side

  1. I wonder if Biden will be rocked by the November Lunar eclipse, which falls directly opposite his sun.
    I read that 29 degrees of Taurus indicates a permanent ending.

  2. as a African woman of colour I dont rate scorpio Biden as any better than gemini Trump as a human . the USA is a absolute mess .

  3. These two Senators are not up for reelection next year, which makes their intransigence all the more peculiar; especially Sinema. Manchin may be from a state Trump won comfortably, but Sinema is from AZ which not only did Biden win, but her fellow Dem Senator, Astronaut Kelly also won by a fair margin. And he’s actually up for reelection next year and is not even behaving like she is. So her apparent shtick about emulating the late Maverick McCain is nonsensical. So I suspect her behavior is more attention seeking and importance craving than anything else. She’s likely enamoured with thinking she has leverage over the President and revelling in it. Though I’m no fan of AOC, I fully agree with the progressives stance on this one, and here’s why.
    I see this as an opportunity for democrats to use these two as justification for putting more democrats in congress by campaigning about their stubbornness in a deadlocked Senate as the problem. Both bills are popular with majority of voters. Project unity amongst the vast majority of Dems in Congress and tie this narrative around their necks while promoting the merits of Biden’s agenda in benefitting the working class and ride the support all the way to gaining seats to maintain, or in the case of the Senate, expand their numbers. So in other words, alienate Manchinema as anomalies that are antithetical to real progress. Turn them into political Pariahs in their own states.
    Sometimes a spanking from one’s own family may be required.
    To paraphrase Buttigieg when a journalist during the Presi campaign asked him how he would go about getting tough legislation passed through a GOP controlled Congress; “I’d use that big blue Jet to go around the country and sell it”.

    Take a lesson from Trump(I know, I know but bere with me) and hold rallies. Not for narcissistic purposes like him obviously, but to explain the benefits of the bills to the people. By campaign season the pandemic should be under control enough to make this possible…Hopefully! I’m gonna say something that may seem even more controversial. If Biden were to get ill(as some astrologers have hinted) during such an excursion, it might even engender sympathy; tug at the emotions of the electorate which may aide Dem’s chances. So I’m optimistic.

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