Jimi Hendrix – his flame still burns

A brief shooting star in the musical firmament, Jimi Hendrix’s legacy lives on as the greatest instrumentalist of all time for his innovative electric guitar playing. There is a new  collection of rare, unreleased Hendrix recordings now available from an official “bootleg” record label (whatever that is?)

  Hendrix was born 27 November 1942 10.15 am Seattle, Washington with his father initially away in the war and he had a fractured, poor childhood in and out of foster care with both parents drinkers. He was a shy, reclusive child who came alive when he got first a ukulele and then a guitar. After a brief and unhappy stint in the military, he backed other singers and eventually made his breakthrough in 1966. By 1969 he was the highest paid rock star in the business and was regularly using cannabis, hashish, amphetamines, LSD and alcohol.

  In September 1970 aged 27 he was found dead in London in mysterious circumstances which led to rumours of foul play though the coroner, while recording an open verdict, deemed it death by asphyxiation after taking barbiturates and alcohol.

 He had a creative and hidden 12th house Sun Venus Mercury in Sagittarius in a talented, super-ambitious, though highly-strung and scattered Half Grand Sextile with his Sun and Sagittarius planets opposition Saturn Uranus in Gemini trine an 8th house Pluto and sextile Neptune. His Moon Jupiter in Cancer were also in his 8th, hinting at supportive grandparents who were probably his saving grace.  A complex, self-doubting and troubled soul, driven by demons he didn’t understand.

   When he died tr Neptune was exactly square his Aquarius North Node and tr Uranus was square his Solar Arc Saturn, shaking up the central configuration of his chart. Tr Saturn was opposition his Solar Arc Midheaven and his Progressed Mars was opposing his SP Saturn. Most significantly three of his Mars midpoints were under brutal assault at the time.  

  A former roadie who worked for Mike Jeffrey, Hendrix’s manager (now dead) claims Hendrix was killed for a $2m life-insurance policy taken out amid concerns about his increased drug-taking, and that the manager told him Hendrix was “worth more to him dead than alive”. Wright’s version is that Hendrix was killed on Jeffrey’s orders by a gang who forced wine and painkillers down his throat until he drowned. The doctor on-call at the time said in an interview that the patient seemed to have “drowned” in a large amount of red wine.

  Tr Neptune was exactly square his Mars/Saturn midpoint = a mysterious death according to Ebertin, undermining of the vitality thro’ poison, gas or epidemic. Tr Pluto was also exactly conjunct Mars/Pluto = misfortune to suffer violent assaults.  And tr Uranus was conjunct Mars/NNode – quarrels, upsets within co-operative associations.

  Was he murdered? With these influences it is possible, but not definitive proof. A mystery that will never be solved.

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  1. He was my friend. He was always interested in others, especially if a good story was involved. Yes, he was shy but he was open and loved to talk. Well, he talked to me and once rang me in the middle of the night to ask if he could use one of my dreams in song. Oh yes Jimi. I miss him, he was a lovely guy with talent bigger than the multiverse. He was a comet that blazed through. Yeah, I really miss him, Mr Super Sag.

  2. For anyone who is interested Neil Spencer (ex-editor of NME) has written an excellent astrological analysis of Jimi Hendrix’s chart: https://www.neilspencer.com/12-musician-sun-signs/sagittarius-jimi-hendrix/
    The stellium in Sagittarius opposition Uranus Saturn in Gemini (Uranus is also square the nodal axis) has a futuristic, sci-fi adventurer feel to it. Unsurprisingly, Hendrix was a huge sci-fi fan. Also he travelled so far musically, that sometimes it can sound as if you are listening to unearthly sounds coming from some point in the future. Then you find out that this was done over 50 years ago in the ’60s which is discombobulating – almost as if the linear sense of time is being distorted or tested.
    SA North Node was conjunct tr. Pluto at time of death as well.

  3. Jimi left far too early. A friend of mine told me this wonderful story years ago. He was walking down Oxford Street
    in the Spring of 1967, when he saw this outrageously dressed dandy with wild hair approach him. He was
    surrounded by many fawning girls. The dandy asked him the directions to get to Tottenham Court Road, and my
    friend gave him the details. The dandy thanked him for his help and went on his way.

    He was very polite and softly spoken.

    My friend shook his head with disbelief at the man’s flamboyant appearance, (this was 1967!) and went home.
    He turned on the TV set to watch “Ready, Steady, Go!”, a show which featured cutting-edge acts of the day.
    He said he nearly dropped dead at seeing the opening performance. It was Jimi Hendrix, the dandy he had met
    earlier that afternoon! Jimi was playing “Purple Haze”. He immediately got tickets to see him at the now-defunct
    Astoria. He said he had never seen anything like it, before or since. Jimi was supported by Stevie Wonder that
    night. During the performance, Stevie fell off the stage. There was a horrified silence. My friend said Jimi rushed
    out and helped Stevie back onto the stage, to loud cheers of applause.
    Jimi also played the drums on a song played by Stevie.

    My friend said Jimi was a very gentle and shy man, a far cry from the tabloid creation of the “Wild Man Of Rock”.
    By a very odd coincidence, a Hendrix CD I ordered came through my door this morning, at the same time as this
    astrological post on this sublimely talented man. His futile demise aged only 27, is the greatest tragedy the music
    has experienced.

    • Oh Boy! Robert, thank you for your comment, I am Nature’s daughter so to speak and when I’m reading Hendrix’ s chart and your comments, this is the way Truth unfolds for one being and for all of us even if the mystery about his death is still sealed. I wholeheartedly recognize it had to be this way. I’ve calculated also his Birth referential chart with tarot and it shows that his physical weaknesses were heart/neck/mouth plus brains during his lifetime. He is an alchemist in music and the CD you’ve got in your hand now in Dec 2021 is another proof of the ‘silent’ Great Perfection. Let it be beyond death & sorrow & secret! I’m in awe! Thank you!

      • Dear Geraldine, the CD was “The Cry Of Love”, his last officially recorded album.

        “Angel”, “Drifting” and “Night Bird Flying” are stone-cold classics. I hope he is looking down and smiling shyly
        at the love and inspiration that he left for millions of fans, wherever he is now.

  4. Watch Dick Cavett’s interview of Jimi. He discussed his electric church, a very Sagittarius concept. Cavett had many of the stars of music, literature, stage and film oh his show. He had a “practice interview” with Katherine Hepburn that is incredible. Hendrix was very shy and sensitive Cancer when talking and in the live recordings, he shows concern for the feelings of the audience. When he started playing that fire exploded.

  5. This is my favourite astrology chart of all time, I think. I love looking into it. Apparently he was very timid and shy off stage. I think that shows up with having Jupiter, Moon and BML in Cancer. There is a cluster of famous people born around this time – Billy Connolly is one.

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