Joe Biden – sailing ahead without voter approval

Joe Biden has announced his intention to run for the 2024 election despite 70% of the voters wishing he would not and that includes over 50% of Democrats polled.

  What he has to contend with between now and November 2024 is a hugely disruptive run of tr Uranus opposing his Sun/Mars midpoint from late this May on and off into early 2024, then opposition his Mercury from this June; with tr Uranus opposition his Sun and Venus in Scorpio from August/September 2024 onwards and his Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun in fall 2024 – and that is a whole lot of jolts, jangles, shocks and sudden surprises. He’ll also wade through a disastrous few weeks mid this November to mid December but that may just be the usual political chaos or flu.

  He does have tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from early 2024 on and off till late 2025 which will rev up his confidence for a determined push. But that apart he will be bedevilled by more tr Uranus in a disastrous square to his Mars/Saturn midpoint in July 2024 – which is just before the national convention.

  Over the election itself he has tr Pluto returning to square his Sun/Neptune midpoint which is running throughout this year and next which is associated with a tragic deception or illusion and great confusion. Plus he has through 2024 tr Pluto trine his 10th house Neptune which again hints at lack of clear thinking and good judgement.

  It will be a high-tension, bad-tempered and acutely frustrating election with a Mars opposition Pluto in place – which might suggest an aggravated electorate facing two candidates, neither of whom appeals to them.  

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  1. I’m fully supporting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and I will be voting for both of them again next year….because I worry no other Democratic candidates (except maybe Amy Klobuchar) will be as committed to helping Ukraine, improving relations with the Global South, and putting Vladimir Putin in his place.

    I know Biden’s age and Kamala’s limited experience have been a concern with some voters. However, I also think ageism, sexism, and even racism has been a factor with other voters giving Biden and Harris such low approvals.

    I used to say healthcare and environmental conservation were my top 2 issues as a voter. However, ever since the brutal and unjust invasion of Ukraine and the rise of such deplorable entities like BRICS, foreign policy has become a pivotal issue for me as a voter as well.

    • Really well said, Chris! I also think people are being ageist about Biden. There are many examples of people who work well into their 90s because they are meaningfully engaged with their work, as Biden is. Also, never underestimate the tenacity and perseverance of a Scorpio! I also think racism and sexism have contributed to Harris’s low popularity.

      It has been great seeing America provide leadership during the Ukraine crisis and here in Canada it was appreciated that Biden recently spoke to our Parliament about the strong ties of friendship between our countries. Unlike Trump who seemed to treat us like a competitor to be bested in trade negotiations and insulted our Prime Minister. It would be a disaster for the entire world if Trump became president and cosied up to Putin again. I pray that Americans can see what’s at stake.

    • 1. I am with you and….

      2. The polling done these days has been way off. Young people don’t have landlines and don’t talk on the phone anymore. (I don’t have a landline & I do not answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers!) They are disgusted with some of this old school stuff–why would they respond to polls?

      I cannot gauge how popular the current president & VP are among the voting age population (around 250 Million) but I do know that young people have been coming out to vote in droves! I also think they are more educated regarding the disinformation spread in 2016.I think that’s what brought us such an awful present (same with you guys across the pond). Although many of them–my kids included want policies promoted by Bernie Saunders, they seem willing to vote for this more centrist person-Biden-who has tried to give them some of what they want (student loan forgiveness, women’s reproductive rights, support for gay & transgender people, investment in green energy etc.)

      So we will see. I’d rather think positively. The things Trump says in his rallies is scary & dark. Another administration like that (there are other awful people in the wings) will destroy this country which isn’t even considered a #1 democracy anymore.

  2. In Biden’s favour he does have tr Neptune trine his Moon in Cancer and Sun and Venus in his 12th house Scorpio on and off over the next two years. This should at least give him greater intuition, equanimity and put him in touch with the prevailing zeitgeist.

  3. “It will be a high-tension, bad-tempered and acutely frustrating election with a Mars opposition Pluto in place – which might suggest an aggravated electorate facing two candidates, neither of whom appeals to them.”

