Jeremy Corbyn – Airy and Angry ++

  Jeremy Corbyn, until recently UK Leader of the Opposition and of the Labour Party, has been suspended from the party after a damning report on anti-Semitism by the equality watchdog. While he was not named personally the report took to task the leadership for “serious failings in ….. in addressing antisemitism and an inadequate process for handling antisemitism complaints”.

  Jeremy Corbyn, 26 May 1949 no birth time sadly, has a substantially Air chart with a Grand Trine of Gemini Sun trine Jupiter in Aquarius trine Neptune plus Venus, Mercury, Uranus in Gemini.  Air suggests an individual attached to ideas and theories and can be ideologically tunnel-visioned. He’s also got an angry Mars (Moon) in Taurus square Pluto which is often found in the charts of shock jocks, conspiracy theorists and those who have exceptionally strong likes and dislikes.

   Narendra Modi of India, if his birth date of 17 September 1950 is sound, has Mars in Scorpio square Pluto, which lives out in his divisive and hate-filled rhetoric against all non-Hindus.

   Corbyn always sided with the Palestinians to an extent where he allowed his dislike of successive and suppressive Israeli government policies over the occupation to leak into ethnic slurs against the Jews.

  David Icke born in 1952 is another Mars in Scorpio square Pluto. It doesn’t make for nuanced opinions. There seems to be a need to have ANother to attack/destroy. Daddy issues that get writ large out into the world.

   Corbyn looks rattled at the moment with tr Uranus square his Sun/Neptune midpoint; more so from mid 2021 onwards with tr Uranus square his Pluto and then opposing his Mars the following year which will bring major strains and tensions.

  His relationship with the present Labour leader Keir Starmer was always evasive and a battle for one-upmanship. Tr Pluto is opposition the composite Sun for the final time this month exerting maximum pressure; then moving into a confused and devastated square to the composite Neptune from early 2021 for two years.

Add On: Parallels are being drawn between Neil Kinnock’s expulsion of the Militant Tendency from the Labour Party circa 1983. But this isn’t too similar since back then both Saturn and Pluto moving into early Scorpio and tr Neptune moving into Capricorn were rattling the Labour Party 1906 Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune in Cancer square Mars in Aries T Square for years of turmoil.

At the moment the transiting Node is conjunct the Party Pluto with the next two sets of Eclipses rattling up the Pluto suggesting power-struggles, resentment and hostility but it isn’t the same extended wrangles as in the 1980s. Where there’s likely to be more ructions is 2024 with tr Uranus square the Party Sun Venus and 2025 with the Solar Arc Sun conjunct the Pluto.

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  1. Noticed Corbyn’s mean nodal axis at 23 -24 degrees Aries/ Libra (I think the mean nodes are used more than the true nodes due to some astronomical techniciality??) is being battered by the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto stellium in Capricorn this year which is really significant – never noticed it before. Pluto is squaring Corbyn’s nodal axis into next year which is making me think that this suspension has the potential to be permanent – on the grounds of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute.

    Labour’s 1906 chart has Pluto at 20 degrees of Gemini which will be squared by tr Neptune next year – I thought that was linked to the Labour leaks Forde inquiry but it seems it may be linked to much bigger events. Could the long term impact of Pluto in Capricorn on the political status quo be on the verge of intensifying?

  2. Regarding the aspects for 2024 and 2025 – and similar ones, I understand, for Keir Starmer, does this suggest that Labour will not win the next Election?

  3. Interesting about the vegetarian idea re Mars Pluto. I have a Mars Pluto opposition and became vegetarian for 10 years. But missed chicken so much I decided to go back to eating that, especially as my husband is eats meat. However, I still feel a horror of cutting up peices of meat and always think of the fact this creature was once alive! So slowly going back to being vegetarian.

    • I have a Scorpio Mars sextile a Virgoan Pluto and also vegetarian and these days increasingly vegan. For as long as I remember I never liked the idea of eating flesh, in fact finding it revolting when my Dad carved rare roast beef with blood oozing from the meat and hating butchers shops because of the smell (to my senses) of decaying cadaver. All this despite growing up in an agricultural/farming community. People tend to think you’re veggie for some political or ideological reason – I just don’t like meat.

    • @Lorri, my grandmother had Virgo Venus/Mars. She grew at a small farm in the middle of the woods in the 1920’s and 1930’s. There never was too much food, especially when she was very young and her older siblings still weren’t of working age. She would tell me how horrible she felt in the autumn, when they slaughtered few pigs they kept, even if that was most of the meat they’d ever eat. In the 1970’s, when she was working as a school cook, she had the only panic attack in her life (she was about the calmest person you’d ever meet) visiting a slaughter house. And I was on her bedside when she was in palative care. She was already heavily sedated and mostly unconscious, when she was obviously reliving those moments at the farm pegging his older brother not to shoot the pig.

