Kate Couric – shooting herself in the foot

Kate Couric, a household name for her US news presentation across all three big networks, has written a “scorched earth” memoir which has drawn heavy criticism. She slags off other women she has worked with in the business and excuses men accused of sexual harassment like Roger Ailes, Weinstein, Matt Lauer etc. Her bubbly girl-next-door image has been smashed to smithereens.

  She was born 7 January 1957 11.55pm New York with an ambitious Capricorn Sun Mercury in the 4th in an assertive square to Mars in Aries in the 7th – so she’s no slouch when it comes to pushing forward her point of view. She’s also got a wide Fire Grand Trine of Uranus in the 10th (= suits a TV career) trine Saturn in Sagittarius trine Mars and Moon in Aries, which is not only hard-edged but a surfeit of Fire can be attention-seeking, self-involved and not overly sensitive to others’ needs. In total she has five Fire signs with Venus in Sagittarius as well.  

  One theory is her book is a manoeuvre to gain relevance after her career has moved away from mainstream headlines. It won’t do her too many favours with tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc Midheaven and a jangled November over publication as tr Uranus squares her calamity-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint and December brings a hopes-dashed tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Neptune. With worse through 2022.

  At the moment her Progressed Mars is exactly (to within minutes) conjunct her South Node in Taurus which kind of suggests a backward slide.

  She’ll bounce up again by 2024 but clearly this book won’t do it for her.

One thought on “Kate Couric – shooting herself in the foot

  1. All that ambition and fire never jibed with the bubbly girl-next-door image she tried to project.

    Could never figure out why, and even felt bad that she always came across as dislikable to me.

    Thanks Marjorie, for your insights.

    Horrifying, disjointed, confusing story from the nanny’s POV in the Daily Fail today. The saving grace is that she did prioritize her daughter.

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