Jim Caviezel – righteous intentions muddy the waters

Jim Caviezel, a talented actor with strong religious convictions which include advocating QAnon conspiracy theories, is an unexpected success with his latest movie about child sex traffickers, outselling Indiana Jones at the box office. “Sound of Freedom” is an action thriller based on the real-life exploits of a crusading former Homeland Security agent. The film was completed in 2018 and rejected by major studios, including Disney but was saved by Angel Studios, based in Utah, the most religious state in America, and partially crowd funded.

  The producers deny any connection with QAnon’s  false belief that a highly organized network of global elites are kidnapping children, having sex with them and harvesting their blood. But critics accuse the movie of warping the truth about the reality of child exploitation.

  Caviezel, born 26 September 1968 11.14am Mount Vernon, Washington, is interesting astrologically since he was born with a tricky Saturnine yod in place and in a year which produced many acting notables. Will Smith was born one day earlier, with Helen McCrory, Hugh Jackman, Gillian Anderson, Timothy Oliphant (Justified), Guy Ritchie, Marine Le Pen and Pauley Perrette (late of NCIS) all having that emphasized/afflicted Saturn in Aries inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto.

 Caviezel has an 11th house Libra Sun conjunct Uranus sextile a 1st house Sagittarius Moon which is conjunct Neptune – his Sun inclines to unconventional ideas; his Moon is wreathed in fantasies and visions.  Saturn inconjunct Neptune can be prone to neurotic fixations though is also creative. His Mars in Virgo on his midheaven fuels his ambitions along with a powerfully confident Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus stellium in Virgo in his 10th house of career.

 He’s had an oddly patchy career in terms of public prominence with notable highlights starting in a breakthrough role early on in 1998 in Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line about Vietnam. Thence onto Mel Gibson’s controversial, blood-soaked The Passion of Christ in 2004 which he was warned might harm his career. The TV series Person of Interest on the perils and benefits of an Artificial Intelligence machine with a mind of its own had consistently high ratings (2011 – 2016). In it he played an ex-CIA assassin turned good guy while still indulging in copious violence with fists and guns. He evidently won’t do hot romance in movies because of his religious beliefs but has that odd American predilection which allows for righteous brutality but forbids sex.

  Another Mel Gibson tortured Christ movie may be in the making with him back in the lead though nothing has yet been seen of progress. Gibson’s successful/confident Jupiter Pluto is conjunct Caviezel’s Mars Midheaven so good for career ambitions. Except for the Saturnine element creeping in which will have a dampening effect.

  Strange beliefs never held Tom Cruise back but at least he doesn’t inject them into his movies.  

4 thoughts on “Jim Caviezel – righteous intentions muddy the waters

  1. I saw his face and name and immediately recalled Outlander, a sci-fi movie, 2008.

    Harvesting kids’ blood? Sounds too much like Pizzagate. Perhaps struck by lightening too often?

  2. I read a bunch of the Q posts and also tried fact checking a lot of the claims a couple of friends made, who got swept up by it. The posts were baseless, in that they presented no evidence of anything, and the claims friends made about a furniture store actually selling kids were easy to debunk. They didn’t care.

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