Emma Raducanu – on a surprise winning streak + cartoon

Peter Brookes is just the best cartoonist – adore this.

A young Canadian-born British tennis player is catching the public imagination with an unexpected showing in the US Open, as she sailed exuberantly through to the semi-finals, to become the UK’s No 1 and the first UK woman in the semis since 1983.  

  Only 18, she excelled in her A-level exams recently and was so sure she wouldn’t get through the qualifying rounds she booked an early flight home and her parents did not come across to see her.

  She was born 13 November 2002 in Toronto to a Romanian father and Chinese mother, came to London when she was two, started playing tennis at five and turned professional when she was 16.

 She has an adventurous and flamboyant Jupiter in Leo opposition Uranus squaring onto a Scorpio Sun Mercury – so overflowing with confidence and determination. Her Jupiter is trine Pluto which is in a wide opposition to her Saturn – so enthusiastic and dogged. She also has three planets in Air signs Mars in Libra, Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Gemini, so will be quick-witted and a good learner. Her Moon is in Pisces.

Her Solar Return for this year had a super-successful Jupiter Pluto sextile Neptune and sextile Sun. Though she’s also had a run of confusing Neptune transits to midpoints.

  Her get-it-together 5th harmonic also has a Jupiter Pluto connection onto disciplined Saturn and a feisty, publicity-attracting Mars Uranus Neptune.

10 thoughts on “Emma Raducanu – on a surprise winning streak + cartoon

    • VF I still have t seen it, Found on Eurosport but had such a day couldn’t keep my eyes open until bend of first set- they were deep into it from the off- almost impossible to keep up with them- total stars , both and what a morale booster for other kids- the world was thrilled for a change……

  1. Nice comments….. annoying not to have a time though, its impossible without an accurate time. Saturn is brilliantly aspected, but Venus also – she’s strongly air/water, so a bit of a conflict there but they both are in trines Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra, benasp Sat/Uranus – so exceptional. She is surprisingly fixed with 6 planets there which no doubt tell of her dedication to The Plan….. strongly water with the Scorp Sun/Pi Moon but indeed the Jupter conjunct Uranus suggests going down to the wire – it may be the very last points of the game which determine it, it goes to the wire……thrilling to see passionately dedicated youngsters of the same age knowing what they want! Her progressed Sun though is opposite the North Node……so its really a nail biter……terribly I’m in Holland and can’t access it on TV and don’t trust signing up to Amazon for life to see it! Frustration………moi. Good luck to them both, extraordinary dedication to get so far in such a short time.

  2. Thanks Marjorie – Emma is quite amazing, and seems to be enjoying herself still – despite the intense pressure. With her Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter combination there’s a lot of determination and optimism. The last really sensational young tennis champion I can compare her with is Boris Becker (22 November 1967) who won Wimbledon Men’s Singles in 1985 aged 17. Also a Scorpio, Sun/Neptune trine Moon in Cancer, both sextiling onto Uranus in Virgo. He has a tough Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto exactly, with each sextiling onto Neptune.

    Both these athletes would seem to have an intuitive, emotional base with a watery Sun and Moon. Both have Sun/Uranus aspects. And both have the Moon’s Nodes in fire and air – Becker’s nodes are Aries/Libra. And a Cardinal Mars aspecting a mutable Pluto in both charts too.

    I wish her well for Saturday’s final.

  3. Leylah Fernandez, who she’ll meet in the final is only a couple of months older (Sept 6 2002).

    Last time two teenagers met in a women’s final it was Martina Hingis and Serena Williams in the late 1990s. Serena’s still hanging in there hoping to become the all-time winner for singles Grand Slams but looking increasingly unlikely with her 40th birthday in a fortnight and these two, among many, up and coming.

    • Her prog. Jupiter in Virgo is squaring the current nodal axis in Gemini/ Sag. David W identified the key aspect which is tr Jupiter on her natal Uranus for her bolt out of the blue breakthrough.

  4. Tr Jupiter is currently conj. her natal Uranus in her first house – a classic signature for being suddenly thrust into the limelight plus tr Neptune trine her Sun – it is time for her to shine.

  5. Thank you Marjorie. I hadm’t realised that she was born in Canada until couple of days ago. She also has Moon square Pluto. Her moon being in the second may allude to her Mother instilling in her to be financially secure. She stated yesterday that he parents instilled in her a good work ethic and not to give up. At the moment Tennis is her life, yet I can’t see her staying in Tennis for more than a decade, if that. Although her Jupiter is sextile her Mars, giving her an abundance of energy. Pluto will transit her Neptune in her first house in about 8 years time. I think, if she hasn’t already, she will give up Tennis, by then. With such a Scorpion led chart, coupled with quite a bit of air, Tennis will not satisfy her mind. I think she will be very good with money. An old Astrologer once taught me that the South Node is a past gain, the North Node is what you are working towards. Emma’s south node is in Sagittarius, perhaps she has unfinished business with Tennis and will then move on. Her Neptune also sits on her Nodes midpoint. Being an only child this could mean she actually feels insecure, then she lets on and a need to prove herself all the time.

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