Jean Paul Belmondo – he found his calling

Jean Paul Belmondo, an icon of the French cinema who shot to international fame in Jean-Luc Godard’s revolutionary new wave classic Breathless, has died. He was frequently compared to Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando and James Dean, playing tough, unsentimental, antisocial characters. After he became known he starred in Peter Brook’s adaptation of Moderato Cantabile and played in Vittorio De Sica’s Two Women opposite Sophia Loren, but much preferred French cinema and theatre.

 He was born 9 April 1933 9am Neuilly Sur Seine, France with an Algerian-born sculptor father of Italian origin and has a fairly haphazard chart which only comes together in his 15th harmonic, most associated with actors. He did badly at school, dallied with a boxing career but really only found his feet when he turned to acting.

  He did have a rebellious Aries Sun, Venus, Uranus square Pluto so was never destined for a conventional life. The main astro-interest in his chart is his exuberant and attention-attracting, and hard-working Mars, Neptune and Jupiter in Virgo which was around from late November 1932 till July 1933 which produced a considerable number of names – Yoko Ono, Kim Novak, Nina Simone, James Brown, Carol Burnett, Ruth Ginsburg, Quincy Jones, Philip Roth, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jayne Mansfield, Willie Nelson, Gene Wilder, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins. That plus the determined-to-be-different Uranus Pluto would make them stand out.

  Belmondo’s 15H is heavily aspected with a Grand Trine tying together Mars, Uranus and Pluto with Mars opposition Sun squaring onto the North Node. His connection with the zeitgeist is flagged up by the Node and the Mars, Uranus, Pluto is wayward, tough and sometimes violent in the roles he played. There is also another T square of Saturn Moon Jupiter.

  Without acting he’d have had a directionless life.

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  1. I read his obituary. He was a fascinating character. Eschewing Hollywood certainly fits in with Moon in the 4th. He also didn’t speak English and was prompted when making (I think Casino Royale) The first thing that struck me was he looked like a cross between Bogart and Sinatra. Very charismatic. He has a his Venus/Uranus Midpoint on his Sun which would have made him electric for women. Surely his Moon opposite his North Node made him quite reserved in crowds. His Jupiter/Mars midpoint is also on his Neptune/south Node conjunction. Would this make a deep yearning for peace and tranquility? I get the feeling he may have had a hidden spiritual side to him and a deep thinker. I agree the arts and cinema gave him an anchor for insatiable mind.

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