A Perfect Crime – German echoes of JFK’s death

The assassination in 1991 of Detlev Rohwedder, German manager and politician responsible for the privatisation of state-owned property in former East Germany, has been turned into a German documentary ‘A Perfect Crime’ put out by Netflix. The Red Army Faction was suspected of being responsible but no one was ever charged.

  Rohwedder, born 16 October 1932 1.45pm Gotha, Germany, was a 9th house Sun Libra in a Cardinal Grand Cross opposition Uranus square Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto – ambitious, full of initiative, tough-minded, controlling, stubborn, born to live through disruptive times. He also had Mars on the cusp of his 8th house square a Taurus Moon and his Scorpio Midheaven. With Neptune, Venus, Jupiter also in the 8th. The strong 8th house would give him a heavyweight personality and an aura of influence, perhaps why his death is still of interest.

  Mars in the 8th always had a reputation for sudden death though I’ve known people with it in their charts who survived into their nineties. However there does seem to be a sliver of truth in it given that JFK also had Mars on the cusp of his 8th house.  When JFK was shot, tr Saturn in Aquarius was opposition his Solar Arc Pluto and both within a degree of being square his 8th house Mars in Taurus.

  Likewise Rohwedder has planetary activity around his 8th house Mars with his Solar Arc North Node being exactly square his Mars, and tr Venus square as well as tr Moon; with tr Pluto just past the square and conjunct his Midheaven. The tr Uranus Neptune in Capricorn conjunction was also conjunct his Ascendant. So the axis of his chart was being substantially triggered as well as his Mars.

  I’m not sure why this is of such interest now but it is astrologically on point.  

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  1. My mother was also born under this Grand Cross about a week and a half before, but in the U.S. Her moon was in Capricorn with Saturn too. I don’t have her birth time, so not sure of the houses. But the “disruptive times” resonates, as she had a lot of those. She passed at age 81, complications from a fall (Mars).

  2. “I’m not sure why this is of such interest now but it is astrologically on point.”

    East and West Germany reunified in October 1990 – so maybe it’s part of a 30th anniversary celebration / lookback

    • Yes, It looks like a Saturn return. In November of 1990, Saturn was approaching the same degree as it is now in Capricorn. I notice these cycles all the time, for example Megxit happened 84 years (a Uranus cycle) after the Abdication crisis.

  3. I need to see this documentary. I’ve always been fascinated in Cold War Era Europe, left-wing Marxist-Leninist revolutionary groups that emerged in Western Europe in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. I was enthralled with groups like the Red Brigade (Italy), Red Army Faction (West Germany), Movement 2 June (West Germany), Revolutionäre Zellen (West Germany), Rote Zora (West Germany), Forças Populares 25 de Abril (Portugal), Revolutionary Organization 17 November (Greece), and so many others.

    I actually used to somewhat sympathize with those groups. I never supported the kidnappings, hijackings, violence, or murders those groups committed….I just supported their defiance to capitalism and the corruption of the so-called “free market” society.

    I used to self-identify as a Marxist-Leninist and I had a lot of admiration for leaders and revolutionaries like Enver Hoxha of Albania, Rosa Luxemburg, Dr. Angela Davis (I even read her autobiography), Che Guevara, Emma Goldman, and many others. I voraciously studied the philosophy and read any essay, book, etc. on the subject I could find.

    I eventually mellowed out and became disillusioned with the various communist movements and ideologies when I realized how uncompromising they could be. Their criticisms and disrespect of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama…as well as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire Democratic Party (all of whom I thought should be considered allies [I was voting Democrat even when I was a Marxist-Leninist]) convinced me to abandon the far-left altogether.

    Today, I’m a registered center-left Democrat (and have been one for some years now) in my 30s and I’m very happy with my adopted party.

    Anyway, I’ve read about the Detlev Rohwedder assassination…but it’s been years now. I’m curious to know what this new documentary will reveal about this case.

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