Bruce Springsteen – I’ll See You in My Dreams

Bruce Springsteen is yet another ageing rocker putting the youngsters to shame with a three hour tour-de-force in front of 65,000 fans in Hyde Park  starting with ‘No Surrender’. Rumoured to be his last tour he has another London outing tonight. A reviewer said: “he played with fire in his belly, a twinkle in his eye, and the energy of a man half his age.”

  He was born 23 September 1949 10.50pm Freehold, New Jersey and now in his eighth decade he has produced 21 albums over a career spanning sixty years.

  His Libra Sun sits in his 4th house of home and family as does his Saturn in Virgo. In his childhood his father had mental problems and his mother was the breadwinner. His Sun is square a rebellious and unconventional 1st house Uranus which did not make his school years easy.  He has a full performing/entertaining 5th house  with musical Neptune, Mercury and Moon in Libra and Venus in Scorpio there. Plus a lucky financial Jupiter in his 8th – and perhaps most important of all to tie up his power-packed life a do-or-die- determined Mars Pluto in Leo in his 3rd house.

  He married singer Patti Scialfi, 29 July 1953 Deal, New Jersey, after his first marriage failed and they have three children together, spending their time between a New Jersey horse ranch and homes in Florida and Los Angeles.

  She is a Sun Leo which sits close to his Mars with her light-hearted Jupiter Venus in Gemini sitting on his Ascendant and her Pisces Moon in his 10th. Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction.

  He has a powerfully successful get-it-together 5th harmonic, a musical 7H; and leaving-a-legacy 17H and superstar 22H.

  From unlikely beginnings he made it to the top and stays there. His chart does not indicate a halt to his career and with Jagger still going strong at 80 and Elton John at 76 he may keep going, though 2025 may be lacklustre with his Solar Arc Neptune square his Sun.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen – I’ll See You in My Dreams

  1. Having read his biography, I can’t help but think a secret to his enduring creativity was not drinking at all until age 22 and never doing drugs, despite being surrounded by it. His mother must have been a remarkable woman, living through the turbulence of his heavily-drinking father. I think both his sisters have had very successful lives, too.

  2. Apparently there is little money to be made by artists recording songs now and so they must have concerts to make the big money. Only heard that today on radio by someone who knows.

    • As predicted by David Bowie who when asked about streaming replied that it meant musicians would have to do a lot more touring. That was already back in the ‘90s.

      • I saw him in Hyde Park last week and it was an excellent concert. Incredibly professional, note perfect and clearly still very fit physically. Barely had the applause died down when he was into the next song. He certainly doesn’t need the money. He looks as if he is thoroughly enjoying every minute of his 3 hour set, and his enjoyment is quite infectious. Whenever I have seen him live I come away on a high.

        He mentioned that he is now the only surviving member of the first band he joined when he was 15, the Castiles….

        Thanks for your analysis Marjorie.

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