Hunter Biden – an easy target

Joe Biden’s errant son Hunter continues to be the focus of right-wing attacks with a dodgy New York Post piece, disclaimed even by its own reporters, about an alleged laptop containing incriminating files – and complaints that the media are avoiding covering the story for partisan reasons. A recent Republican Senate report found that Hunter Biden’s lucrative work at a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was vice-president was “problematic” and “awkward”, but found no evidence that US foreign policy was influenced. The BBC comments: “It does however detail the breadth of his connections to questionable foreign interests and business leaders in Ukraine and China – creating “criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns”. It suggests Joe Biden’s son was profiting from his family name – a potential conflict of interest that is unsavoury but not unusual in Washington’s corridors of power.”

  Hunter has a known history of drink and drug abuse.

  Born 4 February 1970, he is a charming Sun Venus in Aquarius, with an up and down Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus; and a volatile and reckless Mars in Aries opposition Uranus. He was injured when two years old along with his brother Beau in a car crash which killed his mother and sister. In the aftermath Joe Biden, then a young Senator, travelled home daily ninety minutes each way from Washington to ensure he was there for them.

   Despite a recent gushing WPost piece about Joe’s unconditional love for his son, it is not that easy a relationship. Hunter’s Neptune is conjunct Joe’s Sun, Venus so his father will find him elusive, evasive and slippery – perhaps the drug problem also fits here. Hunter’s Saturn is conjunct Joe’s Taurus Moon for a defensive barrier. More troublesome Hunter’s Pluto sits in Joe’s 10th which does give him a capacity for damaging Joe’s reputation and /or involving him in political and profession intrigues. Hunter’s Uranus is also in Joe’s 10th which could be destabilizing.

  Their relationship chart does have an affectionate and close composite Sun Venus trine Pluto and Jupiter. But there’s also a hard-edged and aggravated composite Mars trine Saturn and a Neptune square Mars, both of which suggest differing agendas and lack of mutual support on one side or the other.

   What will be interesting to watch out for, astrologically speaking, is tr Pluto conjunct the composite Mars from late January 2021 onwards for two years. In the event of Biden winning, junior may well find himself hemmed in and fuming about it. If Joe loses then Hunter might get part of the blame. But one way or another it won’t all be sunshine and roses for two years ahead.

  There’s a delicious sense of being hoist on their own dirty dealings for the pro-Trumpers who have spread around so many claims of ‘fake news’ that no one believes any smears any more, whether there’s a smidgeon of truth in them or not.    

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  1. Rudy Guiliani has been working with shady characters. Sachs Baron Cohen and his new star Maria Bakalova set him up in the new Borat movie. She posed as a Russian journalist. It was not illegal, but he was touching a woman 52 years younger, which was stupid. In an outtake she was able to con a right wing reporter to get her into the White House briefing room. She is getting Oscar buzz after being almost unknown outside of Bulgaria.

  2. For starters, The New York Post is NOT a very credible source and various fact-checking outlets have had to debunk many of their reports in the past. The New York Post is considered to be a tabloid rag with a strong populist and conservative biased. In other words, it’s very much like the British Daily Sun (another cheap tabloid rag). So, most sensible people are not paying attention to anything The New York Post has to say.

    Also, Hunter Biden is irrelevant to the vast majority of voters in this country – he’s a private citizen and he’s not the one running for President.

    Donald Trump and the Republican Party must be grasping straws at this point if they’re having to relay underwhelming bombshells like this (that have no basis whatsoever) in the hopes of attracting a measly few persuadable or undecided voters to go their way.

    Honestly, Donald Trump and his associates have turned the White House into a reality television show (and the ratings suck).

    • Thank you and agreed. Meanwhile mainstream media does not report on the graft and corruption of Senator Grassley (who until very recently sat on the board of a china company), Elaine Chao (Mitch McDonalds wife who runs the Department of Transportation and is under investigation), Ivanka who has made millions while in the White House, the case against Steve Bannon and his relationship with a Chinese Oligarch, Rudy Giuliani and his relationships with Russian Intelligence. The deposition Eric Trump went under in State of New York. It just goes on and on, and those of us who are American – most of us – just cannot believe how bad it is. There is also a split – those who are serious readers – and those who are not.

  3. As a Capricorn Moon with a very living Scorpio stellium father who also lost her mother at young age, I think there might be reasons not often mentioned for Hunter’s issues. While it definitely wasn’t always easy to communicate with my Dad about my Mom, the main issues I had were outside. I crew up in a very small town where everybody knew my story, and was kindly to me. But the issue was that if there’s something Capricorn Moons hate, that’s being pitied. So, this was an issue for me. I didn’t develop any serious issues, but couldn’t wait getting out. I lived abroad and now have lived in a large town, in an apartment building with changing neighbors for 15 years, because enjoy anonymity. Now, imagine being first a Senator’s and then VPs son. There would have been very few places a guy named Hunter Biden could have escaped all the undoubtably wellmeaning aunties knowing his family story…

  4. The questionable incriminating files on Hunter Biden is further discredited by NBC news, which found in their investigation that the 64 page document was created by a fake “intelligence firm” and written by a self-described Swiss security analyst who doesn’t exist. I’m curious to see what the future brings for Rudy Giuliani who is at the middle of this situation.

    • @Clarence P., alcohol and drug abuse as well. Donald Jr. has been looking very rough, as of late. He has admitted to past problems himself, may have sobered during his marriage, but then relapsed. This is, actually, very common for Virgo Moons.

      • @ Solaia, both Don Jr. and his girlfriend were as high as kites during their recorded RNC speeches.
        It’s all projection all of the time with Republicans especially Trump.
        My jaw drops every time I heard Trump accuse Biden of corruption. Unfreaking believable.

        • @Roderick, yes, they definitely were, and he is looking even rougher now, while she has had very few public appearances despite being involved in Trump Campaign (they seem to prefer sending Lara Trump everywhere). This is a co-dependent relationship. Kimberly Guilfoyle
          – Pisces Sun, likely Libra Moon – famouslyy was married with Gavin Newsom in the early 2000’s. They divorced in 2006, and Newsom admitted to alcohol abuse in 2007, after starting dating his current wife, but the word is he was doing a lot of coke as well. He got his act together, but Guilfoyly probably never stopped. There has been a recent expose on reasons she was forced out from Fox News, and the behavior described in reports is classic coke head behavior. So, really interesting dynamics for those having to deal with dependency in their own family environment or working with dependent people.

      • hmm… may depend on the moon’s & other aspects, and maybe even the gender ? both my ex bf and I have Virgo Moons. We are also both of the Pluto in Virgo gen. But he has Saturn in Pisces and a Grand trine in water, whereas I also have the sun in Virgo. He has remained unable to deal with alcohol (& reality, hence an ex) whereas I can take it or leave it without any effect either way.

        The common moon & pluto is probably what brought us together (twice!) so perhaps that was a form of addiction, from which I’ve finally said, enough…

      • The cocaine-addled Don Junior was encouraging Trumpers to ‘give Kamala Harris a ‘Big Trump Texas Welcome’ on Twitter yesterday as a Biden campaign bus was surrounded by trucks sporting Trump signs and flags and they attempted to slow the bus down and run it off the road. Trump responded with a retweet of the video, with the words ‘I LOVE TEXAS!”.

        Whatever the result is, and personally speaking, if Trump wins my heart will be broken, there’s a period of terrible unrest ahead. I just hope the US can ride this storm.

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