High speed train – flying high on cost

The UK money fountain is also feeding the prodigiously expensive HS2 (high speed 2) train line envisaged as ‘one of the most demanding and exciting transport projects in Europe’ linking up London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland. It is due to be completed by 2040, but is already behind schedule and over-budget heading northwards of £100 billion.

  Cheer leaders say it will improve transport times, create jobs and by moving freight by train rather than on the roads will help cut carbon emissions. Critics worry about whether it is affordable and about the impact on the countryside. High Speed 1, the channel tunnel link was opened in 2003 and the long decision and consultation process for HS2 started in 2009 under a Labour Government. It was given the green light by the Tory-Liberal coalition and got the construction go-ahead from Boris Johnson last year.

 HS2 Ltd, the over-seeing government company, was incorporated on 14 January 2009; and the HS2 Act for Phase One London-to-Midlands was given the assent on 23 February 2017. 

   The HS2 company chart does have a workmanlike, practical Capricorn Sun trine Saturn in Virgo. And a dogged Saturn trine Mars as well. Though the erratic, see-saw Saturn opposition Uranus will bring tensions. There’s nothing much of note after this year passes and tr Pluto and tr Neptune move on to later degrees. 2024/25 will be go-ahead with tr Pluto square the Jupiter with a definitely upbeat Solar Arc Mars conjunct Jupiter in 2027.  Though that is followed by setbacks in 2030 and considerable problems in 2031.

  The Act 2017 chart is less upbeat with a vague, dithery Sun Neptune in Pisces; though admittedly that is offset by a super-confident – and crisis-prone – Jupiter opposition Uranus Mars in Aries square Pluto. 2023 looks undermined, uncertain and swampy with tr Neptune square the Saturn and Solar Arc Sun conjunct Neptune. But there’s no much beyond that of note.

5 thoughts on “High speed train – flying high on cost

  1. It’s interesting to see this. Improving rail connections in the North and the Midlands might have been much more helpful than this current project. So much for the so-called Northern Powerhouse eh?

    I wondered about the first UK intercity passenger railway – Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The Company was founded on 24th May, 1823. Mars (18), Saturn (15) and Uranus (11) are all together in Taurus. Uranus trines Neptune in Capricorn (6). I think the Saturn,Mars,Uranus connection is intriguing – this HS2 having Saturn trine Mars and opposition Uranus.

  2. With Boris’s grandiose Presidency I am surprised that their has not been one long avenue of houses on either side of the track. The setback could mean that they hit a hidden snag. Pluto transiting HS2 company’s Jupiter, Mercury and North Node in the Tenth could highlight money problems and a managerial crisis, or unforeseen structural problems. It wouldn’t surprise me if bore test are undertaken as the line progresses, rather a full land survey before commencing work. Pluto is synonymous with underestimated costs being revealed. This stellium is in Aquarius and may also involve a court case being upheld or a sudden discovery.

  3. That’s interesting thanks Marjorie. From an environmental point of view, HS2 has displayed an extraordinary arrogance and aggression, both in blatantly dismissing environmental legislation and huge environmental impact of HS2, and in security people taking almost perverse pleasure in the actual destruction work and the deep hurt it is causing in local communities. I am surprised to see those trines in the chart – perhaps they show the easy ride that Government is giving the HS2 company in bullying their way through the development.

      • Which house would show the environment? and any signs that they will change their attitude and become good neighbours?

        I live south of Coventry so there’s lots of HS2 activity near here and even though the local authority said no to the planning for one particular haulage route a local resident counted 200 trucks of hardcore being delivered per day. There has also been lots of trees cut down. One resident on facebook complained that foxes were chasing her cats as the Fox are being pushed into the residential area whilst their habitat is being claimed by the trainline.

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