    Uneasy times ahead. The Inauguration date, 20 January 2025, has Sun conjunct Pluto. Mars is retrograde at 24 Cancer, conjunct the US Mercury, having turned retrograde at 6 Leo on the US Nodes (the people) in December. Biden’s Jupiter is 25 Cancer. Sounds like a lot of argy-bargy at the very least, whoever becomes President. These degrees seem sensitive – I hate to mention this, but Donald Trump’s natal Venus is 25 Cancer, conjunct Saturn, 23 Cancer.

    I also noticed that the chart for the US Civil War, 12 April 1861, is approaching a Neptune return. It has Ascendant 27 Pisces, Mercury 24 Pisces, and Neptune 29 Pisces. The Moon’s Nodes enter Pisces at 29 degrees on 11th January, 2025. This could add a collective, public element to the Neptune Return or maybe stir up dreams and fantasies associated with that period in US history? And, hopefully, prompt some fresh ones. A Solar Eclipse at 29 Virgo in September 2025 further emphasises this I think.

    • From deep in the heart of the Southland, I can tell you there are some very delusional people who seem to think that dividing the US in half again would be fun. We’ve also had a ton of MAGA types relocate down here. I guess FL is full so they’re spilling over to the other southern states. And there’s no talking to them–they truly believe every lie they’ve been fed by the likes of Fox News and Trump.

      • Yes, SouthernBelle, thank you. It is very concerning I agree. But unlikely to go any further I very much hope. And hoping any Neptune dreams that arise in Pisces are healing ones. The North/South dynamic seems to crop up in various guises in our world – thinking of here in the UK with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire, and Sudan and South Sudan…..

  4. Looking at Biden’s Natal Chart made me wonder if his Uranus/Saturn conjunction in Gemini, makes him feel that working will keep him young, as Uranus rotates in the opposition direction to the rest of the planets and Gemini is associated with feeling young. I am not sure who the eldest elected PM is or was, perhaps Biden may break that record? Presidents and PM’s around the world seem enthralled with their legacy – the oldest PM in the world, would give him something others have not obtained.

  5. Thanks for this, Marjorie. The US election is actually on November 5, 2024 but the chart looks even worse with that Mars opposite Pluto separating within 43′ of arc. I wonder how auspicious it was for Biden to kick off his campaign with Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus and opposite the degree of the upcoming lunar eclipse that is conjunct his Mars at 12 Scorpio. At the very least, I think it means he is in for an epic battle (rematch?). I understand he launched his campaign around 6:00 am EDT today which puts Jupiter on a 26 Aries ascendant which seems somewhat auspicious although it is conjunct the recent eclipse at 29 Aries. Interesting times we live in. Thanks for covering them!

  6. Yes, voters do not wish to see a rematch of these same candidates, but I believe despite Biden’s low polling numbers, the majority of voters also know that the alternative is too grim to bear for the future of the country. So yes, it will be brutal but I think he will make it.
    Marjorie you have posted a variety of forecasts, besides DJT, of Republicans from Bannon to McConnell, McCarthy etc etc that aren’t exactly happy campers over the election. Also in your post of Jill Biden of July 2, 2022, you mentioned the following:

    –/Jill Biden looks relatively upbeat over the 2024 election since tr Jupiter in Gemini picks up her Sun, Mars in Gemini but wives are not always a good judge since they are quite often relieved to be away from the goldfish bowl and risk of a White House stint.—

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with your assessment that First Ladies are “often relieved to be away from the fishbowl.” However, she has been in the fishbowl for a long long time during the Obama years and now as First Lady. These are extraordinary times and she must be well aware what is at stake for the US with this election.

    • Thank you for this comment
      I agree
      Biden was not many people’s first choice for President but the other choice was an autocracy with an insane idiot surrounded by neonazis.
      The mentally ill idiot is still surrounded by neo-Nazis, other idiots & cultists (Marjorie Taylor Greene comes to mind but Kevin McCarthy ain’t that bright either). Biden may be old but he has in his cabinet & agencies many young, very bright people. The contrast is huge.

      • Agreed. I would also add that with presidency comes many other things, such as appointment of Supreme Court judges, ambassadors, and other administrative leaders. Biden filled the important positions with experts and capable politicians, the kind of people I would like to see leading the country. Does anyone remember team of crazy aids and personalities in the White House just a few years ago?

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