  4. Some of the media coverage is a bit misleading. It should be noted that Corbyn was suspended by the Labour NEC not by Starmer. The Labour leader does not have the power to take this decision alone. The Labour 1906 chart shows that the North Node at 20 Gemini is exactly conjunct its natal Pluto. That suggests this is a moment of reckoning for the party. I expect events will be tumultuous but that Labour will both die and be reborn as a result.

    • Oh please, Starmer’s hands are all over this – anything else is just media spin and damage limitation. His office controls every aspect of the Labour machine no matter who will be set up as the fall guy (David Evans) if this goes pear shaped.

      • That still does not change the fact the decision had been made by the NEC using procedures that were set up when Corbyn was leader.

        • No, the decision came from Starmer, rubber stamped by David Evans. Now there is a debate raging as to whether he actually broke the procedural rules.

          • Too many Labour Party members are still in denial about anti Semitism amongst its members. I have read the EHCR report and the cases highlighted were the usual tropes about Jews being rich capitalists and being agents of a foreign power etc. In fact pretty much identical to the sort of canards spread by the Nazis. It is no good gaslighting the claiming this type of racism is somehow different from that experienced by other groups. In fact the idea that Jews who felt they had been discriminated against by the Party were exaggerating what was happening is an example of precisely the sort of gaslighting that they like to accuse their opponents of performing. Anyway the astrology of that North Node conjunct Pluto is pretty clear. It is a moment of destiny for the party over its future for good or ill. It is essentially a moral choice as to whether they truly believe in the brotherhood of man or whether they want to indulge in sectarianism and race baiting.

    • Practice what you preach: I also remember your divisive comments on the ‘woke’ black lives movement on these pages a few months ago.

      • Jess, Ad hominem attacks are lazy and evasive. Answer the points that were raised directly or stay silent. Attacking Hugh for comments on an entirely different subject doesn’t progress this debate at all.

        • I made a simple comment about Starmer dictating the suspension of Corbyn which Starmer has himself confirmed this morning in the media. Of course, there is now a debate on the legality of the decision which is what I reiterated. Then I got a bizarre confrontational response from Hugh Fowler of the horrors of Labour members with comparisions to Nazism which really has nothing to do with me, nor had anything whatsoever to do with the very brief comments I had made previously.

          I really have no desire to engage in a discusssion of the report – everyone can read it and make up their own mind which is what I should have said originally. So, I do take your point.

    • Thanks Hugh. The Labour Party seems fated to “die and be reborn” throughout it’s history. The 1906 Mars/Uranus/Neptune suggests that sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing (so to speak). If the Moon in Libra then completes a grand cross, it goes some way towards illuminating their many internal struggles. And possibly hints at why they have never had a female leader.

      Jeremy Corbyn’s own Nodes have had Saturn squaring them this year. Mars in Aries has been conjunct the NN as well, and will be there again in December. So it seems like a turning point for him too – and would have been whether or not he’d been suspended.

      I very much hope they can address the longstanding issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party. It is a dark tangled web, and now seems to include a number of conspiracy theories using some of the oldest antisemitic tropes in our society. Jeremy Corbyn was the party leader, he had every opportunity to deal with this. He failed.

  5. * According to astrodatabank, Corbyn has stated ‘I was born late in the day, at an inconvenient time’. After 7pm, the ascendant could range from Scorpio through to Capricorn. Astrologers online seem to plump for Scorpio, but it is speculative.

  6. Astrologically, I find it so interesting that someone who has Mars square Pluto in fixed signs fronted the Stop the War coalition – not something you would necessarily expect with a Mars/Pluto combination. However, I remember an astrologer saying that when Pluto (which signifies death, things which are deeply buried, repressed etc) sits on Mars in hard aspect, in this case the square, it can literally ‘kill off’ Mars to such an extent that the person is completely dissociated from their Mars energy. In many cases, the person with Mars/Pluto is unable to express the anger & assertiveness usually associated with Mars for fear that, if they do, it will literally kill. Of course, it can also mean that the person will meet the Mars/ Pluto from outside, and perhaps this is an example of that. ‘Interesting’ choice of battle from Starmer.

    • Just realised that Mahatama Gandhi’s chart has Mars in Scorpio oppostion to Pluto – actually it is part of an explosive 5 planet fixed t-square. He was best know as the leader for the non-violent civil disobedience in India’s independence movement, he was also assassinated. Gandhi was a life-long vegetarian as is Corbyn – could vegetarianism be explained partly by Mars Pluto and an aversion/ disgust (Pluto) to killing (Mars)? Isn’t it often the case with hard aspects that these manifest in situations and people around us – that actually Mars Pluto people can often feel or experience profound impotence and disempowerment? For instance, Corbyn is portrayed as a ‘wimp’ and a feeble ‘loser’ across the media establishment – and, actually, it is Starmer who has been roundly applauded for his ‘hardman’ approach in dealing with Corbyn. I always thought Corbyn’s biggest challenge as leader, certainly in terms of how he was perceived, was his point blank refusal or inability to fight back.

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