The Queen & Andrew – a mother’s dilemma

One of the several mysteries around the when-will-it-go-into-the-desert-and-die saga of Prince Andrew is his mother’s continuing and obvious support, now footing a mega-million pound legal bill. For someone who has put duty to the crown above and beyond anything else in her long reign, her public devotion seems odd.

  Their relationship chart is drenched in Neptune with a composite Moon Neptune opposition Sun – so illusions, delusions and wishful thinking run rife. It took the full might of the tr Pluto in Capricorn square tr Uranus in Aries opposition tr Saturn in Libra in 2011 to build up sufficient power to make it clear that his associations with dodgy billionaires and politically corrupt individuals made his Trade post untenable. She would have had to OK the decision but it took two years plus before she eventually gave in. By that time he’d sold his Sunningdale marital home way above market price to a relative of the Kazakhstan President.

   Their relationship chart also has a Mars opposition Pluto indicating the immoveable hierarchy of the monarchical power structure. That aspect appears in other Royal relationships with the Queen as well – Charles for one, Princess Margaret also, Prince William in a muted form; ditto Meghan; but not Harry, Edward, Princess Anne.

  In Andrew’s case it is entrenched with the composite Pluto on the IC and Mars conjunct the composite MC – which arguably traps both of them. When he gave the ill-considered Newsnight interview in November 2019, tr Pluto was sitting exactly on the Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant so it was always going to affect her image. Tr Saturn following close behind began a slow descent into and through her 1st house which can be a time of misjudgements when psychological quirks are exposed.

   Tr Uranus was also heading to rattle the composite Mars opposition Pluto with Andrew. With the scandal showing no signs of abating, he was finally forced to step down from all public roles in May 2020 when tr Uranus was exactly square their composite Pluto. Tr Saturn has now taken up the baton and will be opposition the composite Pluto and conjunct the composite Mars for the final time from mid November to mid December this year. And tr Uranus retrogrades to square the composite Midheaven from 29th December to early February 2022.

  With a chart as fixed as the Queen’s nothing happens impulsively or immediately – but she’ll not be able to withstand the amount of pounding her relationship chart with Andrew is taking.

  What is intriguing is that Andrew’ Moon at 25 Scorpio sits on her Midheaven and dutiful Saturn – and is exactly where her father George V1’s Moon was. So there may be resonances of her father that connect her – though they are wildly different personalities. Andrew’ 2nd house acquisitive Pluto is conjunct George V1’s South Node – so he does link in to a shadow side of the previous generation.

  She’ll have to throw him to the wolves at some point or end up wrecking her life’s work.   

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  1. Given Charles’ protection of Peter Ball, the royal family seems like no stranger to pedophilia.

    Perhaps more than anything else, the Uranus square Saturn aspect and Pluto in Capricorn will shatter whatever romanticism the public still associates with royalty, whether in the form of monarchs or celebrities.

    Are there definitive and/or distinctive astro aspects that point to associations with pedophilia? Pluto Mercury?

  2. This awful mess (and however much cash HMQ comes up with, it’s not going to go away), the exposure of appalling attitudes regarding female victims within the Met, the Pandora papers, the revelation that thousands of Catholic priests were involved with abusing children in France and the continuing exposure of the entertainment industry. Surely this is Pluto ploughing up every institution and establishment as it completes his journey through Capricorn. It’s really bringing up the bodies, so to speak.

  3. Re Delia:
    “ When Harry came to the UK for the Diana state unveiling, guess who I read instantly got into her car and speed around to see him at Frogmore Cottage..”

    Her majesty the Queen walks her dogs in the grounds of Frogmore House (not cottage) daily. She drives there from Windsor castle, presumably because of the one way system. It was just as likely she was photographed taking the dogs for a walk and reporters extrapolating that she was going to see Harry.

  4. “ By that time he’d sold his Sunningdale marital home way above market price to a relative of the Kazakhstan President.”

    It’s interesting that Tony Blair’s involvement in all this isn’t ever spotlit?

    It was Blair’s government, via Peter Mandelson, that appointed Prince Andrew as trade envoy. Peter Mandelson was photographed with Epstein and Maxwell on Little St James, as per the Daily Mail which is photographically accurate if nothing else. And then when Blair retired as PM he went to work for the President of Khazakstan for millions and buildings named in his honour. The information is fairly easily found via web search.

    I have never thought the Epstein quagmire to be straightforward, and I don’t think it was simply about the exploitation of young women either.

  5. Life is full of irony. It MAYBE that the Queen might lose some respect/authority/love for supporting Andrew through this mess but I’m not so sure. The public mood is pretty tricky and The Queen is tough as nails. I think we need to take into account that unfortunately misogyny is rife, even while being called out. Victim blaming is the game and abused women are made to bear the shame. I suspect the media will be out in force looking to tarnish Guiffre even more, while also exalting the Queen’s status as Mother, the bearer of unconditional love. In a world where 2 +2= whatever you think to tweet, it is going to be a bumpy 2022 up and down the social ladder.

    • Well observed, Anita…..its such madness that there he is, gripping Virginia and looking at the camera full on with his right hand poised……I think the press has been far too lenient (are they afraid?) and the Queen MUST have been told he should own up, pay up and get the back of the queue….but no! centuries of de droit du souverain let her continue to (a) rule (b) deny the blatant truth without being prosecuted……so was it ever. Nothing at all has changed.

  6. When Harry came to the UK for the Diana state unveiling, guess who I read instantly got into her car and speed around to see him at Frogmore Cottage..his grandmother. Despite all the words said before on the Oprey show. The Queen is a sucker for her family. My mother was the same. I doubt she will ever reject Andrew.

    • It’s not just mothers. There’s not many families who would give up one of their own, especially when it’s outsiders making twenty year old claims with no direct evidence. Heck, families can have molestation going on in their own homes and they’ll turn a blind eye. It’s always good to keep a scapegoat around to bear the brunt of the family dynamics.

      The Queen is 95, Taurus wants a quiet life, she’ll fund the lawyers in the hope that is enough to make Andrew’s problems go away. Kick the can further down the road and hope she doesn’t have to deal with it, or any guilt that would come with turning him in.

      I reckon this becomes Charles problem.

  7. Virginia Giuffre, who is suing Prince Andrew has Mars in Cancer 27 18 square Pluto 27 01 and Saturn 28 57 in Libra makes a t-square with his Venus and Mars. She has Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius square his Sun. She is a triple Leo.

  8. Thank you Marjorie. It will be interesting to see if the trial of Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell will have an impact as well. According to judge’s orders opening statements will happen on Nov. 29.

  9. Very interesting analysis, Marjorie! Thank you! I agree with this one and want to add two more observations: end of November 2021 tr. Saturn will be exactly conjunct their composite MC activating the composite Mars/Pluto opposition and square tr. Uranus. The lawsuit will be one month on the way then. Perhaps this means that the first revelations will affect the reputation of the monarchy and the family badly.

    My second observation is that the Queen has a Jupiter-return at this moment in her natal chart, transit Jupiter conjuncts her afflicted natal Jupiter which squares her natal Saturn on the MC and opposes Neptune in 7th (lawsuit). Two cycles ago in June 1997 the Queen’s Jupiter-return was an omen of Diana’s death a few months later. I hope that everything will go smooth for the Queen this time.

    It’s indeed her dilemma: between her role as a mother and as the Head of State. I hope she’ll get sound advice.

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